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  1. The old app was able to let you filter warscrolls by keyword (i.e. type Monster in the search bar and it'll show just warscrolls that have the Monster keyword). has anyone found a way to do that in this one? Also +1 for the constant crashing after the initial opening Samsung S10e here.
  2. This: Contradicts this: And I think "I don't want it, it's not what I asked for", is a pretty common perspective among those unhappy with the app / Warhammer+. So I hope that satisfies this:
  3. Don't want this, never asked for it Don't want this, never asked for it, and get it for free on Youtube Don't want this, never asked for it, and get it for free on Youtube (Duncan Rhodes anyone?) The chances of this free model ever being an army I play are slim. If it ever even was, I'd be able to get it online for much cheaper than a 12 month subscription. Don't want this, never asked for it Don't play 40k and don't plan on it The one thing I actually want, but it's certainly not "well done" (crashes constantly, bugs out the ying yang), especially in comparison to the old app. Letting us "try" something we've had for years for free, like it's some kind of gift? I can't help but laugh. But hey if you're in the business of paying $84 CAD a year for things you don't want I'll send you my bank account info and you can send me $7 a month in return for an envelope of glitter. The only silver lining is that at this rate the app will be in beta for so long that 4.0 might be on the horizon before they actually get the paywall up.
  4. Honestly, even though pirating is ridiculously easy in this hobby, you never really even needed to. With aos reminders and free warscrolls you had access to pretty much everything you needed legally. By pay walling warscrolls, they cut off that possibility and it makes me worry about the future of other free resources, including Warscroll builder and aosreminders.
  5. Not to stir an old pot, but I just noticed that in today's Metawatch article, the featured Soulblight list is Vrykos dynasty and doesn't take any dynasty specific artefacts, instead opting for Arcane Tome and Amulet of Destiny, https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/09/10/metawatch-which-warhammer-age-of-sigmar-armies-contested-the-top-tables-at-the-warhammer-open/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Article&utm_campaign=Metawatch+AOS&fbclid=IwAR0gqnzatv4nDM2_PUwXJxWKonZZp9So1sGpRixhxuYL632BGlY7XAMP32Q
  6. This really resonated with me. I understand putting in an "effort" to get something on the table with paint. But damn does it not feel like a waste of money when you're a beginner painter since everything looks like ****** haha
  7. I'd probably like painting a lot better if I was any good at it 🤣 I find it a huge roadblock, especially when I start painting an army and it ends up being not competitive. I mostly play on TTS these days because of COVID, but I also really appreciate that it let's me play the game without having to spend hours on hobbying.
  8. @Kadeton I gotta believe at least a little! 🤣 Believe me, my expectations couldn't be lower!
  9. I'm actually glad you posted before I submitted my edit, since this is an interesting point. I approach corporate feedback with a multi-faceted approach, since it amplifies your voice. I message them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, send an email through the appropriate channels, and then talk about my frustrations (among other things) here. TGA is arguably one of the largest "unofficial", public, AoS forums. The mods are friends with GW employees, and I'm sure they visit here, even off the clock. So I'd argue, that while not the most efficient method, feedback here does reach GW. I would think that when TGA has to post stickies about negative sentiment and hires two extra mods, that sends a message, however small, through to GW too.
  10. Ah ****** it, @Kadeton said it pretty well. I should just send GW a message on socials.
  11. If constructive criticism affected change the same way that online outrage and refusing to purchase a product do, then I'd probably agree. But coming from a corporate background, well reasoned criticism is often ignored because it isn't loud enough. On an individual level, sure it might resonate, but actually affecting corporate strategy? Nah, that's borderline naivete. I appreciate the desire for constructive criticism to avoid negativity, but that's definitely at odds with changing the way things are. Full disclosure, I did send well reasoned feedback through the appropriate channels (regarding several issues over the last few years). I don't think it changed anything haha.
  12. I'm gonna choose to interpret that no Nighthaunt FAQ update might mean a new battletome sooner rather than later! Great to have Krulghast clarity none the less!
  13. I think when a company does something you disagree with, a little shouting in public is a good thing. Not shilling on the internet is also an option, but I'll shout and you can shill and I'll buy you a beer if the warscroll builder isn't paywalled in the next year or so.
  14. For now but you know it's coming. W+ REALLY pissed me off by killing the old AoS app, no way I'm going to reward that financially. You can play the game for free now, its baffling that they want to burn through good will this way. Why am I giving them any money if they don't respect the players?
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