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  1. Primarily my deck is best when I'm playing to minimise the glory I allow my opponent to score. I let my self be tempted away from this in a couple of crucial games which allowed them to get rolling. In the final match my mistake was not rolling enough successes!
  2. Congrats on the result. I was less fortunate at the UKGE GC. Lack of playing time before the GC really showed. I was fine playing my deck but less good at adjusting to my opponents. I only played one healing card (Empathic Exchange) and rarely felt the need to inspire if I didn't see it. After reading some comments from the eventual winner I dropped it for a store championship the next day. Have to say playing with no healing and a strong gambit is fine. Ylthari pretty much always inspires just from spells. I don't run Leech Power or Scorched Earth. I lost the final to Cursebreakers but in retrospect made several crucial errors. https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,N265,N268,N302,N557,N503,N340,N499,N458,374,N276,N451,N371,331,348,N430,N454,N529,N370,N266,N388,N527,324,257,433,N486,N290,235,N543,291,N269,N357,N467
  3. Crits. More chance of crits with 3 dice and you never have to think about whether to reroll a shield. Withering doesn't count. It's covered in the FAQ. To go back to @riddlesworths comments, I've been playing a few games against Mollog and it is a tough match up. There are a few things I learnt. If I loose the board choice I will pick Soul Refractor even though it doesn't have a lethal hex. Its a necessary sacrifice. I will set up with Ahnslaine forward and Ghallanghan on the opposite edge. Ythari and Skhathael as far back as possible. Ahnslaine is the sacrificial lamb. I also ended up running Hidden Paths and Sphere of Uglu. These two can keep Ylthari alive in many other circumstances which helps address your issue about about the problems of running spell heavy. You also need to be prepared to mulligan that first hand if you dont have some escape cards in hand.
  4. Advancing strike is probably easier to score than Death from afar. Both require a degree of aggression. As @belly318 pointed out you have to be more aggressive to score either along with Swift Strike and Sorcerous Scouring if the opponent is defensive. My reaction to this circumstance was to look at objectives that dont need me to be. I think both options are valid for the Guardians as they can take the fight to the enemy. It depends on your personal preference. John likes to take the battle to his opponent.
  5. That's an interesting question. It does seem overkill but having both feels like it maximises your chance of inspiring someone in the first round. Replacing it with a spell would certainly help with Ylthari inspiration and Song of Hatred but also increase your dependacy on dice. Definitely worth trying. In play my second drawn Healing was often used to actually heal someone!
  6. Yes I did. The problem was that there wasn’t anyone I could finish off with a spell. It did happen once, but I was only two spaces from them at the time! You're running exactly the same objectives as I was. The Guardians deck that came second in the tournament was running with Combination Strike instead of Death from Afar for more passive scoring. The tournament final was Guardians vs Profiteers. The Guardian's won round one, lost the second on a tie break and the third on glory. Keep an eye on http://canyourollacrit.com for the detailed report.
  7. 20 person tournament outing today for my Guardians. I placed fourth with a 3-1 record including two mirror matches. Confirmed my opinions about Death From Afar and Strike Swiftly. Really struggled to score these so I think they're out. Two other Guardian decks were running Victory after Victory and Combination Strike which is certainly worth a try.
  8. My thinking about the Ylthari is in line with the decks listed here but I foresee a problem. I've always found Masterstroke hard to score so I'd take Swift Strike, Death from Afar and Scorcerous Sourcing which also have strong synergies. The problem with these is that they all require taking a enemy out of action. Getting a couple of these in your first hand can really cause a problem as with 2 dice attacks and 1 or 2 damage scoring these will be difficult against Magores or Stormcast variants. If Knockback was more useful I'd be tempted by Get Thee Hence and Stumble as Gallanghal already has Knockback when inspired. Stumble is also a Reaction for scoring Lithe Spirits. Unfortunately unlike What Armour GTH still needs the attack to succeed.
  9. I'd be tempted to add a couple of higher value objectives. Superior Tactician should be a reliable scorer. I'd rather have Extreme flank than Destiny to meet. It scores more and earlier, Keep them Guessing is possibilty if you dont want to make that switch. These should generally be more valuable than the rare occasions you ended up drawing either for a Shifting Map score. I think Centre of Attention is a very flexible alternative to a sidestep or distraction.
  10. But not against Guard, Nighthaunts or Gitz. They have so many figures it's hard to find an open starting space in the opponents half, let alone an open objective. I tried a number of different deck styles pre-ban and had great success against Skaven, Goblins etc but struggled against Cursebreakers, Nighthaunts. Post ban deck needs more plays but I'm more optimistic now
  11. https://katophranerelic.com/2018/11/03/cursebreakers-win-shadeglass-deck-tech/ Good write up on a winning Cursebreaker deck
  12. All good feedback which matches with my observations from the few games I'd played with the EotN. I thought it might be worth trying something different with the Horror as I didn't feel like I was making the most of it with Destiny to meet and the Tome. I'll certainly trying throwing Divide and Conquer into the mix. I'd forgotten Concentrated Attack which I always used to run with my Farstriders. Not so sure about Fired up/Shining Example as a run of poor rolls and nothing inspires. I've toyed with Making a Statement and its a great trick when you pull it off, but it isn't easy and as @mmimzie says, it's only a good trick the first time. Spells are certainly tempting but with only one wizard putting too many eggs in that basket seems highly risky.
  13. I like Tome of Disease but I'm not convinced of the Acolyte when there are only three Tomes that can be played on the horror at the moment.
  14. Playing around with deck ideas based around turning the Blue Horror into the primary weapon First cut, untested. Feedback invited. Objectives (12) 243 - Change of Tactics 252 - Defensive Strike 257 - Escalation 284 - Precise Use of Force 291 - Superior Tactician N62 - Eyes of the Master N64 - Master of Magic N317 - Extreme Flank N318 - Finish Them N319 - Fired Up N340 - Keep Them Guessing N357 - Opening Gambit Gambits (10) 331 - Hidden Paths 332 - Illusory Fighter 347 - Quick Thinker 354 - Second Wind 368 - Time Trap N69 - Bound by Fate N70 - Deceitful Step N73 - Malicious Flames N391 - Aggressive Defence N400 - Centre of Attention Upgrades (10) 376 - Awakened Weapon 384 - Deathly Fortitude 393 - Helpful Whispers 424 - Tethered Spirit N79 - Bizarre Capering N499 - Faneway Crystal N503 - Gloryseeker N513 - Mirror of Spite N543 - Sudden Growth N546 - Tome of Glories
  15. Seems like a combo worth experimenting with
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