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  1. Agreed, though maybe next time they’ll Do plastic tomb kings kits, that’d sell so quickly they’d need another week to get every order!
  2. I hear that, the next best thing I can think of is converting fyreslayers and KO models.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn’t even really trying to aosify the Chaos Dearfs, that’s just generally how I view the army and wish they would finally make an appearance in plastic once again. I know with the whole forge world range it doesn’t really make sense, but there’s so much potential just being wasted! Forge world hasn’t done anything for them in years, and now the molds for the models are breaking down, soon there might not be anything left besides Shartor(the sos character model) at this rate😞. Plus they’re expensive, 70 usd for a unit of 10?
  4. I’m sorry I’m a bit slow when it comes to sarcasm and detecting it, are you agreeing with me or just mocking GW?
  5. Much as I’d love to make jokes about the possible Slaaneshi upgrade kit(probably some Daemonettes “playing” with each head) I’m going to suggest the possibility of plastic chaos dwarfs once again. Wrath of the Everchosen gave us some lore hints that the OBR killed more then a few “corrupted duardin” kingdoms before attacking Eightpoints plus the recent S2D battletome mentioned that certain chaos warriors and lords get rune covered armour from the “Furnace Kings of Azgorh” who were mentioned all the way back in the Realmgate Wars! Finally we have the Spire Tyrants and Iron Golems warbands from Warcry, both having a(from what I’ve seen) beloved plastic chaos dwarf. of course, I could be looking too much into simple fan pandering and callbacks from GW lore writers and modelers, but one of the things that got me into the hobby(besides the cyborgs of the mechanics in 40k) was the awesome idea of magic using dwarves who worshipped an evil Bull and built actual murder trains.
  6. If that’s the new look for giants I’m in love.
  7. I’m going to finish my iron golems from last month, then convert and paint a Khorne daemon prince based off the corpse grinders from Necromunda.
  8. You forgot Sigmar looking down on the whole event with jealousy because he cant’ join in on the “GLORIOUS BATTLE!” taking place due to having a boatload of chores to do(such as “keeping Azyr chaos free” and “fix my forge”) ; so he calls up his bud(dies?) Gorkamorka to see if he was down for a game of cards while watching Bloodbowl at Excelsis later, only to find out Gorkamorka had already set up the table and was trying to invite Khorne and Gotrek(in place of Grimnir) for a whole war god party. Teclis, Tyrion, and Malerion try to sneak in only to be beaten to a pulp with a “No Aelves Allowed!” sign to be hung up afterwards while they down copious amounts of Squig beer, Bloodweiser, and Bugman’s xxxxx.
  9. I don’t think the kdaai would fit on the base. You could replace them with the new plastic bois from warcry.
  10. No but it sounds interesting! Maybe replace the obviously Slaaneshi bits with shields from fyreslayer kits?
  11. Archaon, not just because he’s an established character, but because he has been elevated to demigod/borderline god. On top of that Katakros has made the mistake on launching a siege where the entirety of the varanguard(Chaos lords who serve Archaon and get to ****** slap daemon princes) call home, plus whatever amount of cultists, murders, and daemon hordes are around.
  12. Maybe grotbag? The moon icon is to crude for lumineth IMO, but it looks like it’s made out of warpstone.....
  13. New Rumour engine pic ladies and gentlemen start your guessing!
  14. I just got back my forgeworld email, deathshrieker is going the way of the skullcracker(production issues leading to discontinuing).
  15. I just sent them an email, here’s hoping to a quick response.
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