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  1. Important to note that while true, rumours talked about 2023/24 for CD (Although I don't think Grimdark live mentioned any dates). So, don't expect our evil stunty friends to come out soon - as much as I have been conducting unholy sacrifices to Dark Gods, even Dark Gods cower before GW Release Schedule! I though 2023-2024 was the date for The Old Wolrd, and that Furnace Kings were 2022?
  2. Build and paint my soulblight force, finish my night lord army, and find the bits needed to convert the Mouth of Mork into an avatar of a Tomb King god.
  3. Spikey Beard Jaws?! *Summons the legions of LONG LOST NEHEKHARA!!!* IT IS WAR! DEATH TO THE SONS OF DESTRUCTION!!!
  4. Jokes aside I’m happy we’re getting the another season of Archer. Last time they left us after he pointed out how horrible everyone was acting after he came back(and blaming it on him).
  5. If that happens your Swoleness, I may have to fight you to get multiple boxes. And i don’t what to fight you @KingBrodd.
  6. Here’s hoping there’s a preview as well(I need my Chaos Dwarf fix and @KingBrodd needs some ogres).
  7. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/07/30/what-do-you-get-if-you-cross-a-phoenix-with-a-sorcerer-this-stunning-thousand-sons-army/ judging by this community post I’m guessing TKsons and Grey Knights are next week’s preorders. Also, can we all appreciate that daemon prince conversion? Inspirational that’s what that is.
  8. Nope, instead we are left with the worst thing for a group of imaginative guys and gals: speculation.
  9. All we ask is that you leave the bones of anyone you kill alone. Nagash’s medieval mafia wannabes are being a pain in our non-existent posterior.
  10. No elgi though, they have plenty of models at the moment.
  11. Expand the Beastclaw Raiders with new forms of calvary(and perhaps a snow daemon or two(who says Chais gets to have all the fun?)), and if they raise the Furebelly from a hero into a full faction? I would not complain.
  12. @Public Universal Duardin, if that is the case I’ll rally up the skeletal legions of LONG LOST NEHEKARA!!! And if we’re willing to take the losses in gold and slaves we can probably get @KingBrodd and @Neverchosen’s hordes to back us up in a siege of GW.
  13. But then what will all the unhappy trolls on Facebook and the fan sites complain about all day?
  14. As awesome as both of those sound, odds are GW would never do such a thing: why sell two battletomes when you can sell four?
  15. IN THE NAME OF LONG LOST NEHEKHARA AND HASHUT I WILL DECLARE WAR IF THAT IS THE CASE!!! all jokes aside, I would be rather disappointed if GW doesn’t actually release chorfs after all of this build up.
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