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  1. Lost2Requiem

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    Thanks for the heads up on that, I’d given up on identifying it until you kind folks stepped in!
  2. Lost2Requiem

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    That’s great, thank you so much! Really appreciate the help.
  3. Lost2Requiem

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    Hi, I’m after some help identifying a Skaven miniature and thought it best to consult the experts! Apologies if this is the wrong place to do this. So, images attached. Any ideas? Assassin of some type with trident and net..? Thank you in advance.
  4. Lost2Requiem

    Deathly invocation

    Yes, thank you, it is. It’s how I sign off all my posts, or rather used to... I didn’t even know that ‘learn to read’ abbreviated to L2R was ‘a thing’. It’s a bit sad that the internet age has led to people assuming everyone is having a go at them all the time rather than looking for the more benign reasoning for something first. Hey ho.
  5. Lost2Requiem

    Deathly invocation

    Core Rules Designer Commentary, page 7, 4th question down the left hand side. L2R
  6. Hi everyone, I posted these in the pinned Soul Wars thread, but it occurred to me that these items aren't Soul Wars specific, rather Soul Wars adjacent! New shrink-wrapped Generals Handbook 2018 - $29 New in box 'easy to build' Castigators with Gryph-hound (4) - $15 New in box 'easy to build' Glaivewraith Stalkers (4) - $12 New in box 'easy to build' Myrmourn Banshees (4) - $18 Or $70 for the lot. Postage included in the USA. Thanks for looking. L2R
  7. US BASED SOUL WARS STUFF Hi everyone. All the below for sale. Shipping included in all the prices. Would much rather sell it all as one lot. All new on sprue unless listed otherwise. Mainland US only please All with the Soul Wars Warscolls if on sprue, not of boxed Generals Handbook (shrink wrapped) $29 STORMCAST ETERNALS 3 x Evocators $18 5 x Castigators $20 1 x Celestar Ballista $24 Castigators sealed box (4 + Gryph) $15 $74 for the lot, shipping included. NIGHTHAUNT Glaivewraith Stalkers sealed box (4) $12 Myrmourn Banshees sealed box (4) $18 1 x Guardian of Souls $12 1 x Lord Executioner $12 5 x Glaivewraith Stalkers $13 4 x Grimghast Reapers $15 $78 for the lot, shipping included. Or take everything listed for $165. Let me know! What’s left will be going on eBay Thursday.
  8. Lost2Requiem

    Becca Scott

    Thanks, she dabbled with Eldar in 40k, but it didn’t stick, so it takes a couple of attempts! As long as he’s not pointing and demonically cursing him for forfeiting the Mortal Realms and failing the lords of chaos, you’re probably ok...!
  9. Lost2Requiem

    Becca Scott

    My 7 year old daughter has always been a little curious, but nothing has caught her attention. Now, she’s watched the Scott videos (a very good presenter with full geek credentials) and looked at the new female Stormcast, and she’s in. Good news for me, and maybe playing into some wider corporate plan, who knows? All I know is that I now have someone to share my love of Warhammer with. LTR
  10. Lost2Requiem

    AoS 2nd Edition: First Battle Round

    Hi, I agree that the RAW is quite clear, but it appears that it is indeed still the same as previously. In MiniWargamings review video they even claim to have spoken to GW direct who confirmed that. As mentioned above, FAQ needed day 1! LTR
  11. Lost2Requiem

    Painbringer's Sylvaneth (last update: 08/11/2018)

    Me too! I just want to start Sylvaneth now, but I don’t think I could do them the same justice*. Really fantastic looking units. *Also, the wyldwoods thing doesn’t work for me, not usually any space on the table for more trees once it’s been setup!
  12. Lost2Requiem

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Yep, totally agree. I’m happy to play either way. If it is wrong though, I’m just a bit, I don’t know. Disappointed?
  13. Lost2Requiem

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Purely from a English grammar point of view, the rule is unequivocal. MUST roll off. IF it’s a tie etc. If GW come out and say that’s wrong, I’m fine with that, always play as intended, but it’s a bit of a proof-reading issue. be interested in the first FAQ...!
  14. Lost2Requiem

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Page 3, 2nd paragraph.
  15. Lost2Requiem

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    That sentence fragment doesn’t follow a full stop. It’s not a new proposition and shouldn’t be read in isolation. The entire sentence needs to be considered to derive the meaning, and the sentence is about resolving ties. Edit: Like @VoodooChileIRL said!