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  1. Thank you for all your answer guys! The question isn't just with the SE, just in general. The only other way I can think that you can do to have two sub-faction working together (crunch-wise) would be if you run them as battalions. Although there are only a few armies that can do that have them as sub-factions (ironjawz and fyreslayers from the general handbook come to mind)
  2. Right, but can you run two Stormhost in an army, using both their ruleset?
  3. Sorry if this has been asked before.
  4. Here’s what I mean. Let’s use the golden boys as an example. I want to run a Stormcast Eternal army, I run them as Hammer Hands, but I would like some Hallowed Knights as well. So the question is can I self-ally using different sub-factions (sky-ports, lodges, enclaves). If so, do you give them your main allegiance rules?
  5. Sorry for the rehashed topic
  6. This is an open discussion about what kind of music would be fitting with the setting. It could be a playlist or a song for a faction or one of the mortal realms.
  7. Hey guys, with the White Dwarf coming out with new articles about the Skirmish expansion. It nice to see GW updating the rules to 2.0. Now they didn’t cover everything, but they are open to house rules. So here’s one I think would be interesting. MAKING A CHAMPION A HERO You may select one of your CHAMPION and switch the keyword to HERO and give him +1 wounds for 15 extra points. If you select as your Warlord, add +1 Bravery also. Thoughts?
  8. If you didn’t already know, Cubicle 7 is making an Age of Sigmar RPG and one of their employees made a post on this site.
  9. Damn, I miss that. I tired rewatching the stream on my phone but the video didn’t play.
  10. Was this the Warhammer TV twitch stream?
  11. It’s great that GW had found a way to calculate renown without needing to publishing updates on new match play points. They added a new keyword “Champion” for the leader of a unit. Which you pay extra for. My only complaint is you still need a hero to lead your warband. I would have like to have seen some writing of allowing your champions to lead. I also like that they reworked the command for skirmish and artifacts to a more general setting. I’m looking forward to the what they will do for campaign rules in February.
  12. Do you guys have plans to include Malign Portents?
  13. Super Battalions? I.e. Ironjawz Brawl.
  14. I didn’t see anything about “Scourge of Fate” by Robbie MacNiven. Has anyone read it, and what’s your opinion on it? Also does anyone of know if it’s in softcover?
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