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  1. A bit disappointing that they didn‘t buffed the Reaver Blades for Bloodreavers. I am still stuck with the Starter Set Reavers and because we play only WYSIWYG my Bloodreavers are always rather weak against Armies with high saves☹️
  2. Thank you very much, already bought a second Battleforce:)
  3. I am disappointed that you can‘t use your existing models like in Kill Team. Really wanted to use my Khorne stuff and the Slaanesh half of Wrath of Rapture. This was the best feature of Kill Team for me, using units of factions without committing to big armies.
  4. I'am thinking about starting DoK as my second army besides Khorne. Although DoK and Khorne seem a bit similar (melee focused, buff centric and of course blood!) I really like the DoK models. I already bought a Battleforce Box, what would be the best way to go from there? Do you really need more than 30 Witch Elves or is possible to build more elite focused lists? Another question, how does DoK deal with a Sacrosanct heavy Stormcast Army? A friend of mine is playing such an army and gives me a really hard time when I'am playing Khorne.
  5. I have a really hard time against Sacrosanct Chamber Stormcasts, they have deep striking, great range (Ballista and Raptors), good defense (Staunch Defender) and high damage (Evocators). A bit of shame that Khorne has good tools against magic, hordes and monsters but almost nothing against ranged combat and elite units, e.g. Wrathmongers are one of our best units but suck against Sequitors and Evocators.
  6. I really hope the updated battletome fixes the problem of our army being so damn slow. Almost all of our damage is limited to melee yet we have no deep strike, WoK Thirster buffs Daemon units only, Bloodstoker ability cannot be spammed and so on.
  7. Wholly within has been clarified. I thought before having just a fraction of all model‘s bases is enough for a unit being wholly within. Was I always in the wrong?
  8. When will Wrath & Rapture be released? In the last video December was mentioned, but time is running out.
  9. I'm sorry, because it's offtopic, but is there a reason why Blackstone doesn't have a board with rooms like Hero Quest or the Rogue Trader KT expansion? These hexagons don't really look immersive to me.
  10. Retributors with Starsoul Maces are actually not the best targets because the maces can't be buffed by Crimson Haze. You also have to be careful to not accidentially buff units like Sequitors with their rerollable hit rolls. Another problem against Stormcast is their bad 5+ save, which makes them very vulnerable against ranged combat and Bloodfury doesn't trigger in the shooting phase.
  11. How tall is the WoK Bloodthirster (including Base)? Want to buy a transport box for my army.
  12. It's allowed to build a unit of 30 Bloodletters with 3 hornblowers, 2 icons and 1 banners? Want to run a unit of 30, but also be flexible to run units of 10.
  13. I'm sorry, the Daemon Prince was my goal for July, but it took way longer than expected because I had tons of other stuff to do. So here he is!
  14. Is anyone using Bronzed Flesh? I thought about using it in my next game, because I don't have the models for a turn 1 letterbomb and so my army is really slow and therefore really vulnerable to shooting. I want to use this prayer on my key units like Bloodsecrator, Skullreapers and Daemon Prince. Killing Frenzy does not really perform well for me when I struggle to get units into melee combat before they get decimated by missle weapons.
  15. Thank you very much, guys! I ran him with Immense Power and Mark of the Slayer and I killed Vandus Hammerhand in one turn on Saturday, dealing 8 damage with the axe alone. Another question for everyone here in this topic, how do you protect your Bloodsecrator against ranged missle attacks and abilities? Last game against Stormcasts he got killed in the first turn with just the Celestar Ballista and Vandus Hammerhand's Storm Breath ability. Of course he got a bit lucky with his rolls, but there was no terrain in my deployment zone that was high enough to cover my Bloodsecrator fully. Should I bring tall terrain and place it in my deployment zone? What if my opponent disagrees? Would this be considered rude?
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