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  1. Some models have an incredibly slender attachment to the base so correct magnets are advisable. I use N52 neodymium magnets 4x2. I find they are pretty good. mid you’d like to try before you buy I offer a free sample which includes a tray and 3 magnets. (postage cost only)
  2. Thanks guys, Our community is special. So many cool guys. It's my pleasure to carry on supporting the TGA even through the current times. Yes we all have our priorities changed at the moment but we'll be here and ready for everyone when we can get back to our cool little game. Cheers for looking, new stock and new designs coming soon. www.minimagtray.co.uk
  3. Yes it is very much dependant on what you would like to achieve with your units. If they are small 10 man speed bumps then I would look at 3 and 4 man open. This allows quick and accurate spacing taking up the most space. They can easily collapse into tighter formations. For bigger units its either the staright or cloud. Both do the same thing really. For smaller high quality combat units I would go 3 man close. These are ace where exact positioning is useful. Especially good with 2" reach models. Why? Well if one model is touching all models must be in combat. I hope this helps.
  4. Yes with metal models you may need an extra magnet to increase the hold they have to tray. If enough weight is added the can become a little trickier to use. it’s a balance between getting the right hold and being able to remove them. This is key to getting all the advantages from MiniMagTRAYs.
  5. Well if you want to you can always try the free tray and magnets on my site or just go for what you need. Getting some great feedback from customers so far so I'm fairly confident there should be useful for you. AND, you get a free sticker! 😁
  6. Yeah just me in the mail office I'm afraid so can't fire myself 🤣 All I can do is apologise 🙂 Glad you enjoy them. I've had a lot of great feedback about the trays from those that have tried them. It's why I offer free trays and magnets for anyone that would like to have a go.
  7. Yes I do. I ship worldwide for a flat fee of £6. This is an added bonus for those that order large. Much cheaper than most worldwide shipping I've seen Currently I do these bad boys. https://www.minimagtray.co.uk/?product=5-combat-cloud-40mm The thinking is this. If models are killed it doesn't matter where you remove them from, they always stay in 1" coherency. Very practical on the table. I would advise that more than one magnet is placed under the model due to extra weight of tray and models.
  8. How did you get on with them? Always like feedback to keep improving the product.
  9. Yes having options for what and how you deploy your troops. It’s worth noting that these trays are much less restrictive than normal trays so you have a fair bit of flexibility.
  10. I’m happy to wax lyrical about the advantages of my trays but it may be better to point you here. https://plasticcraic.blog/2019/09/23/product-review-mini-mag-trays/ it’s an independent review by one of my customers. Shipping expensive? I do my very best to keep costs low. £6 worldwide isn’t too bad. On any orders over about £40 I actually loose money. Mom happy to remove branding if you really want too. Just let me know.
  11. Well I’m a movement tray supplier and I’m happy to respond. Come over to www.minimagtray.co.uk and have a look. We have a good email section so if you’d like to ask direct questions or feedback you can. You can can also get a free tray. Yes really. Pop in over and get your free stuff.
  12. So Minimagtray have had an independent review from the Plastic Craic Blog website. Totally independent from Minimagtray just a review on the products they bought. Really great (and funny) review. If your even thinking about movement tray (and with Cities of Sigmar round the corner its a great time) head over and have a read for yourself. https://plasticcraic.blog/2019/09/23/product-review-mini-mag-trays/
  13. Yes here in the UK the design industry are vastly more likely to use the metric measurements than the imperial system. I work in design for oil industry mainly. I have to do drawings in both imperial and metric. Imperial is a pain to tolerance with bit fractional and decimal options.
  14. So my trays are done with a metric 25mm between models. This prevents models moving between them (1”=25.4mm) also as they allow flexible placement of models (no rim to stop you) you can place them where you want on the tray. Simples. Also do these trays allow models to be in base to base. This IS important in AoS any way you look at it. Most trays prevent this
  15. Always nice to hear that people are happy with the product. I've worked hard to design what I feel is the best design on the marketplace. The product range will only expand into the future as more people see the advatages of magnetised models on metalic trays. The flexibilty and usability into late game is second to none. Always happy to look at what people want for future dsegns od answers on a postcard people. @minimagTRAY
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