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  1. Oh yeah, its just the Keyword isn't it!? So it works on basically everything in the start collecting boxes, except tzeentch I guess.
  2. Yeah, I do like when I don't feel like I'm trying to remember a million allegiance abilities in each phase. Focus on the unit's warscroll abilities instead. I think I'm just going to buy whatever daemons my local shop has in stock and when I get to play again I can take whatever I have painted!
  3. Thanks for the insights. I do like to play, but I'm more on the hobby side of things too. I'll just get all the types painting up during lockdown, and then try it out once I can get back together with my friends! If I end up liking one type of demon more, I can always try their book.
  4. So my journey through Chaos started with a few Beasts of Chaos, started liking the Tzaangor more and more which got me buying some Horrors and Tzeentch heroes. Now I'm trying to decide between going full Tzeentch or a mixed Daemons army through LoCA. I'm not super competitive, but have you guys had fun playing a mix of the gods? I've always loved the demons more than mortals, and the hobbying variety of a mixed army seems exciting too, just unsure on how playstyle compares. It seems maybe more straightforward than Tzeentch with less abilities and spells to figure out? Will I feel too hindered playing this alliance compared to one with a battletome?
  5. It comes from my group I play with, we only field painted armies. So if I want to try out a new unit, I need to get it painted ASAP. We tend to slow grow new armies at the same time because of this too.
  6. I'm fast too! I can't stand letting models stay on sprues for more than a few days. I tend to only buy one box at a time, so I only have backlog when those battleforce sets come out.
  7. I paint everything before I buy more! No shame here!
  8. My budding hammerhal army. Deciding between freeguild or wanderers next.
  9. As others have said, the Onslaught double ability on Lonstrikes is disgusting. If enemies don't have enough terrain for cover, they will really not have a fun game. That said, they can easily outnumber you for objective control (at least for a turn).
  10. Building and painting my first two start collecting boxes so I can get a few games in at 1000pts (typical game size where I play). Reading the warcsrolls and battletome, it seems like raiders are only decent in very large groups, and if I plan on just running or summoning 10man units I'd be better off with regular ungors? Is that an accurate assessment? Also the cygor seems underwhelming unless up against lots of magic (and I already have 2 shaman for unbinding). Just want to get a good sense of the army and different playstyles before I expand.
  11. 100%, I don't bring a unit to the table, unless it's painted. That's what I used as my motivation to keep painting.
  12. Well technically the rules for almost every warscroll is "this unit includes any number of models", but I'm guessing this is about matched play rules.
  13. I would take this job in an instant. I'm sure GW has need for a geologist, right? Forensic basing inspections, plate tectonic maps of the mortal realms, water quality models for Ghyran.
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