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  1. So there's a pretty mixed bag of comments on this thread. My local meta might be very different but I have had moderate success with BCR. I often get labelled the guy who won't make any friends but honestly there are way worse armies out there than what I run. My hardest oponents are Nurgle and what ever lizardmen are called now. But I have enjoyed a decent win rate, approx 60%. Not winning tournies but giving the top dogs a hard day at the office. I tend to run the following at 2000pts Lord on Stonehorn Lord on Stonehorn Huskard on Tusk Butcher ally 2 mournfang 2 mournfang Thundertusk beastriders 1980pts I do somtimes like to run a hunter purely for deepstriking and trying to snipe enemy buffing characters Note: i struggle winning some objective badsed missions obviously What do you guys think of this list?
  2. Another question please. @XRen please could you help... How does Cylce of the storm work on the lord arcanum? It seems very good but im not sure.. Can the LA just resurrect one model each turn? Cycle of the Storm: Once per turn, when a friendly STORMCAST ETERNAL model is slain within 18" of this model, instead of removing the slain model, you can heal 1 wound allocated to it. This model cannot use this ability on itself.
  3. One last question... Can evocators cast anyother spell? Or only ever Empower?
  4. So i played 2 games with this list. It totally smashed a night haunt list by mid turn 3. Struggled a bit against a nurgle list with 20 blight kings but still managed a win...getting evocators to a 2+ save is insane when you can pull it off
  5. Thanks to eveyrone for the great input. I think I'm going to stick with the LA and seqs as a base and maybe tone down to one unit of evos... did i mention i love the evo models
  6. Thanks so much for the breakdown XRen
  7. @XReN Why would a sacrosanct-only lists be bad? Or sub optimal? I only started stormcasts now with the sacrosacnt releases
  8. When I start moving into 2000pts, would the mounted evocators be a much better choice? I do anticipate to be very slow with a all foot army.
  9. Thanks Hammer of sigmar. My opponents are not noobz at all. And i have played WHFB for a long time, I'm just a noob to stormcasts. I used to play ogres/empire and also play beastclaw raiders in aos. You both have given me some great advice Thinking of dropping one unit of evos and adding a ballista and another cheap unit maybe...
  10. Hi, as the title reads, I need some help understanding stormcasts and building lists. I have mostly the models from soulwars and I was thinking of trying the following list in a few friendly games. On a side note, I absolutely love Evocators, they look awesome! So i really want to try make them work in a list. Allegiance: Stormcast EternalsLeadersLord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger (240)- GeneralLord-Castellant (100)Battleline5 x Sequitors (120)- Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields- 2x Stormsmite Greatmaces5 x Sequitors (120)- Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields- 2x Stormsmite GreatmacesUnits5 x Evocators (200)5 x Evocators (200)Total: 980 / 1000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 63 Finally, can I please get some advice on what items, traits, abilities and spells I should look at using? Thank you all for your time
  11. Overall I'm really impressed by GW. Updates look good.
  12. The slann wont benefit from look out sir will it? Is it not a monster?
  13. Thanks for the input Ollie. I have actually found the iron fists to be very useful, in my areas meta at least. But I agree in general terms the gargant hackers have a better damage potential hence the reason to include units equiped with both.
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