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  1. Nvm, didn't realize rules forums sorted.
  2. 100%, I don't bring a unit to the table, unless it's painted. That's what I used as my motivation to keep painting.
  3. Well technically the rules for almost every warscroll is "this unit includes any number of models", but I'm guessing this is about matched play rules.
  4. Which you lose even if you roll 1-4 =(
  5. I would take this job in an instant. I'm sure GW has need for a geologist, right? Forensic basing inspections, plate tectonic maps of the mortal realms, water quality models for Ghyran.
  6. Maybe because I don't participate in tournaments, but I always start out every game during deployment telling my opponent what each of my units does and what the synergies between my units are. Win or lose, I want my opponent to have had fun.
  7. This is awesome to see. I'm relatively new to the game so other than a descent sized stormcast army (3k maybe?) I've only dabbled with a box or two each of other army's models. I'd love to have a single army over 10k someday but haven't figured out which faction would keep me interested that long.
  8. That's a really interesting idea and I wonder how much that explains my desire to be unique. Although maybe if it is also a win-win for your opponent, because they got to play something unique, it's worth it even if based on insecurity? =D
  9. What if the Avatar of Gork and Mork come in on opposites sides of the table, and if they get base to base with one another, they fusion dance to Gorkamorka?
  10. Thanks! I've only dabbled with it so far to fix gaps and make little base details. I'd love to eventually make fur or armor embellishments or help tie things together when kitbashing.
  11. Based on some advice in this thread, I've signed up for a greenstuff sculpting workshop at Adepticon. Hopefully I learn some techniques that will help me make whatever army I play unique!
  12. Some of you are spot on about my feeling on mirror matches. I live to imagine my own narrative for each game, and Stormcasts fighting another Order alliance feels weird (unless it is another Stormcast...then I can pretend we're in the gladiatorial training grounds, I suppose.) To muddle this even further from my initial post, one of the reasons I've stuck with Stormcasts so far is because of the overwhelming compliments I get on the paint. I literally just use the classic Hammers of Sigmar gold and blue, and maybe that is what makes me unique? By doing the most commonly seen thing well? Bother.
  13. Not being a MtG player I had never heard these terms, but they translate perfectly into warhammer. I'm definitely a Johnny.
  14. Does anyone else have this issue? What I mean is wanting to have a unique army that others aren't playing? I started this game with stormcasts (and space marines in 40k) because of starter sets and then expanded from there. They have been great for learning to play and to paint but every other table at any store I play at has the same armies. I want to start new armies and feel like I keep leaning toward factions not that I really enjoy the look or love of, but the fact I never see them. For example, I'll spend all week getting pumped about a particular faction, reading all the lore, planning a paint scheme, writing lists...then I get to to the store and someone is playing that faction...I completely lose interest. What is wrong with me? I have the same issue in video games. If anyone else has this problem, how did you overcome it?
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