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  1. TheR00zle

    Suneater Tribes Battletome WIP: Full rules Pg6

    Congrats sir melcavuk, you earned that highlight! Can’t wait for the official battle time release!
  2. TheR00zle

    Midian Enclave - Idoneth from Chamon

    I just did a quick look through that army and I have to say, your skills are incredible!
  3. TheR00zle

    Midian Enclave - Idoneth from Chamon

    Speaking of this shyish sylvaneth army, what was the thread name?
  4. TheR00zle

    Midian Enclave - Idoneth from Chamon

    My apologies🤝.
  5. TheR00zle

    Midian Enclave - Idoneth from Chamon

    What’s the matter with nighthaunt?! I play nighthaunt and they rule!
  6. TheR00zle

    Midian Enclave - Idoneth from Chamon

    I love how you used the Slagmyst model, never would have thought of that.
  7. TheR00zle

    Midian Enclave - Idoneth from Chamon

    Glaucus does not serve, He rules!
  8. The Lifeswarm could have scarabs instead of dragonflies!
  9. I've only recently come into the hobby(3 years), when I heard about the tomb kings, I was all like "why did they get rid of these badasses?!". Now I know it was to stop people like you from creating such amazing conversions! You have inspired me to do my own blog about my own Tomb King army.
  10. TheR00zle

    Midian Enclave - Idoneth from Chamon

    As always sir @Melcavuk you never cease to amaze!
  11. 1. Is it cool? 2. fit my army' 3.in price range? 4.convertable? 5.spare bits?
  12. TheR00zle

    The Sultan's Fleet

    hey guys, I've been thinking about the war scrolls, and I realize that I have 16 or more of them, so I figure thats enough. Im posting all of them here, the additional rules will be posted later, now im going to focus on artifacts and lore. Thanks for all of the support throughout this project!
  13. TheR00zle

    The Sultan's Fleet

    hello all, I know I haven't posted in a while(been a bit busy ya know?), but I have an idea for a new war machine. In the Dreadfleet game their was a chaos dwarf submarine! so i found the model and am planning on making it similar to a tomb scorpion. name TBD
  14. thanks, im thinking of using the old gorger models as destruction daemons(just gotta repaint them).
  15. my thanks for adding the furnace kings into your battle tome, I've been tinkering with some ideas for them and am going to post them later.