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  1. Yay! This clears up a few of my questions at least! Also, they answered the query about the flying sea creatures!
  2. I'm not complaining, I'm just commenting on what I've seen and heard so far. It's a bit of a scrambled mess I'm trying to unjumble. To be fair, this makes the most sense from what I've read so far. Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining about the faction, I'm just trying to figure out where Piece A and Piece B fit together on the Jigsaw. More than likely. I've heard from someone that the Deepkin are scheduled for the end of April-ish.
  3. I have a question. So I'm trying to work this out in my head, and it's not going well. So this guy right here - - is not Teclis or Tyrion. From the sounds of things, Teclis or Tyrion are not getting Models to go with this range. Yet supposedly they have a connection to them...despite the fact this guy has been named as an "Avatar of Mathlann", Mathlann being an old and fairly obscure Elven god from The-World-That-Was. So, where and how does this all fit together? Isn't it possible that Mathlann could have pinched some Elven souls for himself and tried to make a race in his own image? I've heard these guys might be a "failed lab experiment" (for lack of better words) of Teclis's - if so, how does an old and obscure Elven God fit into all this? I am very confused right now, and little is making sense
  4. ...So, where do I start? Honestly, there's not a lot positively I can say about myself. The most I can say is that I'm 27 years of age as of posting, and I live around the Nottinghamshire area. Beyond that, it's a long string of mistakes that still haunt me, issues with living and the fact that I am generally the least successful person I know. But you guys don't want to hear about that, so I guess we have Age of Sigmar to talk about. First and foremost - Age of Sigmar is a game I've only played two games of since it launched, and both games using the Starter Set, which was borrowed from the LGS for a couple of Demo Games. I like the game well enough, I've just had issues getting a force done. Take my most recent attempt. My LGS decided to run a Path to Glory Campaign. I wanted in - finally, people to play with! Initially, I wanted to go with Skaven, however I ran into the same old problems I've had with the range - that being the models either being ludicrously complex to put together (Doomwheel), Poor Value (Stormfiends), still in Metal and/or Failcast (throw a dart at the range and odds are you'll land on something) or some combination of the above. So instead with Legions of Nagash happening, I decided to shoot for that. After picking out a reasonably balanced force, the project hit every problem on the way down the tree. Models went missing. Issues deciding on a Paint Scheme. Unclear instruction books. I asked a friend if he could help pitch in some help, and these problems continued. It got to the point where the Campaign started, and I had nothing to show for it. The only reason I haven't thrown the entire thing under a bus is because that might be disrespectful to said friend's efforts to help out. And it's been like that for a lot of projects. Which is one reason I've not been able to do much with the game. I keep up to date on as much lore as I possibly can, and I use that to help create things. However, it keeps hitting every problem branch on the way down from the tree. While we're here, there's a couple of caveats I should probably mention. First, I do suffer from Aspergers Syndrome, a subset of Autism. I don't bring this up to insult anyone or ask for special treatment - that would be wrong. However, I bring it up to warn others that some of my interactions may be...more difficult than with others, especially since we're not having a face to face conversation, if that makes any sense. Second and perhaps more keenly, since I'm not sure how zealous the people here can be - I complain. A lot. Whether it's a perceived overabundance of Stormcasts to prices (oh god the prices), I tend to complain a fair bit. That said, I'd like it to be on record that my complaining comes because I like Games Workshop and want to see it - and it's products, Age of Sigmar included - do well. Anyway, that's probably it for now. Feel free to ask me anything below and I'll reply as best I can. ...I'm not very good at introductions.
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