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  1. Don’t forget the beloved Greenskins! The ORCS of all people got axed while the pointy ears are still here?! Somebody bust out the Dammaz Kron!!!!
  2. excellent conversions my good man! but what is the bas model for the crabs?
  3. I've done some research on the end times(before my coming to the hobby) it is said that Khalida decided to join Nagash instead of having her bones scattered across the desert like Settra, so there's a possibility.
  4. I should be angry, but SNEKS! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/10/warhammer-fest-uk-2019-live-bloggw-homepage-post-3fw-homepage-post-1/
  5. And Settra said to Sigmar....... "Let my people Rule!"
  6. And then we ****** and moan about how we were all wrong.
  7. I buy repeats for conversion purposes(two sepulchral guard, two Zarbag’s Gits)
  8. Nope, looking closely reveals it's Sigmar raging at losing his loot(aka pulling a Nagash).
  9. Rotmam stood on the deck of his war barge, the howling winds of the storm doing nothing more than forcing the saltwater to cover his bones and blow the spectral flames of his war helm in every direction. He was following a rather dubious lead on the location of one of the chests containing the multilated boy of his High King. Unfortunately, his efforts were being hindered indirectly by the ****** vampire Isaak and his thralls. half of his soldiers were from the soulblight's mausoleums and crypts, as were two of his three priests. He needed a way to balance the scales in his favor. "Thank the gods that he did not send any Morghasts with us." Rotmam muttered as he walked towards his war room, and his retinue. While walking an old memory came unbidden into his head, of stories told by the more...awake soldiers of Kendri when his people first arrived. Stories of exiled priests and zealous assassins; the key part of the story though, was that the king and queen had confirmed the truth behind each one. If he had lips, Rotmam's would've had one that could only be called "feral".
  10. Speaking as someone ho uses those war scrolls, they are in need of an update(I asked for that in the survey, right after bringing them back). So~ you want a new version of empire?
  11. Loonboss 70 grots Tomb kings(a lot of skeletons need to be painted) converted reikenor
  12. If this is the case then I’m going to pray for skeleton wizards and/or some archers!
  13. If an old character is returning, I wish it to be either Khalida or Krell. I want more skellies(preferably tomb king ones).
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