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  1. the answer is simple, convert other factions to look like Chaos Dwarfs, that way if GW gets rid of Azgorh you can still play your army.
  2. If we’re talking dream armies I want to see what the Furnace Kings that Gw has been teasing in full caps throughout various books to be released. In my mind these guys have taken the whole weapon train theme of the Legion of Azgorh to its natural 11. I’m talking full on steam engine based armor, their wizards summon fire and ash, and the mechanized daemons known as the Kdaai look like cannibalized train cars. of course, if they do actually release this faction, odds are they won’t look like this at all.
  3. I was planning on using thousand sons bits for the conversion, as it ties into my ongoing chaos kharadron fleet: I was planning on making him stand on either a giant treasure chest or a dead Tzaangor, showing Hashut triumphing over one of the major powers. Please don’t mention the cow elves, it’s taking all my will power to avoid buying and converting them as my next army.
  4. It’s not heresy if you’re already a heretic🙃
  5. Hey guys a quick question. I have this conversion planned for an avatar of Hashut(I know we’re supposed to be regular dwarfs but still), and I want to use Gotrek as a base, how should I go about this challenge?
  6. Oh, so you wish to know about the Ash-kin beardling? Well let me order another round and I’ll gladly tell you a tale of those damned souls. it’s no secret our bodies do not mutate as quickly as the umgi, but when we do it is quite the spectacle to behold. If you believe the grumblings of Barak Thryng, then the Ash-kin are a part of the remnants of Barak Easifa, and a grim reminder of what happens when one betrays the Ancestor Gods, but I’m not so sure of that. What I do know is that they’re an absolute terror. From the moment they’re borne their bodies are becoming part of the storm that consumed their sky port, and it is only through the transfusion of souls and Aether Gold do these twisted beings. Another thing I can tell you that’s there’s always an easy way to pick out these damned cousins of ours, they’re always wearing these Grungi Damned huge hats....... ladies and gentlemen I give you Haz-Dereth the Poisonous, aether khemist and priest of Hashut. Though he’s mostly made up of Thousand sons parts I assure you this beast is loyal only to Hashut and his greed. up next for the fleet I’ll be converting a group of arkanauts as well as a navigator, and I’ll also post a shot of a soon to be fully painted Feraq! after that I plan on adding two more gunhaulers, a frigate, a unit of five thunderers, and The Avatar of Greed: a Gotrek Conversion(need I say more?). Till then stick around!
  7. I would suggest allying an Ogroid Myrmidon and some Iron golems, adding both some melee and complimenting the theme of LoA(that being infernal blacksmiths who worship an evil bull).
  8. We’ve all had that one army man, no need to thank us.
  9. Since I'm one of the "evil" guys on this thread(though Grungi abandoned us), Im hoping for some plastic Chaos Dwarfs.
  10. While adding a Grudge is always a good thing, technically we have the elgi outnumbered divinity wise as Gotrek is easily worth a pantheon of the pointy ears.
  11. can I see a picture of your guys? I don't really see a lot of chaos dwarf conversions on this site.
  12. And then there's this art of Grimnir's aspect being warped by Flesh Eater faith. "No, it's just that in this particular image, he is witness to a battle where the Fireslayers are losing. Since the Gods are powered and shaped by belief, the death of the Fireslayers, who picture him as a giant flaming dwarf, is slowly being replaced by the picture of him as whatever the Flesh Eaters might see him as. On the other hand, if it was Nagash who was witness to this battle, and the Fireslayers were winning instead of losing, Nagash might appear as a giant, burning skeleton." Two final notes. One, Gorkamorka does already split into Gork and Mork when they begin to argue, it's been that way even since Sigmar saved them in the Age of Myth from the original god-beast of Ghur (a great blob of sentient amber) and after being saved Gorkamorka punched out Dracothion and fought Sigmar whose blow split them in twain but when they're in agreement and ready to unleash waaaghs they become Gorkamorka. Also, Taal was mentioned in "Sacrosanct and other stories", he was a minor diety that was worshipped by tribal kingdoms in the realm of beasts among several other deities that were also forgotten in the Age of Chaos which saw the kingdoms destroyed and things like their sentient mammoth allies they traded labor for food with corrupted into mindless monsters. Some may still worship them but many had to go to stronger faiths to protect them from Chaos like Sigmar or Nagash. Two, I think Nagash is fine for now as he does unify the faction and his aspects cover the death god bases enough. I'd say wait until much after the Soul Wars before having Nagash take a step back and other death gods carve out their places in the underworlds but with the ever looming threat of Nagash regaining his momentum and pulling them back into him. Him as a god of death juggernaut that's making chaos think twice is really good for the current plot and adding variety to the wars. I will say I want more God-beasts but it's looking like that's in the cards with the Lumineth spirits getting more attention and the Sons in the near future. Definitely more of that and the original dieties of the realms before Sigmar and his pantheon arrived. what tome is that from?
  13. Three Skywardens for my chaos kharadron fleet!
  14. I'm currently working on bringing chaos dwarfs back to the mortal realms, in particular chaos Kharadron Overlords, PRAISE HASHUT!
  15. not a great deal of progress today, as I’ve run out of primer(getting some more on Saturday), but for now here’s my converted gunhauler’s face. This weekend I also plan to show off the first of the Ash-Kin, a sort of holy class held by mutated Kharadron, who tend to become officers and low level priests.
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