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  1. WathLab, what does your objective deck look like ? I find it challenging to get the second half of the objective deck nailed down. The first half is pretty much auto includes, but it seems hard to get any real “easy” to score objectives.
  2. I don't play as much as I'd like, but I fell like I can give some advice. Considering what you already have, of the 3 choices I'd say maybe despoilers or profiteers. Mollog is good, but the play style is similar enough to Orruks and Snarlfangs that it may be a little dull. Profiteers are great because they are very versatile in the way you play them. Plus they have guns and shoot 3 hexes away which is cool. Despoilers are more of an objective warband, but they do have aggressive tricks up their sleeves. If I had to choose 1 of the 3 that you're debating on, I'd pick Profiteers if your goal is to have a different warband then Orruks and Snarlfangs. Profiteers are a good flexible warband who can play passively, but also be aggressive when needed. Plus shooting things off the table is pretty entertaining. Gitz is another interesting choice which is different than what you have and what your friends have. It's a ton of models and they don't really like to be aggressive, but sit back and collect glory. They could be challenging to use though as they are so may models and have a lot of different interactions going on. They have 3 different inspire conditions for one thing. I do have to say, I have played with Gitz and it is very satisfying to swing away with the fanatic and cause havoc. One game I killed 3-4 fighters with the fanatics ability alone just moving him all over the board pushing and doing damage to enemy models.
  3. This will be my first go of the Rippa’s: https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,B119,B121,B126,N543,B398,P57,P56,P54,B431,B434,B109,B112,B113,B118,N401,B367,B368,B373,G22,G18,B100,B104,N299,N302,N319,N340,N373,B270,B281,G3,N305,N368 I tried building it with the mindset that I could sit back the first turn and “power up” before charging in full boar. But it’s not really possible to build a deck trying to play aggressive/control/objective/and defensive. I was afraid objective play could get to far ahead with a free first turn. So I ended up going primarily Aggro with some control and defense. My thinking is to go for the throat with Rippa and when he dies, Stabbit takes his place, and the Mean-Eye. Rippa’s have some decent objective disruption tech as they can “potentially” knock 2 fighters off objectives each time they activate, or better still, kill 2 fighters each time they activate. And once the upgrades start piling on they become a nightmare to remove. Bonded, Spirit Bond, and Prized Vendetta can all give the wolf attacks more accuracy with former 2 boosting defense as well. Because the fighters will be attacking most likely straight away I needed to have fast scoring objectives, hence calculated risk, gathered momentum, and cover ground. Calculated Risk is the objective to score and the others are easily scored with Tracking, Spectral Wings, and Loping Strides. These 3 movement cards can make your fighters crazy fast and let’s them reach virtually anywhere. Anyway, that’s where I’m going to start. Even with season 1 gone it’s really difficult to thin down the deck to 20 cards. There's also some good potential for your fighters to come in quickly and dispatch specific enemy fighters from a long distance. there's enough movement ploys/upgrades to reach out attack models such as leaders, Varclav, or a warbands hard hitter from your first activation potentially.
  4. @WathLab what does your lost look like nowadays? I find it hard to thin the power deck to acceptable levels. Slayers just have so many good-great ploys it’s usually have faction cards.
  5. Just looked at Dirty Fighting and that could be useful as you get to roll every time you miss an attack against an advance to enemy. So you can do it twice if you count the wolf reaction attack. Gives you pretty decent odds of doing at least some damage edit: never mind, the reaction window conflicts with the wolf reaction attack. But you could still use it on a missed wolf attack
  6. What are people’s thoughts of Quickdrop Venom? It seems very similar to Fighters Ferocity with the benefit of being a separate damage. Works on all attacks (except the wolf attacks). Will be useful with rebound flying around as it doesn’t at damage to your attack. Also helps against plots that reduce damage to 1 for the next attack so you’d at least do 1 and then potentially another 1 with the Venom.
  7. I think Prized Vendetta should have great consideration. With the new errata you can retool any dice to hit, doesn’t have to be all of them. And it works on the wolf attacks. Granted it’s only against one specific fighter, but it’s make one of your fighters very accurate against said fighter
  8. I wonder how tombs would work with Rippa’s Sarlfangs. You could have 5-6 tombs along with Bonded, Spirit Bond, Spectral Armour, and 1-2 other defensive/offensive upgrades. Rippa would be a wrecking ball to be sure. Similar to Mollog except that he’d have a few less wounds, but much faster and much harder to hit. And really any of the 3 fighters could hold all the tombs. Mean-Eye probably being the least desirable librarian.
  9. Seeing all their faction and universal cards really makes me love these guys. The thing that I really think is interesting is Rebound being legal now, but this warband has a subtle defense against the game swinging card. Snarlfang's damage output is 1-2, maybe 3, damage per attack and although they can potentially take out 4 wound fighters in one activation due to the wolves reactive attack, Rebound most likely won't be able to one shot your own fighters if your opponent rolls the dodge or crit.
  10. It may depend on the timing of reactions, meaning if “after an attack action” and “after an activation” are different reaction windows. I can’t recall many reactions that are “after a fighters activation” that would block the wolf attack reaction if that’s the case.
  11. They look very interesting. They seem to have various combo potential with the extra attacks. I think the Mean-Eye, the bow grot, is the weakest of the bunch, especially uninspired. It's a shame you can charge and attack with the mount and then use another attack action like the bow. You have to shoot the bow first and then use the wolf attack action. You could charge and end adjacent to model A, shoot model B, and then attack model A with the mount. Which is pretty cool, and thematic. Tomb of offerings seems really good for them against horde type warbands. Prized Vendetta and Spirit Bond seem like no brainers as they can help out with the accuracy of the wolf attacks. Spirit Bond seems legit with 2+ dodge also as a defensive upgrade. the best part about the warband is they don't seem as OP as Grymwatch, but they do seem to have enough going for them that they seem good out of the gate.
  12. Are these guys at all competitive currently? I know they were kind of a “sleeper” warband and they one a rather recent big tourney. But with the rotation they lost about 15 cards that made their good build good. I’ve tried making a list, but I start struggling to find cards after only getting halfway through deck building.
  13. Slayers (not Fyreslayers) WIP. These are roughly base coated and have a lot more work ahead of them. I've always liked the aesthetic of "slayers", but not so much fyreslayers. I got Chosen Axes and painted them up, but they just didn't look super cool, just ok to me. When the plastic Gotrek model came out I loved the model so I wanted to figure out how to incorporate him into Underworlds in a way that made sense aesthetically. My original thought was to use his model as a stand in for Mollog, but I couldn't really figure out a good alternate for the 3 squig models. So I looked more into slayer models and found the ultra cool plastic Grombrindal model. At that point I knew I had to make an alternate Chosen Axes warband with slayers. Fjul Grimnir and Tefk were going to be easy as their models were already Slayers. Mad Maegrim and Vol I had to convert though. I replaced their helmets with bare dwarf heads and mohawks, shaved off all the runes embedded in the skin, and gave them a set of blue jeans. they turned out really cool I think. I hope those die hard Chosen Axe players out there can appreciate it. I'l be sure to post more pics when they are complete.
  14. Iike this? It does look a lot better I think. Maegrim in particular looks really cool.
  15. Scrum is an auto include and auto score for Gitz. With the placement of squigs, I'm not sure there's anything your opponent can do to keep you from scoring it after the first activation. assuming you have it in hand of course.
  16. Need to do a few finishing touches, but they are finished for the most part. Hopefully the pics are decent enough to see the conversions. I intentionally put minimal green stuff on the legs for pants as I didn't want the legs to be to "thick" and look weird. I put the frilly ends of the pants by the feet so they will definitely look like pants when it's all painted up. I had to put Fjul (Gotrek) on his epic base because his scale is ever so slightly smaller than the rest of the chaps, but it looks good on the big base.
  17. I’m pretty much done converting the warband. Tefk looks very epic in deed, so much so I had to put Fjul (Gotrek) on his bigger base on top of the pile of Skaven and wood. I figure it suits Fjul well as he’s the leader and he’s stronger and tougher than the rest of the band. Maegrim and Vol look really cool. Just standard looking slayers ready to chop up some enemies or die a good death in the process. On a side note, is there some sort of process to post pictures? Ive never done it, but I thought some might like to see the WIP shots before painting
  18. I think they look pretty cool aesthetically, except for the tails. Skaeth looks super good, and the cat looks good. But the other 3 I just can't do the tails. Without the tails I think they'll look a lot better. How does the band compare to other bands? they seem good, but not great to me, which is just fine. the Grymwatch seem way to good and I'm not a fan of that.
  19. I keep going back and forth wether I’ll use the Grombrindal model for Maegrim or Tefk. Currently I’m leaning toward Tefk and just giving the model Tefks twin axes. for Maegrim and Vol I’ve already started converting the actual chosen axes models by chopping their heads off and adding the bald slayer heads from the fyreslayer box set. Then adding the Mohawk. Shaved off their skirts and going to add green stuff pants. Also shaved off all the runes on the body.
  20. I'm working on converting my Chosen Axes warband, and I'm not going to lie, they are going to look very cool. So far I'll be using the new Gotrek plastic model with his epic base for Fjul, seriously this model is what prompted the idea to convert the entire warband. I found a great Mad Magrim in the form of the limited release Grombrindal in plastic form. Vol and Tefk I'm still trying to think about how to convert. My overall plan was to have a unit of regular slayers and not fyreslayers. So no helmets, no runes, nothing flashy, just a big beard, mohawk, blue jeans, and axes. Game-wise, the CA have some very very nice objectives and ploys with 1-2 really good upgrades. They seem really fun to play and there seems to be enough movement/push ploys around now to keep your opponent guessing.
  21. I think Gitz got a lot from BeastGrave so far, mainly from the Grymwatch universals. In particular Path to Glory, Scrum, Desperate Flight, Restless Prize, Larval Lance, and Survival Instincts. Scrum, restless Prize, Larval Lance and Survival instincts can be huge for Gitz. Scrum is an auto include as with the placement of squigs you can score this after your opponents first activation, before you've done anything, which means you can play an upgrade during their powerstep, before your first activation. Path to Glory is another that is fairly easy to score. killing 1 fighter and holding 2 objectives isn't to difficult for Gitz. Restless Prize helps with the objective grabbing. Larval Lance is just does huge damage in the 3rd round and your chump arrow gitz can use to take a big fighter out. Survival Instincts seems hysterical on Snirk, but really it's great on any of the potentially 2-3 dodge fighters. Snirk with 3-4 defense and always on guard seems fun.
  22. Garrek and Saek have essentially identical stats compared to Grashrak and Draknar (uninspired). But Karsus is definitely a better fighter than the rest of the Despoilers. yes those passive objectives are trivial to score with this warband.
  23. I like this band a lot. It seems like it can be full of different options and tricks. I actually like the idea of not really having to worry about their inspire condition. It's one less thing to think about. And if you're able to take out 2 enemy fighters, it will be that much easier to win. Grashrack i wouldn't even bother trying to inspire to use spells. Besides level 2 he only gains cleave, which I don't think is worth using cards to help inspire. Even Draknar only gains cleave and 3 swords instead of 2 hammers. Which, again, isn't enough to warrant using cards to help inspire. Also, let's say you end up quickly killing 2 models, now your inspire cards are dead cards. I say just ignore inspiring as they have good stats out of the gate. Another great thing about this band is they have many accuracy options. right off the bat you have Grashrak who can give a reroll on an attack roll. I can see Draknar charging in first activation with a reroll being a strong play. You also have access to Blood Taunt, Haymaker, Marked, Upper Hand, Potion of Rage, Spirit Bond and even Challenge Seeker potentially for some serious accuracy. Throw in some damage buffs like Pit Trap, Snare, Encroaching Shadow, Great Strength and Glory Seeker for some real damage. I agree with some here that suggest the beastmen will be a high skill set war band which may be difficult to use at first glance. But they do seem to have some great tools that could make them dangerous in the right hands. Really the only thing I dislike about the band is the ungor's bare bottoms. It just looks like they are wearing thongs. Might have to sculpt some cloth on there or something
  24. I have an idea for a cool counts as Mollog warband. I really like the new Gotrek slayer model and was thinking of how i could use him in Underworlds. My initial thought was to use him as Grimnir for fyreslyers, but Grimnir doesn't seem "epic" enough to use a model like Gotrek. So Mollog came to mind and he is the closet thing to a "super tough and strong model" to use Gotrek for. My idea is to use Gotrek and a few little goblin models who follow Gotrek around because of all the bodies and destruction he leaves in his wake. A gnoblar trapper (the one who is trying to open the gigantic bear trap) as a stalagsquig. He would just roam around placing traps because its humorous to see fighters fall into them as Gotrek sends them flying. A sporesplatta to count as spiteshroom. He just swings his spore thing around and around which translates well into hitting everyone around him and also exploding when he dies. And finally I'd just use the batsquig model for batsquig because I love the model and I figure he would be likely to just follow someone like Gotrek around because of the destruction left in his wake. Basically the three lesser fighters are just following Gotrek around because he's entertaining and most likely, inadvertently feeds them. Would this be something that is "legal" in a tournament setting? The models would be pretty clear who is who, although everyone except the batsqig would be a totally different model.
  25. I've seen people choosing Archer's Focus instead of Awakened Weapon for the Profiteers, even after the most recent BAR list restricting Archers Focus. I don't get it, isn't Archer's focus objectively worse than Awakened weapon in regards to the Profiteers? Or am i not seeing something?
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