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  1. I have also been trying to bring up thjs point. Make sure to e-mail GW and ask to make sure it gets answered. People online are near 50-50 with what to do.
  2. MOST tournaments do include realm spells, including all the largest ones. Maybe just in your local scene they don't include them, but as time goes, it is rare to not have them (or at least some of them).
  3. Why would pinks NOT give a fate point? They are casting a spell, that should count if it is successful.
  4. Will a model with a Cursed Glaive also be equipped with a shield? See attached. The RAW almost suggest you cannot. However, the box art shows they keep the shield. The building instructions also make it so there is no other way to build them. So GW says Yes in the box art and building instructions (as the only possibility to have glaive and shield combo, there is not an option to leave off the shield without modeling issues), but the warscroll makes it seem like you cannot. It honestly needs an FAQ, so please help me submit the question (I have already done so, but it needs to be "frequently" asked. Please don't just say "yes" or "no", give reasons for answers one way or another.
  5. The updates scrolls areal free and on the app.
  6. A bit over 6k of Death! Primary Legions of Nagash. Kurdoss is my only non-LoN.
  7. I am sure this has been asked before, but in a regular squad of Tzaangors, what weapon should the leader be given?
  8. I have e-mailed them about this in the past. They are aware, but no real plans to update.
  9. Just food for thought, they stuck with "3s" last year. So 3 announcements for 40k, 3 for AoS, and 3 specialist games. And to break that down: 1 thing we basically already know, 1 thing that further clarifies a different thing, 1 thing brand new. So just fill in the blanks for that format.
  10. Just spending time checking various booths and demoing games is a lot if fun. Outside Acon, Portillo's and Giordano's are a must have for the Chicagoland food flavor.
  11. A game with rules. Yes there is power creep. Regardless the game, regardless the company. Enjoy the ride, have fun, paint models, play the game.
  12. As others have said, Nagash is a model that is actually worth his points costs. He can be taken down with high rend, especially at range.
  13. Looks like you are taking the appropriate steps. Just keep practicing and study your own rules and stats well. You will get there.
  14. I just double checked, but they did fix the conditional battleline issue. It now only count's battleline if your allegiance (or general) are set properly.
  15. I hate when people only bring 20-36 dice, but then run units that pump out 60+ attacks. Bring all your dice! Rolling to hit, then to wound, then count it all, re-do all that, then add together, over and over again takes up a lot of time in games. Very frustrating for an opponent. Of the 36 dice cubes, you can easily roll 72 or more at once.
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