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  1. I do have both rat ogres. Actually I've two isle of blood sets lol... I've got 4 in total. How above above list minus 3 skaven clan rats and a second rat ogre? As an aside it kills me that the elf side of osle of blood has been squated.
  2. I'm planning to build this list with old isle of blood models I have on sprue still. Any good? 4 x Clanrat Rusty Blade and Clanshield 2 x Clanrat Rusty Spear and Clanshield Packmaster Rat Ogor Tearing Claws Stormvermin Rusty Halberd and Clanshield Leader Clanrat Clawleader assuming it costs extra 100 points. Can make all models but for storm vermin. For that model going to try and use halberd from warlock and kit bash him. How would above do?
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