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  1. Thanks man! Good to know about buying them on Amazon.
  2. Hey! Just a quick question about the black library and the kindle paper white. I just want to make sure from people who know. Il miss the paperbacks on the shed but won’t miss lugging them around when I move! Cheers!
  3. I like the idea of new threads for new rules. Keeps things like points, rules and other bits together so everyone has a reference when clicking on the topic. Locking the old threads would be good with a final post from the Mod explaining the change and link to the new one for all the new forum people would be helpful. I for one hate multiple stickied posts at the top of forums. I don’t gunk they encourage conversation, get ignored a lot and look really messy pushing trending topics to off the screen. My thought is that as a general rule there should only be two stickied posts- forum rules and useful links. Let the chat and flow of conversation decide what should be at the top of a forum. Edit- also painting logs for factio specific should go int the faction sub sections.
  4. Pros: Amazing write up, detailed and very personable. I will be following for sure! I cant wait to see the pictures. I really like seeing a write up along with WIP pictures. Everything is so much more real when you relalize all of us are going through this ridiculous hobby together taking two ays to glue grey plastic together. Cons: Lack of Little Mermaid quotes Thoughts: shouldnt this be in the Order section?
  5. Quality of writing can go very far in convincing people to care about something. The first books in the Horus Heresy series were some of the best I've ever read and despite never playing 40k I was caught hook line and sinker with those first pieces of work.
  6. Thanks friends! I guess the way i under stood the time of Chaos was that it destroyed everything and only Sigmar in his realm were untouched. He created the SC and drove them out. But there are cities and holds that survived for 500 years? Like the big city?
  7. So it took them 100 years to build a city the size of a continent on two planes of being? I know I'm missing something but the timeline makes no sense to me Im on the side of loving the WF world. I loved the constraints it applied which allowed the creativity flow. I think some people just need a bit of humbling with the lore. To me what made the world great was everyday heroes could emerge and dfend everyday settings. Like Gotrek and Felix fighting goblins and trolls to save one tomb in the book Trollslayer, or Malice Darkblade arguing with a deamon wandering around in the cold. Or the book Riders of the Dead which just showed two men slowly being pulled against each other during the Storm of Chaos. These small moments built a living world, more than a fully fleshed out color map of a continent sized city ever could. I want to give AoS a give, but its going to take more than "Badass Stormcast kill everything for the good of everyone!" Its been 3ish years, lets get a Felix like character going to explore the wonderful world they've created. I do love what they do with souls though, looking forward to seeing how they move that forward. Also it seems that the only true humans we have are the barbarian tribes.
  8. Oh so only the Stormcast can stand up to random barbarians? I guess the rest of the Order can go drink martinis on the beach.
  9. The Juan Diaz models are wonderful depictions of Slannesh. Being a warrior, sensual, and demonic all in one mini
  10. Hey friends, I'm interested in getting into am Undivided Warriors of Chaos army, but had a quick question regarding how the old books fare in relation to the new 2nd edition, buying the right book first (they're expensive) and usefulness of both. Which would be better for an undivided army, Everchosen Battletome or the Chaos Grand Alliance? Which do you think will represent the changes of an upgraded edition more thoroughly? Thanks!
  11. I feel like this type of thinking leads down a pretty dang deep rabbit hole. Yes we could read every line of fluff and base the rules off of them, then we have a game that unplayable, bogged down by specials that can be trumped by the next rule book of rules based on fanciful descriptions for awesome fantasy stuff. Warhammer has always had to toe the line between fluff and rules and it hasnt always worked out. I remember back in the day you always took Empire swordsmen, even though the fluff stated the decree at the time was that every elector count had to create a standing regiment of halbediers. Swords were just straight better than the the other state troops and you took them. Point is we cant just start arbitrarily changing rules because a writer somewhere wrote something that sounded so much cooler than a 4 to hit, and thats ok
  12. @Double Misfire Your post brings a tear to my eye. Beautiful! Even though in the tales of Gotrek and Felix had them fighting grand monsters and huge sieges, it kept a sense of low fantasy and relatableness that defined the Warhammer world.
  13. Interesting to see if you can pull off one of the Varanguard as your general, be a neat way to customize a force, both fluff and rules wise.
  14. Yo this is super freaking helpful! Where did you get it?
  15. Like many have said before an all women SC Chamber wouldn't make sense. Why would Sigmar segregate the sexes? I think a bunch of bitz boxes like the old Black Templar sprues that let you change you current space marines to that chapter would be awesome. Add a bunch of female heads and let them be added to all the chambers.
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