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  1. Intrestingly some fluff and crunch update to seraphon works good way to update them to 2.0 with each block of army using diffrent realm based astetic where hysh based ones get storm powers( kinda mimic sigmar style) while realm of beasts gets realy beefy berserkers as core unit. realm of fire can get good old flaming lizards and realm of metal can probably use some mechanic caste as their focus.
  2. another idea is the tyrion in picture is basicly eidolon of him summoned by the new army so he leads the boys as awesome powerful representation of elven power while his real squishy god body pulls morhati and drink on the worship the new army generates
  3. him self to buy new army since malekiths boys gonna be the major event needed to balance the scales in sigmars flavor as malekith gonna be countering night haunt so golden boys can counter bone rippers for hysh siege event.
  4. well my guy says vampire coasts may be on the horizon but i am guessing out of blue.
  5. you know i might know what last two rumor engines and if my gut feeling is right @Melcavuk might be on some thing on dead subforum as this one looks like gonna be from his last project.
  6. hold your demigryph mate Its bit to early to intruduce black rune stone and prime imbeciles plot to warhammer siggymar might be embodying all the chaos gods fluffs but lets remind our self what happened last guy who tried that he is catonic skelton in power siphon and all of his work decided to pull 180 and go back to ruin.
  7. well the og reason was one king wanted to conquer death and rule eternal empire until our boy bone daddy decided to usurp the throne and some where down the line red elixir stuff created and vampires created. requesting lore dump from some one with full knowledge but we are out of topic folks before mods become aware lets turn back to rumors please.
  8. If katakros’s invasion becomes succesful even little bit then sigmar needs to focus on logistics make surehis assault also succesful. Wait for new stormcast chapterguys
  9. how does some one make farmers of sigmar battle tome in first place. Its more likely the partner faction fer tzeench tome you guys are waiting. but there is kinda open window for teclis's boys to support stornmcast eternals. and kurnoti tome would make some sense as these toys being their scenery as the standinf stones to many good picks but my choice would be kurnoti as teclis and malerion's boys gonna be nice ying yand package for their respective chaos god tomes.
  10. I kinda agree both of you as games workshop kinda needs cities of sigmar to be released so soup tribe based tome for slaves can be success both sides want. plus we are all kinda looking on what malerion cooking on ulgu which means we need more fluff teased before the dark and angelic elves can be safely released
  11. slabes of darkness kinda intresting tome as most of its contents are kinda either released via warcry or being released cities of sigmar( which slaves of sigmar being chaos equvalent) but I kinda see thr problem which is strong fluff to merge them.
  12. My bet is on cities of sigmar book which makes the slaves of darkness book much more closer as slaves of darkness is the chaos equvalent of cities of waaaaagmar thus i just want to share this.
  13. know this is intresting as beastgrave and shadespire being single coexiting super dungeon with couple more locations and you got nice solid RPG adventure for nice camping with friends
  14. still makes good picture with idoneth deepkin as opponent abyssal see vs ethereal sea used by idoneth this makes nice wuixia style battle of the seas.
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