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  1. I'm actually really hoping they'll include some of the mortal units from other chaos factions. Kind of like the Beasts of Chaos and the Tzeentch dudes.
  2. I'm hugely short on time at the moment, but I'd like to complete the following: 3 Stormcast Prosecutors 9 Freeguild Crossbowmen Stretch: 3 Stormcast Prosecutors or Wizard
  3. The trick is to jump between the UK and NZ store and find out what an 80 pound model will usually cost in NZ. That will give you a reasonably good idea, although sometimes the NZ price will milk us Kiwi's a wee bit more.
  4. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that has always been their price over here.
  5. You should be able to run them no problem as they can be marked as Tzeentch (check out page 72 of your battletome). I'm also fairly certain that they don't need to be run as allies as they don't break your allegiance
  6. I've seen the link to the rules posted in the thread about Nurgle
  7. I'm really confused by what you mean, the warscroll for the Freeguild General has the option of taking a warhorse written just under the section where it talks about what weapons the general can possess. The horse's hooves are also in the melee section of the scroll, and the general receives bonuses for charging if he is on a horse.
  8. Hi All, I'm asking on behalf of a friend who has just moved to the UK. Are there any AoS groups in Windsor who play on the regular? My friend didn't have much luck checking out the local GW Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Depends if you've used slot bases. I've put a 10c coin under mine with some hot glue... just on the off chance I ever want the 10c back If the base does have a slot tab, you'll have to very carefully remove it. Haha, you don't look too far off! I started just before the End Times and never played a game of 8th These days, I don't worry too much about playing unpainted models. It doesn't look as good, but at least I get to play and take my time with the painting.
  10. Looks awesome man! If you stick a coin on the bottom of the bases, it'll stop the Fanatics from falling over It just gives them enough weight to stand on their own.
  11. My plan for this month is to tackle two warhammer fortress towers, complete my unit of 20 goldswords, and to finish my amber wizard. If I have time, I'd also like to bring my final 10 halberdiers up to my army's current standard
  12. My bad Even at 80 points for three, I still think two units is better than a unit of judicators. Not only can they do the same thing as judicators, which is to hold the objective and provide supporting fire, they also do twice as much damage! I would... but I really dislike the models. I guess I'm not a fan of a fully armoured guy using a bow. That's why I bought the Prosecutors. I like the models, and for 160 points, I actually get an extra model that's capable of doing twice as much damage as a judicator. They can also zoom around the battlefield, which is why I've split them into two units, although one might be better... My big worry about the Vexillor is that he's quite expensive for a single teleport that is most likely suicide for my best unit (I will try i out though ). With this list I was going with the idea of a hammer and anvil. The Liberators seize the objectives, the prosecutors provide support and protect objectives already under my control. The Fulminators charge and destroy anything too big for the liberators, and the heroes provide general buffs where needed. I haven't tested any of this though...
  13. I've been making my own on 28mm bases. I do shields for +1 to save, weapons for +1 to hit, weapons with blood for +1 to wound, skulls with a weapon for rerolls on failed hits and wounds (depends what the unit is), and a lantern for my lord castellans's ability. Hope this helps I just figure that it's better to use the bits box than let it go to waste!
  14. Hey guys, I'm back for more help. This time I'm attending a 2k tournament in January. I was gifted a stardrake for Christmas and would love for it to be included in my list. Here is what I was thinking: Lord Celestant (100) Drakesworn Templar (500) Lord Castellant + gryphound (140) Loremaster (100) Knight Venator (120) Liberator x10 (200) Liberator x5 (100) Liberator x5 (100) Prosecutors with Javelins x5 (80) Prosecutors with Javelins x5 (80) Fulminators x4 (480) What do you guys think? I fell like it doesn't really have enough umph, perhaps I need to swap in some retributors. Oh, and for those wondering why I've taken the prosecutors, I'm not a fan of the judicator bow models and I feel like I get more bang for my buck with two units of prosecutors for the same price as one unit of liberators
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