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  1. You could also screen him with scenery still being 10 inches away but making the enemy units have to go around scenery
  2. Cool that was one alternative maybe take judicators out and make up to 20 sequiturs
  3. What are people’s thoughts on this list? Could swap out 5x libs for heraldor or another ballista
  4. Don’t think will be wholly within 3 like u said mayb 6 well hopefully . And battalions will probably change
  5. I actually think they may merge wanderers into sylvaneth similar to grots and skaven. Also think they will probably just be tidying up the book ie trying to stop konga lines of dryads as seems like the way they r going
  6. Ok then very competitive list can and have been built through this thread and elsewhere in the community just means looking past the obvious
  7. I mean mayb with a character but would give them a purpose. Which units do we think we go up or down in points
  8. I agree plus making them battleline could be possible and would be good
  9. Hi there would like some advice on this list . The plan in principle is for ballistas to drop down do there stuff then fulmilators charge in to mop up
  10. Hi there looking at possibly running a hard hitting cavalry unit in a shooting list. The idea is it charges in to mop stuff up. The questions are what are the perks of the different dracothian units? Also what sized units are recommended and is a celestant on dracoth neccessary? Thank you
  11. Hi there what are people’s thoughts on this list. Could split liberators into 2 units and haven’t yet decided on 2nd artifact
  12. Not able to do blackout doing smash gonna try do facehammer gt may look into few more depending on work and family commitements
  13. A big unit of castigators in a soulstrike brotherhood could deal with them plus 1 attack -2 rend also plus 1 to hit if in astral templers
  14. Be interested to see a shorty vanguard wing army may have to try it
  15. Both look interesting . I do think there is a lot of list out there to use . That fact could benefit us all as people can’t get used to a single stormcast list. Was thinking lacking numbers on second list but skinks really help with that
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