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  1. TheR00zle

    Exploring and Expanding the Ironweld Arsenal

    so far this seems balanced from my cursory views, but where is everyone getting AOS 2.0 blank war scrolls? I'm just curious
  2. TheR00zle

    Redesigning the Ironweld Arsenal

    As always sir I am impressed with your conversion skills, and more then a bit jealous of you living near warhammer world.
  3. TheR00zle

    Exploring and Expanding the Ironweld Arsenal

    So we agree on using runes instead of magic? alright then, how do we update some of the current models available to the weld(the official ones) such as the glorious steam tank?
  4. TheR00zle

    Exploring and Expanding the Ironweld Arsenal

    How about instead of focussing on the spells, we get a few more heroes? synergy is a big part of AOS, especially now of all times. we could have a robber baron/captain of industry type who boost's the hit rolls of war machines, at the cost of laborers lives for example.
  5. TheR00zle

    Exploring and Expanding the Ironweld Arsenal

    I always love the subsections of each army, I find that they give some colorful narrative to otherwise bland armies. So here are some I've come up with: Order of the Storm Forged hailing from the realm of heavens, the Order of the Storm Forged are amongst some of the most prestigious(or arrogant depending on who you ask) of the gunnery schools. The Guild Patriarch often claims that his family studied under the famous Six Smiths, and that most of the blessed sigmarite items the Stormcast Eternals used can be traced back to any of the noble houses of the guild. In battle the nobility of the order can often be found marching alongside members of the Hammers of Sigmar, staying behind to fortify newly captured realmgates or laying siege to enemy fortifications. Drakes Foundry Based primarily in Aqshy, the guild Drakes Foundry was founded by a mixture of azyrite immigrants and reclaimed tribes. Instead of the common segregation and thinly veiled racism common amongst the reclaimed, the scholars of the Weld encouraged the intermingling and sharing of knowledge between the two cultures, which led to the discovery of the volcano ring known as Grimnir's Cannons. the magma from the Cannons is rich with various metals, which, once filtered and separated from the molten rock, are of an incredible quality. The rapid expansion and wealth of this relatively new guild exemplify this, and the quality of their weapons have only increased as the guild makes trade deals with multiple Fyreslayer lodges. Ur-Chemist's Hailing from Chamon, this guild is primarily made up of Dispossessed and "mad" human wizards and scholars. The Ur-Chemists seek to restore order to what they consider "Grugni's Workshop", as such they strive to find locations of potent chamonite upon which to build powerful navigation and chronological device, the better to catalogue the realm. The Ur-Chemists have raised certain beings to a state of sainthood, such as Lady Celemnis, who is called upon by the many artisans to bless their blades.
  6. thanks, so where do we put all this stuff down, here or the Ironweld topic page you started?
  7. how are you going to model the swords? and how many templars in a unit?
  8. TheR00zle

    Morks Toofy Gitz (Building to Gloomspite)

    you're right in the Gloomspite discussion, they do look like pretty great stabbas.
  9. sounds like a Steampunks Bretonnia..... What will you use for conversions/models in general?
  10. TheR00zle

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    update to the Tomb Kings compendium
  11. TheR00zle

    Morks Toofy Gitz (Building to Gloomspite)

    Simply amazing as always(and a good choice if the rules I read off of the New Zealand page are to go by) do you have any other conversions planned besides the Skragrott one? perhaps a special shaman variant?
  12. TheR00zle

    Morks Toofy Gitz (Building to Gloomspite)

    Glad to see you re also interested in The Gloomspite! I'm also getting in on the shroomy boys(I've been interested in them for a couple years, but most of the models just didn't appeal or were finecast). can't wait to see what you come up with!