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  1. I mean yeah hindsight is 20/20 lol No need to yell at the people who are bummed that GW didn't go that direction.
  2. Definitely appreciate your optimism @warhammernerd and there are certainly things to celebrate if you like the art direction they landed on. Only a few things I take issue with really: Named characters have almost been across the board not competitively viable outside centerpiece models like Archaon, Nagash, etc. Not impossible that GW bucked the trend this time around but just saying historically that isn't the case. This is great if you have Cursed City I guess, but considering the supply issues, nobody wins. Either the CCC (Cursed City Circus) is strong enough to play
  3. Yeah okay, @Ghoooouls must have been referring to the Vyrkos Blood-born from Cursed City. I agree with you guys, since everything else in the 4chan leak was accurate, I too believe they won't be available outside the Cursed City circus.
  4. I'm out of the loop on this, Vampire infantry was my #1 on the wishlist, where are these from?
  5. An army with a bunch of named lords is a big red flag imo, will have to see how the rules shake out but named lords aren't often competitively viable (Khorne, Nighthaunt, Nurgle, SCE).
  6. Super bummed with the style direction they went for the remaining SBG, was hoping for a 5/10 man elite Vampire unit and more heroes like the ones in the Crimson Court, less weird amalgams. Ah well.
  7. You won't find any argument from me on those points. I approach my game play with that attitude but would never want to impress that on another, especially a newbie, without understanding what they want out of it. I think actively trying to dissuade that behavior is a good thing for the game.
  8. I'm curious to see what you think that would look like. By nature the game is competitive because it's one player versus another. Are there any games or systems that pit two players against each other that don't inspire competition? It just seems like the natural progression of things when every game of AoS has a winner and a loser. I think even the most casual of player thinks after a game "That went well/poorly, what can I do next time to do better?" That's the spark behind all of these balance conversations to me. Is that the tournament crowd's fault? Or is it a problem with the gam
  9. @wayniac @Joseph Mackay I'm curious, do you think the game would be better or worse than it is now without the pressure on GW to make their game more competitive? I ask because I personally believe as the game's balance improves, the game becomes more enjoyable for ALL players, even those who couldn't give a Skaven's butt about tournaments and meta. Lots of anecdotes and stories of new players accidentally falling in love with armies on two sides of the competitive spectrum and having a bad time. Heck, even my lived experience has resulted in significantly less money paid to GW than
  10. I forgot that we actually did build up to 1500 points lists so here's both. Keep in mind there have been points changes since then, and that the trait and artefact combinations weren't set in stone: 1000 NH (from a Notepad document) Guardian of Souls w/ Nightmare Lantern -General -Trait: Ruler of the Spirit Hosts -Artefact: Midnight Tome -Spell: Soul Cage Reikenor the Grimhailer -Spell: Lifestealer Chainrasp Horde x 20 Grimghast Reapers x 20 Bladegheist Revenants x 10 Chronomatic Cogs 1500 NH (from Warscroll Builder) Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (14
  11. Just to throw my perspective in to the mix. I'm a competitivly minded person who started AoS in 2.0 and chose Nighthaunt as my army due to some favorable early tournament results. I also clearly overvalued an army that has all fly and ignore rend, but that's my fault. I bought a 1k point army but haven't bought any other WH product since [Edit: It's been so long I forgot that I had bought up to 1500 points and Malign Sorcery], and it's entirely due to the games lack of balance. Even in kind terms, NH is not a competitive army, and it stings to look at my models and realize they were a waste of
  12. Thanks for the context, that's absolutely whack. Some interesting points being made. To say that playtesters can't show measurable improvement is wild to me. Yes, if a playtester is winning 4 or 5 games a day at an event, they can't start winning 6 games. But not every 5 win player is a playtester, and a skilled playtester is going to have an advantage (however slight) over those other players. So while a playtester's record might looks the same, I'll reckon that the playtesting advantage would be pushing other players down. It would be interesting to look at the win rates between historic
  13. We definitely have enough info to start running TTS games at least. Only one page I think was missing from the early cop, the one with Shining Company and whatever else on it. I might try and get one in next weekend.
  14. Yeah likewise. Well have to wait for more leaks since it looks like the original poster has taken everything down now.
  15. That close range profile is pretty sweet. I haven't run them through mathhammer yet though. They can shoot without having LoS if they have their unit champion and use the long range profile which is kinda cool. Extra attacks from the Cows, and can reroll hits with spells.
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