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  1. That's looking like a solid guess! Though just silhouettes those are some distinctly woodelfy hair dos and fancy horned helmets. While the beastman is most certainly a man beast, I'm wondering if they might be hiding a Khorne or Nurgley flavour. I'm hoping that later as Nurgle in AoS has a thematic tie in with forest what with the garden of Nurgle, the funny plague trees and his on going war with the Sylvaneth.
  2. After painting up my Godsworn I too though a free people warband would be amazing. Game needs more puffy sleeves and pantaloons. Actual predictions: Whatever the next stormcast flavour is. An underworlds starter with stormcast is like a 40k one without spacemarines. Inconceivable! Slaneesh and or Nurgle. Every season has had two chaos warbands. Sepheron as rumour are abound of a new tome and underworlds seems to foreshadow / mimic new AoS releases. Wishlisting! Idoneth and DoK. I love elves. A clan specific skaven band. Skryre by personal preference. Or Eshin just to see a modern nightrunner sculpt. Free people! Something silly like a Noble's safari party that got lost. Have the leader be pretty useless and his ever diligent vassals always stepping up to save his ass 😁 With a minstrel in tow so people can sing holy Grail songs as they move him.
  3. The only real incentive to do so is Oath of Supremacy. They have numbers but Grawl can't hold objectives. They are squishy, being almost all 1 dodge and 2-3 hp and don't have any additional in-faction pushes or placement effects. Dark Destiny is another 50/50 your attack does nothing card, which means they can load up on those more than most. Though scoring Supremacy, Oath of Supremacy and Our Only Way Out on the same turn would feel pretty damn good! I plan to try it but not until I get bored of aggro. Which I've had a lot of success with so far so that might be a while.
  4. Demons of the Great Horned Rat. He's a full blown chaos god now right?! And he's always had a greater demon. What do lesser deamons of the Horned Rat look like?
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