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  1. Devoted to Sigmar army... was in fact consisting of 4 models (with 2 from the War Altar, the warrior priest and the altar itself) and a resin Witch Hunter. They were reducing the IP by removing the War Altar from production since they had alot of redundancy with the Celestial Hurricanum/Luminark of Hysh. Like some variant of Land Raider with extra options, they want to reduce the variant of the same kit (Redemer, Crusader etc. etc) And every resin model is trend to fade away in the next years for GW it's a production fact. As you can see, you can still field the flagellant and the war priest within Cities of Sigmar (the one from Warhammer Quest). They hav'nt butchered the whole Devoted to Sigmar, they readapt the production line to favor plastic kits (there is 0 model in Cities of Sigmar in resin). That the way to do with GW, and it's not hidden. They want to get rid of all their resin by 2022 (or something close), and they adapt the fluff around that. But FW is a complete other game where 100% of their product are resin and they still produce new resin kit in 2020 and will keep going with that production method. Like i said, do not compare GW with FW. If they really wanted to get rid of Legion of Azgorh with the upcoming GH 2020, they would had place "Last chance to buy" marker on FW website to get rid of extra stock, while the GH2020 is in pre-order. (They did the exact same thing with Elysian Drop Troops, even more... rules still exist for the Elysians, but they just stopped producing the line). As is... Legion of Azgorh "suck" in tournament... but it's main purpose is not to be a competitive army to the eyes of GW, they simply lack ressources to allocate a writer to rewrite rules to fit the production line. Don't expect Endless spells and racial terrain, they won't get any (they get stuck with the generic one, like cities of sigmar or orruk warclans). It's a status quo army, as it was for the first Chaos Dwarf army (Fantasy 5th Edition. It took the 8th edition to get a "serious" update. Rules were still playable in the 6th and 7th... they sucked at those but they were sidekick army. As far as profit is higher than maitenance of the mold, they will keep the line alive.
  2. I don't think people have to be too fatalist on the on going of the Chaos dwarves. Points were in the GH 2019, i don't see why they would'nt be in the GH 2020. Forgeworld always been a niche product and never played a mainstream role in the lore, it's a standalone thing. I think it's unfair to expect it to be an "real official army" and occupy space in a "official" document. People jump to conclusion way too fast. It's not in the ally chart... does Death Korp of Kreig was in the ally chart back then in previous 40K editions books nope... did Death Korps of Kreig still exist... yes. There is no point for FW to stop selling a product if it's still sell, they do a simple math (total profit - cost of maintenance and repair of mold. If it's not profitable, they stop producing it) Look at the Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher and the Skullcracker, they removed it because it was not profitable to maintain the mold, not because they wanted to fade away the branch.
  3. I saw some mod about Chaos Dwarf in Total War 1, i thought they were official race... it almost got me to buy it on Steam Sale... Then i discovered it was'nt an official one. I can't wait to see it come true on Total War 2. Where did you got that rumor? That will definetly help getting the Chaos dwarf a better visibility.
  4. Look like I will have to hurry to to finish my army before it gone out for good... i had the chance to get a Skullcracker for quite pricy OOP price. I was'nt really active in the AOS gaming last couple months, I still plan to use it for a 9th Age army as back-up... I hope they wait until this summer to put the Dreadquake Mortar definetly out of stock. Don't forget guys that those model were release in 2011, and watching that wave of FW AOS models getting definetly out of stock... i see the prophecy of FW getting out of AOS becoming true... grab your wallet guys and at least buy those product if you still want them to be supported. Money is the only language GW talk :P
  5. Don't forget! Make Hellcannon great again! (playable in LOA army)
  6. MAKE HELLCANNON GREAT AGAIN! YAR! I want it in my LOA army
  7. I think they should clarified the "allied" to include more specificly Beast of Chaos instead of only Monsters of Chaos... why an army with bull head theme... cannot even allied with Bullgor and DoomBull...
  8. Interesting for those worry that LOA was a dead faction
  9. Hello everyone! I am a serious collector of Chaos Dwarf (Legion of Azgorh) from Forgeworld and i am looking tp buy a Skullcracker model. Preferably, i am looking for the model unsassembled and unpainted (with the original FW bag... or not).. but well i accept any conditions. I would offer the rightful price for such product, knowing it is extremely rare and high demanded. I live in Canada and i will take care of any fees regarding shipping. Thank you very much
  10. I am not talking if we should or not, but about if we could. I am not really building my list on 3 times de same things or max combo. I like building on diversity and thematic The question is if Chaos Keyword is automatically imply as Allied, is it a mistypo from GW that forgot to add it.. seem very weird to me that a hellcannon... cannot join a chaos dwarf army to be fair
  11. Hhhmmm... i just got my copy of the General Handbook 2019 (it's about time! I was too busy in the latest month) and... just realized in the Pitched Battle there is some generic Chaos compendium back (YARRRR!!! Hellcannon is back!) but... according to the Hellcannon the keyword is Chaos, Deamon, Warmachine... but Legion of Azgorh allied are Chaos Gargant, Everchosen, Khorne, Monsters of Chaos, Nurgle, Slannesh, Slaves to Darkness and Tzeench... Soo if I understand this well... the Legion of Azgorh cannot have an Hellcannon as allied?
  12. I am very doubtful they will do a Start Collecting on the release of the new faction, based on Fyreslayer and Kharadron... it took them a whole year + to get them. I look at the Nighthaunt beside the Soul War box there is no bundle even so... they might split the box into 2 Start collecting like they did in the previous starter set... even soo it took them a good 2 years before they transformed it into Start collecting
  13. Don't forget he can appear turn 2 anywhere on the table at 9in from an enemy model, it's quite easy for Vorgaroth to obliterate anything with a successful charge roll. I am sure there is many options in Blades of Khorne to reroll charge row. I am very doubtful a successful shooting phase can do enought damage... and Khorne have a shitload of cheap heroes he can kill to heal itself.
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