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  1. Sam19

    Bloodbound Allegiances

    Thanks for the feedback, I’m now at 1680 points of skull-gathering menace after adding: 1 Daemon Prince of Khorne 40 more Bloodreavers for a total of 60 which I will run in x3 20s 12 Mighty Skullcrushers (as 2 units of 6) I’m now looking at swapping out the MLoK and the Khorgorath and adding Skarbrand maybe. I still like the Idea of Beasts of Chaos but I’m going to concentrate mainly on Khorne for now, seeing 60 bloodreavers on the table is pretty awesome. What’s the general opinion on Warpfire Dragons? Is there a monster model that would generate more havoc than its deadly demise and shooting attack? Thanks again all ?
  2. Hi All I am fairly new to AoS (played a bit of fantasy in secondary school a long, long time ago) and decided to start collecting Khorne Bloodbound. I am enjoying playing a lot but I am getting to a stage were I'd like to take a step up and maybe invest in taking my collection to the 2000pt level. I currently have the Bloodbound half of the AoS starter set (Mighty Chaos Lord, Bloodsecrator, Bloodstoker, Khorgorath, 5 Blood Warriors and 20 Bloodreavers) and was wondering what would be best to add next? I like the look of some of the other chaos factions, Brayherds and Warherds especially but I don't know if these would be fluff friendly allies or indeed if the benefits of expanding to new factions would outweigh any negatives. Also do Daemons and Monsters of Chaos count as part of the core if given the mark of Khorne? (I like the look of Be'lakor, if not maybe a Daemon Prince) Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Sam
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