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  1. Factions that can play for multiple Grand Alliances would be really neat but could lead to some strange balance issues. Destruction isn't really known for it's good ranged combat (outside of one Savage Ork battalion) so not sure that would be a good place for Wanderers. I often wish that Aelves had their own Grand Alliance and were not a part of Order. There are enough models and elves are so popular it would probably outsell most of the other Grand Alliances. Plus it would help keep Order from being larger then every other Alliance put together. Feels a bit too late for that though.
  2. I got a much more Celtic vibe off of the music and font they used.
  3. I used Warp Lightning over Wraithbone here. The photo wasn't great but the green is really vibrant. A bit too green for orc flesh to me so I am going to go over it with a more yellow tone.
  4. It is really hard to find armies that no one plays since there is a limited number of models in existence. I used to chase it a lot when I was younger, then as editions changed or I moved the armies everyone else played changed and I ended up with "popular armies" more then once. It is truly impossible to be a special unique snowflake purely through faction choice. The best way to have something unique in this hobby is to paint it and/or convert it. I have seen Space Marine armies that were incredibly memorable because the owner put in the time and heart to make it his. Echoing those above. Read some lore and look at some models. Find what looks cool and stick with it!
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