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  1. Well it is a well known fact that Gurren Lagann is one half of Gorkamorka(the other being Megas XLR), so who knows what the future holds for us?
  2. Follow the above, but also use free stuff to form some rotting flesh+visible organs, and you’d need to paint the carnosaur so that it looks lifeless(dull your color scheme).
  3. 1.Firebelly(heck, make him a mini faction). 2. A butcher/slaughtermaster kit 3. Scuttleboss 4. Chaos dwarfs🙏🏻 5. New Yhetees 6. New slann kit 7. Hell, update the Lizardmen sculpts till there’s no fine cast. 8. Same with Skaven.
  4. I hope they don’t make Gargoyles live action, some things are better off 2d.
  5. Greetings foul Hedonites, I come to you with a proposition. the elgi have gone too far this time, not only have they fashioned some Gods-awful hammers, but they have stolen Hashut’s imagery and Runecraft for themselves!!! Join us Dawi in the fight against these so called “Realm Lords” and half of all prisoners will be sent your way.
  6. Excellent, now we just need one more person to join us.... SOMEBODY FIND GOTREK!!!
  7. How much meat/gold do we need to pay you to get your tribe to work for us in this war?
  8. Don’t forget the weapon of office of the admirals.
  9. Signage was gifted that hammer back in The Old World, who gave him that hammer you ask? THE DAWI.
  10. I have seen the work of these “Iron Golems” and have judged it to be barely above an amateurs level, though they improved once introduced to my Altar of Hashut. (I love the Iron Golems, easily my favorite Warband wit the Scions and Splintered Fang right behind them).
  11. Then you do not understand the Dawi well. Jokes aside the idea for this thread was created on “The Age of The Bristling Beard” thread as a mixture of joke/role play. We’re all just a bunch of dwarf fans being dwarfs here.
  12. Agreed, till then we’ll just have to fill this board with theories, good times, and colorful insults against the morons who caused the end times.
  13. Bothers and Sisters of the Mountains heed this call to arms! The elgi have gone too far now, stealing the secrets of Runecraft, usurping our dark god Hashut as their own, but the greatest grudge they have struck this day is their “use” of WARHAMMERS!!! the hammer is the tool and weapon of the Dawi! We forge our armour with it, bash in the skulls of Grobi and Skaven with it, and now the pathetic poem lovers dare make such a sacred weapon as useless as their hair?! Nay, this Grudge cannot stand!!! I call upon all sons and daughters of the mountains. Be ye Dispossessed warriors looking for vengeance, a fiery son or daughter of Grimnir, a privateer of the Baraks, or a fell prophet of The Legion. To war my brethren, Khazukan Kazakit-ha!
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