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  1. There was talk of hippos before this rumor of pangolin/platypus monsters. In particular I said that I would convert them into Tomb Kings flavored Mortis Engines if they were released.
  2. Zamses the Ever-Joyful, First of His Name, Lord of The City of Vulturopolis, Chosen of Sekhubis, and many more titles besides gazed upon his court from his throne of polished mangrove and crocodilian hide as the relentless tide of courtiers and advisors, both mortal and undead, brought him news of his kingdom. The ancient monarch's mind thought that he should feel discomfort from the humidity in the air, but the ancient spells and wards that kept his soul within his preserved corpse prevented such a notion. "How much longer must I sit here?" he asked the being standing beside his throne through the brittle remains of the scarred smile that earned him his most prominent title. The skeleton turned its bat helmed head towards its king, "Be at peace my king," the guard spoke with the voice of Camazhut, Zamses' boyhood friend and Captain of The Tomb Guard "We only have to deal with the "Vizier" from the City of Wolves.`` Zamses let out a chuckle at his friend's bluntness, "Very well, make sure your axe is ready to send his soul to Lord Sekhubis so that He might hear the scoundrel's final thoughts." Camazhut nodded his head, and hefted the vulture headed great axe into both hands, the pale witch fire glowing from his helm's eye sockets reflecting off the oxidized bronze of the blade. Before signaling the guards to let in their wretched guest. The necromancer hobbled into the court, his wrinkled hands clinging to his short walking stick of gnarled wood. His tattered robes smelt of sea salt and rotten flesh, and were covered in stains from various liquids. Peeking out from various tears in the cloth were the red eyes of the rats and other grave animals that he used to spy upon Zamses’ enemies, and his people when he thought he could get away with it. Behind him came one of corpses of the famed Korsagi Ogors, though instead of their preferred axe the shambling corpse was holding a large mirror of Shade Glass. “Glory to you, Oh Protector of the Old Ways.” the old man wheezed through his rotting teeth, his pales yellowed with age and past bouts with disease. “I bring you news of the most dire sort.” “Then speak, Servant of The Hound of The Cairns, I do not have time for your riddles.” Zamses intoned, hiding the humour in his voice as some of the mortal attendants giggled at the proceedings. “As you wish my lord,” the necromancer answered, before turning to his Ogor bodyguard and ordering it to put down the mirror with the utmost care. Once the mirror was on the floor the necromancer began to chant in the guttural tongue of Ulfenkarn, revealing a vision of Soul-Vine Swamp. The vision was through the eyes of one of numerous direwolf corpses that had begun to gather in the region due to Vulturopolis’ alliance with the Vyrkos dynasty, and it was an alarming one. A procession of horse drawn wagons and steam driven fortresses were making their way through the swampland, from atop massive mobile pulpits priests of various creeds were encouraging the faithful to cut down and burn the vines that were the namesake of these lands. Marching ahead of this procession were warriors clad in blue and gold armor, with one of the stern-faced warriors holding aloft a banner that left no doubts upon who they serve. “So Sigmar has discovered our haven” Zamses muttered under his breath, aware of the murmurs that were spreading through his court, before coming to a horrible conclusion. “My king, if Urtem was able to discover the servants of the Storm God so quickly-” Camazhut began to whisper to him, before Zamses interrupted him. “Then who knows how long it will be before the Daemon-Hag Aesha and The Greenskin slavers discover them as well….” Zamses finished, before once again turning to Urtem. “Thank you oh wise one, for delivering this warning.” The necromancer bowed his head in deference to the ancient king “I live to serve, you my lord, and through you The One Who Mourns and Praises the Dead.” “Then deliver this message to your vampiric patrons: Sigmar’s ilk have trespassed on my lands, and while I do not know what they seek, I do not wish for them to bring their wars upon my people. If they can spare their grave-barracks I promise them one half of any prisoners taken in the coming battles.” As the necromancer and his bodyguard left, Zamses let out a dry chuckle before turning to two of the skeletal messengers that stood besides his throne. “Send word to lady Najma that her skills of diplomacy are needed once again, and that the necrotects are to awaken the war statuary,” he told one of the messengers, before turning to the other “Go to the Fanged Port and alert its captains, I want their fortress-barges on the water ways immediately.” As the messengers left to deliver his orders, Zamses turned once again to his captain of the guard. “Will I have your blade at my side, my friend?” He asked, thrusting his arm out in a near universal gesture. “Until the end, my friend, until the end.” Camazhut replied, grasping his king's decaying arm with his skeletal hand, completing the ancient warrior’s greeting. Zamses smiled once more, and this time both spirits knew it to be genuine. “Then let us go to war.” Hello Everyone, it's been a while since I actually posted something like this, but I figured I might as well do this if only to keep these ideas somewhere before I forget them. This thread was based off an idea that I posted on @Neverchosen's Oceanic Gameplay and Battles page, and serves as the background for three of my armies: My Tomb Kings themed Soulblight Gravelords, who are the stars of this first story blurb. While I am using the Rakaph symbol from Total War Warhammer II, please note that the army's actual colors are blue and green. My Godseekers Hedonites of Slaanesh, who will be done up in Mardi Gras colors (purple, green, gold/yellow). And finally,, my kruleboyz, who're rocking dirty blue and brown. The goal of this project is to showcase the ever escalating conflict between these three factions and their allies in my home-brewed corner of Ghur, theSoul-Vine Bayou. There exists an ancient legend that the swamplands are the resting place of a long hidden Goddess of Poisons and Magic. Whoever finds this missing deity will gain a major advantage over the other two factions, and will most likely cement their hold over the area.... While this is primarily a place for me to post my things, I am willing to incorporate other armies and lore into the setting if you're willing to share. The only rule that I have is that your army can't be directly lead by a named character, otherwise anything is fair game. Thank you for reading this post, and stay tuned for more as the War of Funerary Delights unfolds....
  3. Definitely 40K, but I feel like it needed to be posted here anyways.
  4. https://www.totalwar.com/blog/total-war-warhammer-3-kislev-campaign-mechanics/ Grab some Vodka and your bears boys! We got Kislev gameplay today!!!
  5. https://www.totalwar.com/blog/total-war-warhammer-3-tzeentch-campaign-mechanics/ What’s everyone’s opinion on the Tzeentch and Chaos mechanics we’ve seen today?
  6. I think if CA redevelops Nippon, we might see a more chaos tolerant nation. Remember the old lore for clan Eshin was that they learned their techniques from a Nippon school, so either the rats were being sneaky punks, or chaos dealings are more in the open over there. I would like them to mix the Ainu culture (bear worship is an amazing concept for a religion, sue me, and those tattoos!) into the more stereotypical samurai deal, alongside some pirate culture as well.
  7. I think as far as "unestablished" factions go, we'll get some view of Ind and Khuresh, and perhaps a rework of Nippon under a name that's slightly less blatant than one of the formal/poetic names of Japan. The lore drop for Cathay was simply amazing. We were introduced to not one, not two, but four legendary lords for Cathay beyond best dragon (Zhao Ming) and slightly nicer Azula. I say four because I am including the Monkey King, who appears to not be chaos aligned at all, which might make him the only Beastman ever to be nominally good. My favorite part had to be the growing cults to Tzeentch and Slaanesh (the Cult of Painted Skin, tell me that isn't a slaaneshi cult name) in Cathay, as it showcases the vast variety of chaos and the faiths that grow around it, something that 40k can't properly grasp yet. As always I hope that we get an expansion of Tomb Kings and make Araby into a full faction. I link these two together because they are quite literally next to each other on the map. Tomb Kings are still missing Prince Apophas' treacherous self, and it would be a good way to showcase whatever new models the boils and ghouls over at GW have cooked up for them when The Old World finally drops. Araby on the other hand, could be a great way to showcase Arabian culture and art without the usual "terrorist" crowd popping up. I don't know much about either of the Real World mythologies of India or the South Asian countries that Khuresh is based off of, so I'll leave my opinions out of it.
  8. Ulgu seems to be the domain of many shadowy mother truckers, so it makes sense that Eshin would set up there.
  9. Lets keep the politics fictional, world's ****** up enough as it is.
  10. If we do get some kind of ghost ship, I'm hoping for a funeral barge loaded with the a mixture of grieving and joyful spirits ripping the souls of the unfaithful (anyone who doesn't serve Nagash) from their bodies.
  11. Last I checked the Chaos Dwarfs are called Furnace Kings, have a badass oil-refinery that runs on souls in Shish protected by Chaos Mega-gargants, and trade with the kruleboyz. They are also gonna sell out the moment GW puts them up for preorder.
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