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  1. well come to think of it games workshop might be readying age of aelves on next year as this is the third faction of aelves introduced we have the common dark and light aelves and newly introduced death elves with mortarch of their own. if you think for a sec storm vault or two can hold an army of death gods for sigmars ow sh*t moment where all hope is lost and voila completely new army rides to battle to reinforce storm boys lead by long lost dead god of some people. and come to think of it good old siggy needs to learn soul magic from someone other than bone daddy nagash and mortharti not gonna teach the secrets she uses either. so we have stashed dead gods in somewhere in the 8 realms.
  2. mirror mirror on the wall whos the kinkiest them all. snow wight or sleeping beauty I guess. disaney used maleficent kinda multiple times.
  3. @HorticulusTGA my gut feeling says Slaanesh gonna be around June where best times to start table top games marathon. also around June schools is out and that means more time to play and new armies to paint which my inner company man says perfect opportunity to release blood and glory.
  4. well, this helps one of the problems as clean access to flying artillery makes pushing much easier but I still don't know how ironweld gonna be effected on melee as I still don't know the main unit of close combat guys so we can ground-based push to target.
  5. okay for faction crazy as skaven this kinda needs horned rodents full blessing that its imposble that clan moulder and clan skyre works in single project
  6. well, there are good ideas in the threat and I love the beast lords and voodoo death army as order exclusive answer to both beasts of chaos and the whole gang of nagash. and I have no good idea to create a faction as most good options are kinda taken
  7. you know adding a bit of color to war scroll works magnificently new versions of the war scroll looks like it's one or two steps be ready for publishing nice f ing work for just one man job.
  8. agreed I want my yin yang aelven battletomes asap
  9. I did say this is khorne haunt as nagash may be angry but papa rage daddy khorne is smiling on the brass throne
  10. this is not the nighthaunt this is khornehaunt way to make coplete new faction from nighthaunt. nice work
  11. good to know that means sigmar have not good security and to much fate in goldenboys. he might want to listen malerion every one in a while it will help in long run
  12. nah good old archeon isn't that stupid you have direct access to your mortal enemies hearth and you don't send few thousand varanguard to finish the job or pop there to offer Khorne his skull right there after you kill it. I think eshin works for someone completely different and hidden then you think I think we have a foil to good old tzeench on the scheming department as that type of info fetches decent prize in any faction.
  13. hellblasters crew exchange ability looks awesome and makes ironweld key artillery to always work as long as you have laborers to replace fallen crew member. which is a briliant move. also, planx and rifleman i think can work together realy good as planx blocks the attack and rifleman in turn deal targets out of planxs ranges.
  14. tomb kings returning will strengthen the order faction but making him storm cast is the wrong move. stubborn guy like Setra prefers to return with his own power and most of the lesser heroes turned kinda easily resurrected thanks to Sigmar or their own power and lets not forget Egyptian mythology( sorry for real-life discussion) focuses on pharaoh kings effectively gods in the mortal plane thus there is good enough chance to make Setra become god-king of new faction by slightly discarding skeleton dead aesthetic and turning tomb kings in to completely new yet old faction sigmar can realy use necrotec from tomb lords as heavy durable hitters
  15. Well thanks to flesh eater courts newest battle to my single grip about opening put the rest have fun on playtest matches lets hope your math stays good.
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