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  1. If this truly comes to pass we may finally see some new fortifcation scenery, I mean the last officially released set was the dreadhold, and that didn’t sell well. Do you mind sharing brother?
  2. I came from Warhammer 40k in seventh edition. I was new to the hobby and while I enjoyed the models and lore the rules were simply too much. I started exploring sigmar when I saw the Beastclaw raiders if I’m being honest, those beefy bois are soo much fun.
  3. Preach brother, the whole reason I got into this hobby is cause I was tired of ripping the heads off of my g I joes to put them on different bodies. I’m all for easy to build when it makes sense but it should cost less than the actual kit.
  4. I don’t really have a proper STD army(mostly just models from Nurgle and Tzeentch armies that I like to pretend work together), but I’m excited. I love the Warcry models and if half of the new art/models(?) show the diversity present in the war bands then we’re in for quite a treat. Plus it’s about time chaos took the stage again.
  5. I’m personally rooting for an Ogor war and, could be man eaters, a butcher, a firebelly, or a beastclaw hunter, I just want some new ogor models.
  6. Here’s a look at one of the Nurgle warband.
  7. I absolutely love your Ogors! The unit as a whole just feels so perfect but they ogors stand out the most.
  8. The snake priest rules man, however I would wait for a little while longer in regards to some of the other models(catapult). On the plus side the mortarch already looks like a statue, so that one shouldn’t be as hard.
  9. Agreed, now show of hands whose doing them up like jade warriors?
  10. I say it represents the mawtribes, what with the bones and the ogoresque face. Plus the tithe video made it clear that it was a character for death, seeing as how there was no mention of the world that was.
  11. I might be one of the only few, but I have been loving every warband so far. Now don’t get me wrong, some are clearly better than others, but they’re all nice new takes on chaos and how it functions that I feel like we only get to see in the rare moments in the books where there is no one trying to kill each other(run on).
  12. Hey guys a quick question, does anyone have forbidden power? I was thinking maybe we could forge a narrative where our crews are going after a storm vault. What do you guys think?
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