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  1. Maybe it’s the remnants of the chaos armies the OBR tore into grabbing the weapons of “dead” legionaries, fighting to get back home in order to prove to Archaon they’re the most resilient fighters around.
  2. They probably did this just to watch guys on boards like this go crazy with all the bitching and moaning they’re doing. So you don’t like their design, where does it say you have to buy them?
  3. I’ll say it once I’ll say it again: Furnace Kings(aka Chaos Dwarfs). realistically though I expect Sons of Behemat, Lumineth, and/or Grotbag Scuttlers , as they’ve both been mentioned in numerous lore books with capitalization(meaning they’re a faction).
  4. You’re right, only Hashut should hold the right to such a monopoly*laughs in chaos dwarf*.
  5. I read scourge of fate, it’s partly why I’m asking big there were anymore books with them.
  6. Looking back at the last east Slaanesh models I see your point, this is messed up.
  7. Well, as the saying goes “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
  8. Hey everybody I have a very simple question: is Hashut mentioned(or alluded to) in any AOS books(either actual books or lore) besides that one case in White Dwarf(the vostarg lodge tome celestial)? If not thanks for looking at this post.
  9. Nurse: *Sobbing* But Doctor, isn’t there anything we can do?! Doctor: No...... I’m afraid the only thing we can do is pray that the patient realizes that the hobby is not dead just because the previews didn’t fit his expectations. Nurse: *Sobs even harder* edit: Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all quarantine.
  10. For AoS Sons of behemat scions of the flame chaos dwrfs(big hope) 40k fabius and emps children dark mechanicus Regular mechanicus specialist games new blood bowl team(hoping for tomb kings or chaos dwarfs) more house of blades info ash waste nomads misc more old world news
  11. That’s a shame, would have led to some fun shenanigans.
  12. Hey guys, I’ve decided to expand on my previously posted conversion of a chaos corrupted Kharadron Overlord army: if you have any suggestions on what I should add to the army(when gw reopens of course) please don’t be afraid to say something.
  13. In his many years of captaining The Earnest Coin, Engstrom Bokkrinson has never experienced such a storm. The clouds were made from an azure colored ash, that seemed to grip onto every exposed surface and erode certain metals, and the winds were howling so fiercely that he had to shout at the top of his lungs in order to be heard from five feet away. His onboard khemist could not identify the elements that made up this gods be damned storm, and it was starting to seem like a lost cause to try to map ou-. Suddenly the frigate lurched to the starboard side as his systems began to go haywire, his ship was loosing Aether Gold at such a pace that there must have been a hole the size of an arkanaut in the cargo hold. Rapidly he reached for the aether-shot rifle he kept nearby in the event he needed to repel boarders and began to look over the decks to find the beast that’s hurting his profit, but to no avail. The best he could do was catch glimpses of a being encased in what looked to be a twisted endrin-harness...... He didn’t see the blasted creature until it knocked him off the railings of his beloved ship, the last thing in his view before being enveloped by storm was the twisted rune painted onto its armour, marking the creature as a son of the Father of Darkness..... Hello everyone, welcome my conversion plog for my chaos corrupted Kharadron Overlords! If you haven’t already guessed these guys have been converted to the worship of Hashut! The lore behind these guys is that Tzeentch once tried to capture and convert a minor sky port called Barak Easifa, trapping them in an a tainted hurricane. Desperate to escape this hell the people of this port cried out to any and all gods that would listen to them, and it was Hashut that answered. Expending a great deal of power he bound the souls of the airborne city with the spirit of the storm, a debt that these twisted privateers must now pay in souls and aether gold. It is my hope to not only show the depths that these poor souls will go in order to repay their savior, and the degradation of their ethics under the temptations of Tzeentch, starting with this guy: meet Feraq the Ravenous(I swear it is a coincidence that his name sounds like mine), a master Daemon-Rigger and his two sky shark familiars(they get to be rather large later on...). Hope you enjoy this adventure with me.
  14. See Necromunda Hired Guns at Forgeworld.
  15. Well I say ladies and gentlemen place your bets! Put down your top 3 choices/guesses for the two weekend previews! for myself aos pointy aelves SoB chaos dwarves 40k Emperor’s Children Engine War new space marines specialist scions of the flame necromunda guilds new blood bowl team
  16. How long has this been going on? I kinda love it.
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