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  1. Anthony225

    Nighthaunt warband stats so far

    Since we know quite a bit about the nighthaunts so far I thought I'd share some things I'm thinking about how to play them. So obviously they are very fast with multiple means of pushing multiple models quickly. Not only do we have much access to pushes, but the nighthaunt are not to slow statwise either with 3 movement. I was thinking of trying two very different builds with them. First would be objective based which I think if any warband was going to be good at objectives, it'd be nighthaunt. It'd be probably be the same old 1-5 objectives, supremacy, our only way out... The other way I was thinking of playing them, which seems much more fun to me, is to play aggro. Maybe not full aggro, but mostly. With so many mass push options, you could easily get your warband into enemy territory. And since the fighters inspire by being adjacent to an enemy fighter they be likely to accomplish that goal. Being able to move through lethal hexes, blocked hexes, and even other fighters means no enemy is safe and you can easily surround and kill specific enemy fighters. Even if the boards are length-wise you'd still be able to close in on the enemy territory pretty quickly. defensive objective decks would certainly not be fond of a bunch of ghosts floating around them while they tried to turtle up. For the aggro build I would have have the usual ready for action but also time trap as I think that could be used to great affect in certain situations. If things are getting a little carried away and you feel like you need to pull back you could use Varclav's push ability twice to move all chainrasps 4 hexes and hopefully out of danger. Acrobatic would be a no brainer with 2 dodge everywhere as well as trusted defender. Deathly fortitude could be good as well since a lot of your fighters will be pushed around and not so much moving. So for me, I'm going to start with an aggro ghost build as currently I think it'll be great for them.
  2. Anthony225

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Yeah, I always thought the cards looked "incomplete" with the cool detailed artwork, and then a picture of the corresponding bare plastic miniature.
  3. Anthony225

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Yeah it wouldn't work 100% of the time. But having access to an "action" that you don't have to hope you have in your hand or have to wait to counter another great concussion is way better than not having access to that action. As a nighthaunt player I'd probably still play great concussion so eventually I'd have a really good shot of sitting on objectives to score stuff. May even take earthquake as well for a ridiculous amount of movement shenanigans.
  4. Anthony225

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Varclav the Chained may single handedly enable nighthaunts to be a viable objective grabbing warband. Who cares about great concussion or even earthquake combined when you can push 5/7 of your fighters 2 hexes with 1 action. Hopefully they are not to good though. They seem to hit with a good amount of damage, not great, but also seem fairly fragile. Especially since, at this point, there doesnt seem to be any revive mechanic . I guess there could be a spell though. I'm pretty excited for the nighthaunts. I really like the idea of super fast ghosts moving through everything.
  5. Anthony225

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    The thing I like about the Nighthaunt ghosts is that so far they seem to be weird/different enough to warrant using cards that wouldn't necessarily be good or competitive in previous bands. An objective that comes to mind is Brawl. The goal, if you want to get them inspired, is to get your fighters adjacent to enemy fighters. Their inspire condition goes against Alone in the Dark, but could work for Brawl. The other cool thing is since you'd be wanting to get adjacent with the enemy, and your opponent is most likely playing Alone in the Dark as it's a fantastic objective, you can actively shut your opponents AitD down from scoring it. Killing Ground and Trapped are a couple other objectives that could work. It seems like the ghosts will be able to be all over the place and go where ever they want. Killing Ground could work as you could take out a fighter in enemy territory and then hope they take one in yours and someone dies in no mans land. Trapped is another potential winner as you could swarm an enemy and attack them causing them to be driven back but not able. Acrobatic seems like a nobrainer with so much double dodge on decent fighters, with no (none spoiled yet anyway) way to ressurrect. Trusted Defender will be good as well for defense.
  6. Anthony225

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    I'm assuming the 3D terrain doesn't do anything in the game, just looks cool. Somewhere in the spoilers it stated the terrain was just matching whatever in printed on the boards themselves. So the 3D terrain doesn't do anything except look 3D. As far as I can tell anyway. Also, you can just move it out of the way when necessary, it's not like it has to be there. But I do see the issue of forgetting the hex(es) are still occupiable.
  7. Anthony225

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    The ethereal mechanic seems really cool. It'll be nice to load up your side with lethal hexes and not have to worry about them. its interesting that they don't seem to have very good defensive stats. And this fighter hits hardish, but not easily with 1 sword uninspired. Inspire mechanic is cool also. Seems easy yet dangerous. I wonder if there is any revive mechanic for them? I also like he fact that they have a painted model in the upper left corner and not the bare plastic
  8. Anthony225

    What warband thrives in a four way game?

    I think if you "had" to pick a warband, Reavers would be great because they inspire much easier and even if your entire warband is dead there are plenty of objectives to score.
  9. Anthony225

    Wish list for season 2 - design and rules

    I like that a lot actually. That way you could have access to any warband still yet if a W1 warband fights against a W2 warband, all the cards will be different whcih would be cool. You could be more prepared also since, with W1 as an example, you'd only have to worry about specific cards from W1. If they give access to both waves then the card pool is that much bigger, hence harder to think about what your opponent may play. And as long as there's no power creep from W1 to W2, every warband will be viable and could play against any other warband. And W2 can be totally different than W1.
  10. Anthony225

    Let's chat: The Farstriders

    I had a crazy thought for a "conversion" for these guys. I don't really like the models, but I do kinda like their rules and the idea of running around the board shooting stuff. My thought was to use GW's Melusai Blood Stalkers as fill ins for my Farstriders. Even the leader has a little pet dragon thing on her arm to represent Farstrider's falcon. The other two members I would just add an axe/sword either in the medusai's hand or hanging on the hip. Is there any conversion rule that would not allow something like this in an official GW Shadespire tournament? I could unserstand why they wouldnt allow it as the entire warband would be totally different models, albeit still 100% GW.
  11. Anthony225

    Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    Objectives (12) 62 - March of the Dead 65 - Skills Unforgotten 243 - Change of Tactics 252 - Defensive Strike 257 - Escalation 272 - Master of War 278 - Our Only Way Out 282 - Ploymaster 284 - Precise Use of Force 291 - Superior Tactician 292 - Supremacy 442 - Fervent Petition Ploys (10) 69 - Ceaseless Attacks 73 - Restless Dead 329 - Great Concussion 331 - Hidden Paths 334 - Inspiration Strikes 347 - Quick Thinker 348 - Ready for Action 362 - Spoils of Battle 368 - Time Trap 372 - Twist the Knife Upgrades (10) 78 - Ancient Commander 81 - Fatal Strike 83 - Frightening Speed 374 - Acrobatic 376 - Awakened Weapon 391 - Great Strength 395 - Incredible Strength 409 - Shadeglass Axe 424 - Tethered Spirit 489 - Kingsbane in my head this list is a sit back and collect glory type, if you end up with 3 nicely placed objectives in your territory. If not then it can switch gears and push forward to try and kill stuff. My thouht was to try and get ancient commander on the Warden asap, which is what spoils of battle is there for. Inspiration strikes and restless dead are primarily for scoring fervent petition, but both have their uses. Has anyone thought about or tried a type of full on aggressive guard build? I was thinking pure carnage as "worse case scenario" you could have all your fighters dead and still score it. Another cool combo to go with the aggro guard could be Balance of Power + clawing hands + some sort of enemy push cards to make it so your opponent t has 2 supporting fighters. It'd be 2 immediate glory just for charging.
  12. Anthony225

    Let's chat: Leader deck and what does it offer?

    I see a few cards that are pretty usable, but I very curious as to why they continue to make cards (objectives, polys, or upgrades) that are strictly worse than current cards. I mean cards that are 100% worse and not worth taking in any situation at all. I saw the fyreslayers specific objective and upgrade and thought, eh, don't know if I'd use them, but they seem "ok". But then I realized spectral wings is the exact same benefit as Grimnir Commands, but it doesnt have ANY of the stipulations GC has. Grimnir Commands requires a NON-leader fighter, you're leader to be alive, cannot gain benenfit on a charge, and its restricted to fyreslayers. Spectral wings is just +2 move for the next fighter, simple. Another one is the Fyreslayers upgrade Pride of the Lodge. Chosen Champion is just plain better, it doesn't require 3 warband upgrades and can be any friendly fighter. Showin Off and Slayer are the same objective except Slayer any warband can use and it's an Immediately score. And these 2 objectives are both in the new deck. Quick Maneuver seems ok, but it's just a much worse Confusion. Reminds me of Headlong Charge, why would anybody take it if there's access to 3 universal +1 movement upgrades? Sprinter, Great Speed, and Lendendary Swiftness... Really makes me wonder if later down the road there will be different formats for tournaments.
  13. Anthony225

    Let's Chat: Chosen Axes

    Have you tried using earhquake and great concussion to help push all your fighters into their territory? That could help against defensive warbands. You can score unstoppable advance, swift advance, and maybe conquest while doing so
  14. Anthony225

    So..what factions are hot now?

    There's a good chance all four of those decks are the same single player...