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  1. The card was included as a freebie in last December's White Dwarf, so now your best bet would be eBay. Or you could look up the card sides from Google and print your own. The giant is just the regular AoS Aleguzzler Gargant, yes.
  2. It's been too long since I got to post a warband here! I finished Spiteclaw's Swarm last night, can't wait to get a game in with them.
  3. The Khorgorath has the right sized base, I was thinking of using it when I some day get to play the Gargant scenario.
  4. These are absolutely brilliant! Looking forward to seeing the whole crew together. Weirdly enough, I really like how you painted that mushroom. Aren't Blood Axes the 40k Orks that wear camo? They look more like Evil Sunz to me.. But in any case, great paintjob! I like how you still have some purple in the skin, seems a little more alive than just gray.
  5. I just checked Tabletop Simulator's workshop, there's currently a spanish version of the core Shadespire game, and some kind of a deck thing but I don't know which cards it contains. I suppose you could combine those to play in English. Beware though, these mods might get taken down at any time.
  6. Sounds like you're spraying from too far, the paint dries up before hitting the model, which produces the dusty look. Also make sure that you warm the can and shake it properly before painting. I haven't used Corax White myself, but I'm fairly certain that the paint is OK. In the future though, it saves you a lot of money to just buy the cheapest spray primer you can find from your local hardware store! And regarding rescuing your models, look into paint stripping. I won't go any further into it as I don't know what products you have available locally. Here's a great video about using any spray cans, Luke fixed any issues I had with spray cans:
  7. My personal favorite has been Jeff Vader's scheme: http://convertorum.blogspot.com/2018/08/its-all-in-ruins-ghosthammer-part-iii.html And one more from the WH Community, Roberto Cuevas Guerrero's Venetian themed scheme: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/10/11/nighthaunts-in-venice/ Really different, but also kind of relies on conversions in addition to the paint scheme.
  8. I really like the look of it, the stone color is brilliant and the blue runes give it a frosty look, nice deviation from the box art! The only thing I don't like, and it's got to do with the model, not your paintjob, is that the fire should obviously cast light, but as it's in that hole it's all in shadow. I wonder if the flames could be hollowed and a led inserted into them, to make it actually glow..
  9. Generally you only want to color the lower lip. For example, here's some pics of the 'eavy metal witches, taken from GW's site: Anyways, really nice job on the NMM and the painting in general. I was thinking that some areas could use a bit more definition, like the ears and the hands (the skintone and the gold handle are pretty similar).
  10. This can't be stressed enough, paint your bases even if you want you glued-on sand to just look like sand! One additional small thing with bases is to finish by painting the rim. It's really quick and easy, but instantly makes the models look finished (or if not done, make the model look unfinished). Thanks! And the same can be said of your models! I absolutely love those gems! Sounds like you got a good start with your painting journey, I'm a bit envious When I started, I didn't have a proper hobby shop anywhere near me and there wasn't a GW/Warhammer store in the whole country But that's alright, were here now and I've always enjoyed my painting progress and the finished models!
  11. Great idea for a thread! And you're right, there's definitely improvement with your latest model over the first one, though that was by no means bad either. I've got a similar story to your's, I started the hobby when I was around 11, continued for some years and then had a break for more than 10 years. I came back to the hobby last summer, so around 14 months ago. I've only recently gotten to the AoS/fantasy models, so most of these pics are of 40k models, but hopefully that's alright. One of my first models (I think the Space Marine Command Squad was the second box I bought, right after the paint set), a SM Captain (excuse the dust and the poor photo). I still have my first model as well, but sadly don't have a pic of him. Anyway, this was painted with paint right out the pot and no primer. Still, the paint doesn't really destroy any details and is mostly where it should be, so I'm still really proud of him! Some of the last models I painted before the break, two Ork Boyz. Still straight paint and no primer, but I had discovered drybrushing! And then the first models after the break: 5 Chaos Cultists (first one in the middle). And lastly my latest models, Ironskull's Boyz, finished last weekend. Most of my improvement comes from watching and reading a whole lot of tutorials on the internet, something which wasn't available in the early noughties. For example, the reason that my old bases were just painted was because I thought that I need to use Citadel flock and some weird type of glue called PVA glue (not an English native) for basing. Didn't have pocket money for those, so no basing Now that there's tutorials, and I've gotten a bit smarter, I know that I can use plain sand for basing, and that PVA glue is just ordinary white glue.
  12. Nice work on those Stormcasts! The blue-gray flame effects and Stormsire's head seem to have come out especially well, and that green armor is a shade I don't think I've previously seen. Your bases are also painted really well, though I would've tried some other color than green for the stones, to introduce a little more contrast. It's also really nice to see paintjobs on the new teams. It will probably be quite a while before I'll buy Nightvault as I'm only half-way through Shadespire, but I'm still very exited for all the new warbands that have been released/teased.
  13. Those are positively badass! --- I finally got my Boyz done! I guess instead of Ironskull, my boss' name should be Copper'ead These were on a hiatus since the end of July, but I thought that I'd get them finished in honor of Orktober. Really happy with how they came up! The recipes for orange and skin came from Tale of Painters' Amy, big thanks to her for sharing!
  14. Can't speak from personal experience, but at least if you trust Duncan from WarhammerTV, you should be fine with just the Retributor Armor. Even if they color sprays aren't really primers, they seem to stick well enough from what I've heard.
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