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  1. Im not doing fantasy this week, instead I'm going to finish up my Mayanincatec/Ancient Egyptian themed Night Lords.
  2. Looks like the current rumor is that they're on a noise marine terminator.
  3. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/games-workshop-to-refund-state-aid-after-business-charges-ahead-z9qw3j8bf something to remind us that despite how they act, GW still has a heart.
  4. Preaching to the choir man, I’ve been waiting for them to drop those new Night Lords Terminators...... I NEED MY PSYCHO SPACE BATMEN TO GET SOME NEW GEAR!!!!
  5. I think it’s part of the new chaos dwarf army, but what do I know? In unrelated news: @KingBrodd is this yours?
  6. I’m staying simple this month, one converted and painted firebelly, once he’s done I’ll consider expanding my contract.
  7. apologies @Kramer but I have been distracted with a Night Lords war band(they're looking pretty sweet tho), should get my contract battle ready by Friday if all goes well(and then I remember I'm out of primer).....
  8. Could’ve been worse fellow dawi, they could’ve put Chaos Dwarfs as well, and added a line about whether or not to shave Grombrindal for his next model.
  9. Hopefully it’ll be the price of a knight brother, and if not then we’ll just have to get lucky at the lotto.
  10. Where in the name of Hashut's realm sized hat is this list?!
  11. While no duardin on writhed side of the order/chaos line has received any rumour engine pics, I believe that the recent uptick in stories and lore featuring the latter are giving us a good hint.
  12. The hunt for Hashut’s Breath is a tireless young one, it is nearly impossible to find. So who better to sniff out this precious gift than one whose life truly depends on it? -unknown Aether-Prophet of Barak Zhar-Ramad.... finally finished the aether khemist conversion! He’s a bit simple paint wise compared to Feraq, but his armour is a bit more intricate so it’s balances out. Up next are the finished arkanauts and a gunhauler!
  13. No It’s down in the U.S. as well, so it’s just the internet ****** with us. edit: seriously? I can’t spell ******? What if I say I have a screwloose? Or that I’m a screwball?
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