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  1. @Wathlab I was wondering your thoughts on a sort of flex deck with all the new cards. Dwarves have a few tools that other bands don’t. was thinking something like: Treasure lust, restless prize, mischivous spirits, the earth shakes, distraction, nightmare in the shadows, savage speed And objectives such as Uncontested, Dominant position, hidden purpose, and even Avatar of the Urgrub. The idea would be to sit back the first round and inspire/rack up glory. You could pretty easily sit back and gain glory by holding objectives while your opponent struggles to land on any objectives because you keep pushing them off or moving the objectives, especially cards like Slickrock! Your power deck will be well suited to keeping your opponent off objectives while keeping you on them. Also, cards like piercing stare and indomitable can help protect your fighters if you’re up against an aggro deck. Them coming to you isn’t a terrible thing either as you hit fairly hard with some fighters even uninspired. Something like this: https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,DC272,DC262,B317,B314,B310,B307,B280,B282,B301,119,127,129,132,133,G14,B375,B363,B362,G18,DC405,136,B392,B396,B398,B427,B430,B413,A23,DC477,DC487,G1,DC326 of course something like the Dread Pageant would be more efficient with this same approach. They have control tools like Lure and the guy with the bow. and plenty of objective holding objectives. And they’re much faster with much more range capabilities.
  2. Hrothgorn gained quite a bit from the newest 2 sets, namely “Victimize” and “Hunter’s Talisman”. Victimize makes Hrothgorn crazy accurate for one attack and hunters talisman makes him crazy accurate for all of his attacks. I think he will work quite well as an Aggro/flex build leaning more towards Aggro. Even his pet cat is a pretty decent fighter. The other 3 not so much.
  3. Here are my Slayers with their bases spruced up. I put more pics in the painted warband section
  4. My Slayers (Chosen Axes) came across some gitz and promptly disposed of them. Fjul even cut one of the squigs in twain because it was in his way. I decided to spruce up my empty bases a bit. The Slayers are officially finished and hopefully they get some love with the new warband cards coming soon and maybe even an update for them at some point. Here they are in all their glory!:
  5. I have a conversion question. I know you can use whatever you want within casual games, but regarding competitive play, whether its a GW venue or otherwise, can you use completely different (GW) models as a replacement/conversion? For example I have my "Slayers" that I would love to use, but with the assumption that Nightvault rotates out when 4th comes in, Chosen Axes will lost a lot of essential cards. I know that newer warbands have a better time coming up with efficient deck builds. So my main question is could the below models be used as a replacement/conversion for Morgok's Krushas? Their playstyle I assume would be very similar, just wanting to fight and being really good at it, and tough to kill.
  6. Riiiiise!!! I just wanted to post some thoughts on these guys. They seem like a really good Jack-of-all-trades type warband. I think if you build they right deck they can be more of an aggro warband, but have the tools to work on passive objectives while they attack. Calculated risk, Gathered Momentum, Despoilers, Shortcut, cover ground, opening gambit, solid gains, martyred, and combination strike all seem trivial to score. With objectives like martyred and survival of the fittest, you don't care so much about fighters dying and almost welcome it. By adding a few damage upgrades like Great Strength, Glory Seeker, and Sting of the Ur-Grub, and weapons like Amberbone Dagger, you can make any fighter deadly. Barb-laden Net is a control type upgrade I thought would be fun and work well to help shut down key fighters. Charging in with a lowly ungor and giving Mollog or Fjul a charge token seems very fun. Lastly I think the Leader's reroll ability is gold! You have so many options with it. Even if you end up with no power cards to help with hitting, you still have a free reroll that Draknar can use from your first turn. I think the reroll ability is very important and makes them more of an aggro warband than people may think. The ability makes them very accurate. Even if you come up against a 3 fighter warband where it will be difficult to kill their fighters, a single reroll is still good.
  7. You people are to slow (just kidding, it's been one day), I' m going to suggest another idea to the quoted (my other) post. I was also thinking, in regards to a model for Drakskewer, the below pictured model... But instead of axes he'd have a rope in his right hand and a spear thing in his left. The rope would go up into the air suggesting he's hanging/swinging from "something", nobody ever knows what. My thought was he could be the pirate who is always up in the air and never touches the ground somehow. I'd have to anchor his foot on the tip of something on the base to be able to touch the base, but it would be minimal and he'd still look like he was swinging from, again "something". He'd also have a pistol, bottles, knives, axe, sword, and whatever else looks good. Probably some more rope around his shoulder. The idea can possibly makes sense as there is probably something around to swing from all over the place? Idk, in my head it seems like a really cool idea.
  8. I have conversion question: I’m interested in converting a Thundrik’s Profiteers warband using pirate slayers, think Long Drong’s slayer pirates. I have a good idea for every member except Drakskewer. My initial thought was to use the original model, but give him a slayer head and maybe some bare arms with tattoos. Also adding barrels, pistols, knives, rope and bottles instead of the “time bomb” on his hip. My question is would that drakskewer conversion make any sense lore-wise? My thinking is it could as it may be a contraption that pirates may use I order to surprise attack and drop Molotov cocktails all over the enemy. I’m just a stickler for sticking to lore, albeit loosely, so if it would make no sense at all to have a slayer in that type of contraption in any sense, I may just think of something else.
  9. Wow, a Long Drong warband sounds very interesting. What's better than a unit of Slayers? A unit of slayers with guns! Could use Thundrik's as the warband also so it would be competitive. Ideas a brewing...
  10. If you haven’t seen the WIP yet it’ll give you a good idea how to cut the head off Vol and Maegrim. The trick is “extracting” the head, but leaving the beard and lips. And then I used the bald head from the Fyreslayers box, but I had to cut that at a weird angle at the bottom. Hard to explain, but if your decent at cutting/modeling you should be able to mimic it. gotrek and tefk were literally just plastic versions of slayers gotrek is did nothing to but Tefk I did reposition his right hand a bit just to look more realistic. The model I used for him is originally in this weird “all the way sideways” jumping motion while swinging an axe. You could look the model up by searching for “grombrindal”
  11. I posted my completed "Slayers" in the painted warband section... I also have a completed "Chosen Axes" warband that I may post (ie, not converted)
  12. Fjul Grimnir is the new(ish) Gotrek model for AOS Tefk is a plastic version of Grombrindal as a slayer. you can look it up but I used the whole model (except the weapons) Vol and Mad Maegrim I used the basic Chosen Axes models but cut their heads off and added heads from a fyrelslayers boxset and added the mohawk. I shaved off their runes and skirts and added pants and tattoos. ( I personally think Mad Maegrim turned out the coolest) I changed their weapons (expect Fjul Grimnir) by just swapping for cooler looking ones. Mad Maegrim was given hammers. There are WIP pictures in the Chosen Axes forum. Although the bases and weapons we changed a bit from that point.
  13. @WathLab Maegrim is my secret "favorite". I felt like i had to give him some appropriate weapons for a crazy guy. He doesn't want to accidentally clip himself with an axe while swinging away, but at the same time he wants to pummel his enemies into the ground. Short handled sledge hammers seemed appropriate. Looking a them hammers almost makes an axe inviting... I like his stats also. He can be the MPV of the game if you go up against a horde band. Poor Vol is the fighter that is "ok" compared to the rest. He still looks cool though and 3 damage is not bad by a mile.
  14. @WathLab all good suggestions! However, with Victors Speed, can’t you just play it like a generic upgrade? Re-reading it, it doesn’t seem like you “have” to play it on the fighter that made a kill, just looks like an optional reaction. The +1 speed all by itself before the “reaction” option made me think you could either play it similar to a regular Great Speed “OR” use the reaction to play it for free. so it’d basically be an upgraded Great Speed.
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