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  1. Thanks for all the replies! Some updates!

    The Splintered Fang emerge from the swamps of Ghyran! I tried to give them swampy bases.large.DSCN8042.JPG.07c3860755c89e6e3e8ae2cdad204491.JPG

    I love the shield wall pose!



    Also managed to complete a Chimera! I tried to give it more natural colours than the Games Workshop 'universe of stars Chimera'.


    I recently finished painting Gotrek Gurnisson. I always enjoyed his novels, and love the idea of him roaming the Varanspire searching for something dangerous to fight. I'll try and get some pictures of him this week.

    I'd also like to upload some scenic photos I've taken of different warbands fighting over painted scenery.

    Next on the painting table is Galrauch the a chaos dragon and a Jabberslythe. Hope I get them done soon!


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  2. Finally finished all the models I started during halloween!

    First up, furies. I converted them all to have individual poses. I could have come up with more interesting designs for their wings, but I just wanted to get them done.


    Next, the Beacon of the Sorrowful, a nighthaunt warband.

    A band of lost ghosts that follow Uoloi the Dreadwarden's magical beacon. Uoloi is gathering the souls lost within the wastes. Some say Uoloi rounds the souls up for the great Nagash, others say Uoloi is a fallen Sigmarite, continuing his quest to save the lost into the afterlife.


    Finally, Bel-Oren's Grim March! A warband led by Bel-Oren, an Aelven mage who seeks to find the secret to immortality. He searches the wastes where few dare to tread, driven by a desire to save his soulmate from Nagash's clutch. Along the way He has learnt to bind souls to corpses, but the power to bring back his love eludes him still.


    Warbands of Death, Assemble! The armies of Nagash march on Chaos. The warbands of Death unite!


    Next up I'm working on the Splintered Fang, and the Corpsewrack Mausoleum. Hopefully I'll get them done far faster!

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  3. 17 hours ago, Lior'Lec said:

         @mcfishstick, thanks for the recipe, I don’t have any of the red contrasts so I may test a red acrylic/contrast medium mix to see how it comes out. I may be able to swing it without buying yet another two pots of different red paints (seriously think I’m drowning in reds sometimes).

    For such small parts Any red glaze should work. I really like Vallejo's Glaze medium. Mix that with any paint to make a glaze! I think the dark blue glaze is what helps make the bright red really pop too.

    I'll be interested to see your warband when its done!

  4. On 10/23/2019 at 4:35 AM, Lior'Lec said:

         Oh, I’m loving the look of your Unmade @mcfishstick. I may have borrow (steal) your flayed idea there... is it just Blood for the Blood god over a skin tone base coat?  I’m hoping it isn’t too difficult.

    I used contrast paints mainly. Here are the paints I used for the areas of bare muscle:

    White basecoat

    Blood Angel's Red Contrast

    Leviadon Blue and Contrast Medium (to shade the whole miniature)

    Vallejo Dark Sand (to make fine lines to give a muscle effect)

    Blood Angel's Red Contrast (not too much)

    Flesh Tearer's Red Contrast

    Finally, a Gloss varnish on just the muscle, the rest of the miniature was matt varnished.


    Hope it helps!

  5. The Stalkers of Kur'esh burst from the misty depths of Ulgu! Their skinned faces adorn their belts, and the more experienced a tribesman, the more flesh they sacrifice to the Lord of Joy!


    The whole warband and their misty bases!


    A trio of Awakened Ones. I love the pose of the spear wielder at the fore! I do also like the charging Ascended One on the right and his armoured sleeve!


    Another of my favourite models from this warband (I do like them all! Brilliantly creepy!) Tribesmen with skinned arms hanging from their waist are painted with skinned arms. The higher the rank of a tribesman, the more flesh they sacrifice.


    The Joyous One leaps into the fray! I tried to keep the mist to a minimum so as not to overdo it. The thought of these bursting through a claustrophobic, fogged forest is terrifying!


    The Blissful One in all her gory glory. Another delightfully creepy miniature!

    The creepy body horror of these miniatures is great! They are some of my favourite Warcry miniatures. Hope your like them!

    Not many warbands left for me to paint! I would like to work on the Death warbands as part of this month's Halloween theme!

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  6. From the realm of Chamon, where shimmering rivers of molten steel flow through natural volcanic forges, come the Crimson Anvils! Their skin's hue is warped by the metals they work. Over the years their hands and forearms blacken as the fierce heat of forge-work takes its toll on a member of the Crimson Anvils.


    Dominar Khaddun raises his warhammer as the ruined remains of an enemy warband's equipment are piled at his feet. His burnt-black hands contrast against his sickly metallic-blue flesh


    The Chaos Duardin, Drakur Dvalhir, waves his twin mallets. Behind him stomps the muscle-bound, armour-plated Ogor, Gul'ok Khar.large.297503865_CrimsonAnvilsGroup.JPG.3b4e0f38ba2550ede6969a346af4843f.JPG

    The agile Drillmaster, Borscha Greel, sweeps his great flail around her to protect the icon-bearing Prefector. Beside her a lowly Legionaire, Drann Stalis.


    Hope you like these metallic monsters! Hopefully I can get some pictures of my favourite warband soon. Hint: They are creeeeeeeepy bunch who wear masks on Geheimensnacht as their faces are far too scary!


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  7. Hear that sound of vast, slobbering gobs? It is the Loony Moonies! A rowdy warband of squigspecialists who prowl the Varanspire as they search for glass bottles!


    A fabled Unisquig and the hapless trapper, Snikka Pincha! Snikka Pincha never seems to be where his net is needed! Unisquig can hold his own, using his great horn to skewer any who are too slow to escape!large.114696300_LoonyMooniesUnisquig.JPG.f755cb6117af8b78cb55389d7e8f0c4c.JPG

    On the left stands Flug Toerag, an armoured squig herder who has tends to finish battles trampled and battered, hiding beneath a scrappy twisted bush! He did survive one battle unscathed, by dragging a treasure into a tiny building and hiding inside from the enemy warband. Toothy the smily squig has an exceptionally friendly temperament, for a squig, whereas and Shroomy has an exceptionally grumpy temperament, for a squig.


    The Warband's big boss, Sir Big Git. A colossal coward who rides one of the most ferocious squigs around. He tries to lure his mount away from the fiercest combat using scented mushrooms tied to his lancetip. Bugbreath, however, is naturally drawn towards savage combat with the largest and most dangerous foes, much to his master's dismay. Big Git tends to cling on for dear life while his bestial mount tackles the deadliest enemy in the vicinity! Thankfully he has learned to cover every inch of himself with armour!


    The fairly brave (for a grot) Squire, Lil' Git and his faithful steed, Eye Eye. Together they have faced a fair number of foes who would leave his fellow grots quaking like a Jellyshroom


    Hope you like these guys! Next time I'll upload some pictures of one of my painted Chaos warbands!

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  8. I recently have fallen into the pit of Warcry. Fallen very deeply into the pit of Warcry. I'm going to try and post each of my newly painted warbands, and the terrain I've also completed.

    Behold the Seekers of the Sun!



    Led by the robed Saint Vushnor, a hapless human who has mastered the art of creating fire with a pair of twigs, these sun-worshipping Blisterskin roam the Varanspire wastes seeking a realmgate into the realm of fire. Saint Vushnor is an unfortunate Freeguild engineer whose comarades were overwhelmed in battle. He was thrown into simultaneous damnation and sainthood by accidentally firing his rifle at a friendly ammo cache. His army was obliterated, but the surviving ghouls dropped to their blistered knees to honour this master of flame. They shower him with gifts that Vushnor does not have to courage to reject. He does not have the courage to tell them the truth, nor does he have the skill to escape the vast horde attracted to his saintly image. large.97731435_SeekersoftheSunFlayers.JPG.586567c448b581f228e024f3b8c1d8fc.JPG


    I have painted up a couple of the other warbands and some scenery and will post pictures of them over the coming week. Hope you enjoy!

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  9. An update! Two units of Crypt Flayers completed. I really enjoy when units are created with a narrative in mind. I loved creating unit fillers for the old square-based miniatures in movement tray that told a story. It is harder to do the same with these circle base miniatures since you cannot have a larger base stand in for a couple of smaller bases. I have tried to tell a story with these ghouls though. I really don't like the original poses of the miniatures (running with wings? ooook), and found it quite challenging to come out with natural looking poses.

    I also really enjoy building on an army's culture and background. Things like the infernals wearing armour/trinkets made from bones of their long-dead friends/foes help add character to the miniatures.


    This unit is themed around preparing an attack or ambush. they are posed as if watching. The left-most, Sir Longclaw, points out the route the enemy is taking. The unit's leader, Sir Scarbrow agrees as he stands in a relaxed position. The right-most flayer, Sir Snaggletooth, can't really see what is happening but peers on nonetheless.


    This unit is themed around leaping to action. I like how the left-most ghoul, Sir Spineback, came out with his outstretched wings. The infernal, Sir LanceAnOrc wears the skulls of many defeated foes as pauldrons. The right-most flayer, Sir Smoothspine, is the newest recruit to the privileged rank of flayer, which is shown by the lack of spines along his back. He needs to work hard to prove himself and earn a non-mocking nickname!

    Hope you enjoy these, and I look forward to completing my ghoul civilians within the next couple of weeks!

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  10. It's been a long time since I updated. I did a couple of mages/wizards and then got distracted by Necromunda. However, Carrion Empire has brought me back to the Realm of Ghur!

    The Realm of Ghur. Eastern Reaches. From the writings of Herr Jaeger.

        In the icy wasteland north of Kislavia rises a new faction. The Blisterskin. These ghoulish creatures swept in through the Gate of Aqshy and bring their religion of fire and warmth to the frigid wastes. They travel in a nomadic manner. Led by the Prophet, a winged beast with ebon flesh and the Saint, who many say is more human than he appears. 

        The caravan of ghouls are protected by the blessed knights, great winged ghouls that scout the surroundings and keep a lookout from above. The most gallant of these warriors will adorn themselves with the bones of both ferocious foe and fallen friends. 

       The majority of the caravan consists of lesser ghouls. These tend to fall into two categories; the militant and the civilian. The militant types will be festooned with various make-shift weapons and follow the largest of their kind. The civilian type will carry out the same sort of functions civilians of other races carry out. Some of these civilian ghouls will even carry and sell relics, meat or drink, advertising their services in a morbid and grotesque fashion.

      These ghouls are based on the Blisterskin faction. The pictures have not come out well. The light was far too bright!large.1746897605_SpeckledCryptGhoul.JPG.9ae7aabe7d1b20e40c5ed56c7a26d58a.JPG

    A closeup of the speckled pattern on one ghoul's back.


    A ghoul warrior, wearing a fallen Kislavia Freeguilder's helmet and wielding a magnificent club (bone).large.1451789317_CryptGhoulTobeornottobe.JPG.bd0ab0d013d840e7b80f5d92ee2741e9.JPG

    A ghoul contemplating mortality, or perhaps talking to the skull of his old friend. Who knows?large.1627064485_CryptGhast.JPG.57bdb6a5c9c331eaffd9419f647b9ff0.JPG

    The Crypt Ghoul boss, wearing the skull of a defeated foe and carrying a book of scripture. I don't think he can read though, but none of his followers know that!large.1575866713_CryptGhoulRelicMerchant.JPG.877f75ac472037f9ebc200f2b05f7939.JPG

    My favourite conversion! A glimpse into civilian ghoul life! He is inspired somewhat by the Resident Evil 4 merchant. 'What'cha buyin friend? Got relics of all kinds here!'


    The pack of warrior ghouls!large.492017099_CryptFlayerssurveying2.JPG.61ca2a7e3e416e84d49e2394bd919f99.JPG

    Crypt Flayers! I love the models, but hate their original poses. I spent hours working out some interesting poses for these two. I love the pointy finger on the left Flayer, and I didn't scuplt it! It actually comes on the actual model!large.1617234_CryptFlayerssurveying.JPG.e61974945f9917e0ca6de0ac923c4948.JPG

    Another angle of the same two.

    I have some more of these fellows in the works. Hopefully I can get them done soon!


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  11. They are Fireforge Mongols! It was a versatile kit since you could make archers, spearmen or swordsmen. Frostgrave barbarians would be a great choice too. They might look good with some skull masks made from the skulls kit. I look forward to some updates!

    I've been working on Ghur-themed Blisterskin Flesh Courts and should update my old thread, It'll feature some of ghouls wearing Fireforge Mongol hats!

  12. I really like the conversions and colour scheme. The Dark Steed horses are a great way of making those Reavers appear more feral and wild!

    I also really like your basing scheme. It's quite similar to my own Ghur basing style.

    I can't wait to see those big bases with their minis!

  13. I would be quite interested. I'd be interested in writing about painting, modelling, basing, colour schemes, theming, effects (water/snow/lights).

    I'd also be really interested in world-building/fleshing our areas of different realms, maybe as a community/group which ties into campaign/battle rules.

  14. Update at last!

    I've been busy with work, and I also was unsure how to paint some of the Khornish miniatures so these guys were floundering about my desk for a long time!


    A second unit of Bloodreavers, featuring some Khornegor conversions!


    A Bloodsecrator bearing a flaming icon. He is pictured cracking open the ground to summon a wave of blood and skulls!


    Skullreapers! They've come out really dark in this picture. I struggled to choose a colour scheme for these and ended up rushing them to get them finished. They are not too bad in the end.


    Next project! An amber wizard for my Freeguild. I was mainly inspired by the artworks of collegiate arcana mages from the core rulebook. Those artworks have the mages really embodying their lore. I therefore tried to make this mage personify the savagery of Ghur magic. She'll be painted wearing bone armour, she wields a bladed staff and carries skulls on her totem at her back. The dreadlocks and fanged mouth also convey the same thematic appearance.


    She'll be standing on a giant skull fragment.


    Hope you enjoy this update! I hope I manage to get another update in sooner next time!


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  15. The Realm of Ghur. The Flame-Blooded. From the writings of Herr Jaeger.

        To the north of Kislavia lies a seemingly endless rocky steppe. Across it roam vast herds of grazing beasts and packs of predators such as the Ursus and the Urserine. Some of Kislavia's more nomadic tribes, such as the Kalisha, will often journey here to hunt for meat and furs. The fauna are not the only danger here.
        The Flame-Blooded are not so much a tribe, but a religion. They consist of a number of scattered groups. Some are bonded by blood, others by friendship. What truly unites the Flame-Blooded is the hardship they endure. Icy winds and freezing temperatures batter them, weathering their flesh and numbing their nerves. Each group or band is led by a powerful, especially tough individual. The individual preaches in the name of Khorrire, the Lord of Fire and Battle. The religion of Korrire revolves around fire that consumes material to release blessed warmth and fire that powers one's spirit and allows them to endure the dangers of Ghur's tundra.
        Fire is a dangerous element, and battle is one of the most certain ways in which to stir both material fire and spiritual fire to warm the believers of Khorrire. The Flame-Blooded are therefore a fairly aggressive people and often incite battle in the name of their God and in order to bring warmth to their ice-cold homeland. The Flame-Blooded's warlike nature and beliefs often reminded me of the followers of the Chaos Blood God. Indeed a number of the trinkets and markings the Flame-Blooded adorned themselves with were similar in style to the marks of the Blood God.



    The Slaughterpriest, wielding the fire the tribe worships. Its been a long time since I tried Object Source Lighting, but I think it came out alright in the end.


    Ten Bloodreavers made from a variety of parts. They are meant to look like feral/barbaric versions of my Freeguilders. Most of them are assembled using the Flagellant kit as it has feral robe wearers.


    The Champion. Each champion in the army will carry fire as a symbol of their strength. Only the strongest are trusted to carry their god's gift.


    Horn Blower that was created in the style of my Freeguilders.


    The Icon Bearer, also in the style of my Freeguilders. The Icon is a Khorne version of the Freeguilder banner.


    Well, that's it for this post! Hope you like them. I have a few more Flame-Blooded of Khorne to paint, so hopefully those don't take too long!


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  16. Great success! I actually finished the last unit I had planned for this project! I think this must be the first time I have ever fully completed a project!

    Here they are, the Ursus Lancers, AKA, Bear Cavalry!2088843174_UrsusLancers(1).JPG.9d521dbaab199cfc593781d0cf1912af.JPG1581651573_UrsusLancers(3).JPG.d9ee2a3771b2b204182833dd98268b42.JPG870757870_UrsusLancers(2).JPG.21447f8ff5d826cad81c3e9a1dcc2fb7.JPG

    The pictures are not great as the light was poor when I took them. I really like the way they have come out. I love the Polish Winged Hussars with their feathered wings and their great lancers. I struggled with their saddles as the Mournfang saddles are made for Ogre bottoms, which are considerably larger than these small humans! I really like the way they have come out, and think they go well with the rest of the army.

    Hope you like these as much as I do!

    There's a few ideas for what's next to surface in the Wastelands of Ghur. The previously mentioned Flame-Blooded were an army I started but I was not happy with the way they were going. They have been slightly delayed due to a small retooling. Hopefully I'll work them out and have some ready by next week!

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  17. The Realm of Ghur. Ursaria Tribe. From the writings of Herr Jaeger.
        The Ursaria tribe is the smallest of Kislavia's Great Tribes. However, it is one of, if not the most, influential tribes in the region. Its members are renowned for their taming of the greatest predators of Ghur's tundra. The tribe will bring its heavily armoured lancers and their ferocious Ursus mounts to battle in Kislavia's defense. A regiment of Ursus lancers is a truly terrifying sight, with both rider and mount working in unison due to their mutual respect.
        Ur-Sak Boris is the leader of the Ursaria tribe. He is easily spotted with his bright red robes and his pristine gold armour. Many legends have been created by the great warrior, his gleaming white blade - Fang - and his enormous mount Kariina. Kariina is a great urserine, a species related to the ursus. Urserine's never stop growing, therefore their size is a great indictor of a specimen's age and exerience in battle. Kariina is huge, and those who are not wary of her will soon be crushed beneath her tremendous hooves or savage teeth.

    A nice update today! The General on Great Urserine is finished! I fiddled around with the fur and its lip and in the end I do not think it changed much. I think it turned out fine when painted. I really wanted the rider to stand out as a heroic figure, therefore I painted him in possibly the only warm colours featured in the army. His robes are a bright red and his armour a shiny gold, though he still fits into the rest of the army. The base is more or less finished, apart from the ice pond with a skeleton. Vallejo water effects are currectly working their magic their, but it will be a few days of layers before its ready.663291916_FreeguildGeneralonGreatUrserine(1).JPG.4d757b1fc6151fc6dc2f5e0e51e48f79.JPG1199294570_FreeguildGeneralonGreatUrserine(2).JPG.c32b361dfad7ce92f39f27ecaf5cff9f.JPG658091363_FreeguildGeneralonGreatUrserine(3).JPG.2bd02569eec1853c4d138c7643a193cd.JPG812441297_FreeguildGeneralonGreatUrserine(4).JPG.08173c50f8b4b569d85e397ef7c2ffbb.JPG

    Next time I'll hopefully done the Ursus Lancers. I'm back at work again so my pace will be slower, but I hope it will continue. After the Ursus Lancers I will need a change of pallette. I am currently planning the next army. Rumours in Kislavia have mentioned the return of the Flame-Bloods... Ghur Travel Writer Herr Jaeger will no doubt be investigating them once he has finished his excursions in Kislavia!

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  18. I started painting the big beastie. I think the fur on the lip works fine in some angles, and a bit dodgy from other angles. I might try and trim it a bit tomorrow. 1911762645_FreeguildGeneralonGreatUrserineWIP.JPG.3812f172ea196d1780e8f8216d195832.JPG

    Sun was down when I took the pictures so they are not too great. Here's the first coat on most areas of the big beast. I tend to layer one coat on everything, then wash the whole model before highlighting everything. It helps me work through things at a good pace.472403485_FreeguildUrsusLancers.JPG.89f112d978c0130318207d5f495b6181.JPG

    The unit of bear riders ready to be painted. Those lance tips are absolutely lethal! Really prickly!

    Hope you like these! I also appreciate any comments on the offending big beastie's moustache-lip and thoughts on the saddles of the bear riders.

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  19. In your example I would paint armour first, ensuring I paint that edge area. Then I'd paint the skin and try to reach as close to the edge as I can. Then I rely on Vallejo Glaze Medium. I mix that with a darker colour, usually a mix of Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue and Chocolate Brown/Heavy Violet. That tends to shade these sorts of areas on my models and I feel it works quite well for me.

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