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  1. Well thanks to flesh eater courts newest battle to my single grip about opening put the rest have fun on playtest matches lets hope your math stays good.
  2. midnight aspirant looks good twin pistol wielding unit can help ironweld in interesting ways but I think they are a bit slow to in combat. I say ditch their shields and boost movement a bit more and we have a nice unit in our hands.
  3. khadgar567

    The Rumour Thread

    well, I withdraw my legion of the azgoth idea we might have something more interesting on the pipeline but thanks to @Melcavuk we might have some think like ironweld daemons may be cooking.
  4. korvar has inches away to make papa rage daddy Khorne proud gotta give duradin some credit he is stubborn as duradin gets now I want to build spoiled elven noble as his opposite number so we have an excuse to get him ironweld slayers oath. okay, I am waiting for the Khorne 2.0 tome then I am writing the f ing standard intro for the ironweld so we have a proper introduction to the damn faction with the cannon writing style. edit and really I mean really a slaneesh symbol in order book why I am not shocked enough is really interesting as far as I f ing know this mortal faction needs to consider some way to reign in the "we are the people and we are everywhere" focus since it doesn't help to keep them in order exclusive faction in order.
  5. khadgar567

    The Rumour Thread

    a bit too much info for a possible leak but hey it looks good.
  6. khadgar567

    The Rumour Thread

    my my my i think its more on promoting wrath and rapture but I want to belive legion of azgoth but hey any news is good.
  7. the point is currently i feel ironweld feels more shooting focused resource gatherer/ supplier army where any order faction might want to allegiance with and your fluff gives enough open back door to turn this army in to chaos supporting one as half of the core fluff only requires duradin of some kind to work to change it into chaos ironweld army. you just need to change core duradin focus to a legion of azgoth and voi the f ing la you have same order army now works as chaos based faction with no legitimate reason to break fluff
  8. okay, weld guard kinda solves every faction gets guns issue but still, fluff can be tightened a bit more to ensure we don't have great alliance iron weld on next years generals handbook giving morharti chaos marauders for cheep cheep price of putting cog fort in your army.
  9. khadgar567

    The Rumour Thread

    well tomb kings will be good for few of us but the main problem is then how neferrata gonna act as she is gone the deep end just to stop her blood kiss and know she embraced it Houston we have a fluff problem here.
  10. okay i can understand the survive the dark times via our own power aesthetic but we are bit too flexible in fluff as we can easily exchange common duradin with a legion of azgoth folks and as far as chaoses focus on destruction and primal balance we have a kinda unique army who can turn giant forge cities for any god as Khorne can gladly have few fallen cog forts to fight against Sigmar and others I can see archeon trying to conquer a cog fort to use against heavy resistance. as Nurgle war often brew best diseases and cog forts can be used in a chemical bombardment on the battlefield. as someone like nagash, the never-ending armies of metallic monsters is a perfect hammer against his conquest against life. which means you might need to write few more houses to let every faction access tech-based human faction or make sure fluff have good explanation on why we don't have chaos cogforts clashing with your folks maybe as a final act of defiance nobles chooses to destroy the cog fort completely to keep others from developing their versions.
  11. well midnight city and house morgash feels like they need death and destruction keywords to legitimize their grim dark creations as midnight city feels like nice sub-faction to put Frankenstein monsters in there and midnight city just gave them good excuse to pull it steam-powered cyborgs that can return from dead multiple times yes please i can see bone daddy nagash smiling from here as sweet terror that type of army gonna release will be worth the patronage nagash gives. damn, it @Melcavuk you are trying to make order army not a general army for every faction. currently, ironweld arsenal plays the unique role where you can have ironweld daemon smiths or ironweld necrotech just by modifying fluff a bit you tzeenchian ******. I feel proud to help you in this project since this is the first faction can play multiple alliance from different grand alliances as single might be op army.
  12. small request please make the pictures bigger as I can read the unit abilities in any of them
  13. khadgar567

    The Rumour Thread

    or scouting for next big toys for all armies since each faction can use a mechanic like gnawholes or siege class magic this means there are a lot of new toys releasing in this year.
  14. khadgar567

    The Rumour Thread

    well whole gutbuster tome would be to left field to release right around this time and as Rpg player, his bluff checks get really ridiculous around last few posts as one month to book and they gonna release 200 new models. I mean there are bluffs and there is baiting someone and turning them into fools sorry @Ndabreaker but last few pages feel like baiting for me. I can get behind dispossed tome but numbers feel like to bid for current schedule.
  15. khadgar567

    The Rumour Thread

    well, seraphon getting new tome is good as they are a good faction to read and maybe a few new toys can actually help their grand plan going.