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  1. Sedge

    A Monster Hunter's romp through AoS 2

    10 more Maniacs! Damn that’s a lot of attacks. Yes it was great to play against the splitters again. Really cemented my army for Bobo. Got them painted so may as well use them. This gives me time to paint the ghosts at my leisure.
  2. Sedge

    Events UK: BOBO 2018 Bravery One British Open

    Deposit paid. Cheers guys.
  3. Sedge

    Events UK: BOBO 2018 Bravery One British Open

    Any places left? Can you put me down if there is.
  4. Always better be lucky than good.
  5. Sedge

    Events UK: Warchief Warpath II - Road to SCGT

    Yeah I'm up for a bit of this action Paul. Bring in the fun and games.
  6. Could you stick my name in the reserves please.
  7. Well I played all three of the tomb kings and managed two out of three wins. Sadly Russ was the first loss but I learnt enough to give Rob P and Dan ford a good game. Very tough if you don't win those crucial priorities. All in all a great weekend. Facing two warriors brotherhoods and the iron Jaws with all being amazing hard fought games. Got within touching distance of the top spot but oh so far. Loved the destruction though. Still learning plenty with loads to still to learn. Here starts the road to another masters hopefully. Thanks for running it @Ben
  8. Sedge

    Events UK: Bristol Smash 2017

    Yeah I fancy a bit of this action. Count me in.
  9. Sedge

    Masters 2016/17 at Warhammer World


    Yeah I'm so excited to finally get a place. Looking forward to this.
  10. Sedge

    Stonemonk's 4-Story Shattered Ruins

    Thanks for that. Was a real buzz winning the first GW AoS event ? I've just managed to geg some of the pink foam from a mate. Will have a look and see what I can come up with. Really excited to get started. I do live a good terrain project.
  11. Sedge

    Stonemonk's 4-Story Shattered Ruins

    Fantastic looking terrain but even better to watch you build it. Gives all hints and tips to make our own. Never got my hands onto any of this pink foam yet for modelling (always used dense polystyrene) so it's interesting to see how you carve it and seal it to make it tough enough for general battlefield use. Great stuff and a massive thumbs up from me ?
  12. Sedge

    Hand of Gork

    Hardly. Played a game last night against another bonespliter army and noticed that is been playing the maniak wierdnob spell all wrong. I thought it was a single unit that got the benifit rather than everything within 10" I hadn't spotted just how good this spell actually is.
  13. Sedge

    Hand of Gork

    Nico I think your right.
  14. Sedge

    Is shooting overpowered?

    Yes the list was a new challenge that most people hadn't seen before. This helped as did a bit of luck. Biggest issue is the perceived slow pace of the shooting phase. I could do a full 120 dice complicated rerolls etc in 40 seconds using the warhammer dice roll app but they're is a lot of resistance to this.
  15. Sedge

    Is shooting overpowered?

    Yeah it was a tough list with a a lot of shooting. Can't say the shooting dice rolling aspect was that much fun from a practical point of view but the tactical aspect is fantastic. Kunning Ruk was useful but in itself wasn't the be all and end all. A unit of in buffed archers does very little. 120 shots 40 hits 20 wounds no rend. Good but not game breaking. Many units will laugh this off despite it being the sole focus of this unit. With buffs it becomes a whole new ball game. This requires spells, terrain buffs, command abilities etc. Which requires luck, careful placement and positioning. Kunning Ruk is really useful T2-3 for shooting and great T1, 4&5 for movement. Kill the hero it's gone though. He's only 6W 6+ save. I will do my best to keep him out of harms way. In all the games at the warlords I found that my opponent had a bloody good chance of winning. Terry could have removed my general T2 I'd he's got priority which could have ended my chances of winning. Russ could have got double turn and crashed into my lines and murder my troops. I would have fought on with whatever I could obviously by game was winnable by both sides. Yes shooting is great. Getting the tub of the green is better. Will we see or need comp? I dunno. Do we comp mortal wounds? Horde army's that take too long to move? Shooting slowed down games but not much more than tons of combat phases starting T1. Im sure we'll see plenty of discussion on the various podcasts which is a better platform for discussion than this. Id just hope we see measured responses Which army was the nastiest at the event? Might actually not be the bonespliters but that is such an open question whose opinion would be correct finally this is a fully legal list, built from a single book, fully themed and sanctioned by GW. Until we see alterations to point cost (which I believe will happen) it's something you should plan for. They will probably turn up in events around the globe.