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  1. All this fuss over heraldry. Jeez. Empire heraldry has never been consistent with real world rules, nor should it be. Cesar, I suggest you get the uniforms and heraldry of the empire book. It might drive you insane, but empire heraldry has always been this over-the-top, if not worse.
  2. I just noticed the very large, very clear “Norse Dwarfs”. Now that is very cool.
  3. Some really interesting stuff happens in this period, or around it, not least of all the comet hitting Mordheim... A quick look at a timeline of the Warhammer World shows that once they’re done with the Empire, there’s Repanse de Lyonesse fighting off chaos in Bretonnia, and then the many wars of the vampire counts. I have such high hopes for this, I just know I’ll be let down haha
  4. I really hope they smash the nostalgia as hard as that video suggested they would. I wonder if we’ll see eagle cavalry or something? Hopefully we’ll see a big reveal at the Las Vegas Open!
  5. This might be a dumb question, but will the points for the forge world units be included in the battletome?
  6. Would really love to see Chaos Dwarfs brought into AoS as a properly-supported faction. They would fit the realm of fire and/or metal perfectly! Hashut lives!
  7. Soooo... if I were to get a malignants start collecting in preparation, are they the same as nighthaunt, or completely different?
  8. I’d love to see the return of units of netters and clubbers, and squig hoppers.
  9. Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. With the rumours of new stormcast coming, is there any news on an updated battletome? I’d like to get into AoS, but don’t want to purchase a book that I’ll have to replace in a couple of months.
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