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  1. I say it represents the mawtribes, what with the bones and the ogoresque face. Plus the tithe video made it clear that it was a character for death, seeing as how there was no mention of the world that was.
  2. I might be one of the only few, but I have been loving every warband so far. Now don’t get me wrong, some are clearly better than others, but they’re all nice new takes on chaos and how it functions that I feel like we only get to see in the rare moments in the books where there is no one trying to kill each other(run on).
  3. Hey guys a quick question, does anyone have forbidden power? I was thinking maybe we could forge a narrative where our crews are going after a storm vault. What do you guys think?
  4. Not gonna lie, I’ve been looking forward to the chaos knight codex(not a power gamer, just enjoy the model a lot).
  5. That’s when GW said they’ll allow people to play it for the first time. My guess next weekend we’ll see the next Tome, a new warband, and sisters of battle. edit: to clarify I meant that we’ll see it at warhammer day.
  6. I look through my copy of the old Ogre Kingdoms book(got it at half price books) and it is great. So many conversion ideas and character designs that were never implemented.
  7. Great to have you back sir! You have my permission by the way as I don’t have a twitter account.
  8. Please let this be true, I’ve just started rebasing my army. And now I’m glad I picked up that unit of archers.
  9. That’s why god gave us green stuff, wire, and spare bits.
  10. @PJetski I know, and I apologize, I don't often go into rants like that. It just seems that people are throwing ****** for minor reveals like this a lot lately. I'm relatively new to this hobby(fourth year as of this year), but from what I have heard GW didn't used to be so informative when it came to new releases such as this.
  11. I don't know why people have been hating on nearly every Warcry war band reveal, they are great models. The Iron Golems look like a mix of classic diving suits and scale armor(plus they have a CHAOS DWARF IN PLASTIC PEOPLE), the Untamed Beasts have that classic barbarian look of furs and manly horned helmets taken to the logical AOS 11, the Splintered Fang..... well actually people to seem to like the splintered fang. In my opinion the Cabal is great, they have that whole "creepy assassin/spy" look which I greatly enjoy, with the leader(?) pulling off a Batman style landing. What's not to love?! Finally, let's be real here guys, did any of us actually expect something as long awaited as a Gutbuster battletome to be revealed at a non GW held event?
  12. I think you're missing the point here sir.
  13. Don’t forget the beloved Greenskins! The ORCS of all people got axed while the pointy ears are still here?! Somebody bust out the Dammaz Kron!!!!
  14. excellent conversions my good man! but what is the bas model for the crabs?
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