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  1. I've been toying with a heavy Duardin list and these changes have just tipped me over the edge. Time to write a few lists.
  2. Please delete, sold
  3. God I am a weak man, Just in the middle of a DnD/WHFB themed campaign with some friends and we decided we'd randomly choose characters. I ended up with a Chaos Worshipping Dwarf who loves guns and routinely makes his assistants disappear and we all know about that game in here. Anyway fast forward a bit, looking online every list seems to be using Fireglaives and not Ironsworn, am I missing something obvious about Ironsworn or they just a bit subpar? as I'm looking to buy the Blackshard Warhost to save a bit of money is there any reason to bin the idea off and just get more Fireglaives instead? 🤔
  4. Hi, Does this come with the extra bits to make any extra Shootas?
  5. Christ, we went from cool looking aelves to a battalion which requires 0-1 Laughing Cow's GW just recasted a Ghorgon here and added some armour and hammers 😆 this is the GW equivalent of Iron Fist on Netflix.
  6. If you're a little creative the Greywater Fastness box can be converted into most things, my only annoyance is the cost of hammerers/longbeards but that could be remedied with some creative use of blood bowl models and hammerers bitz (which I'm after if anyone has any!)
  7. Just want to ask, has anyone used a War Mammoth yet? Or is 320 too big of a sink? I'd love to have a list to use some shiny Warriors and a War Mammoth, with 40 Mauraders. So I've come up with this (very WIP) I'm happy to drop the Knights if the more experienced players can make some suggestions, I'd like to avoid Maurader Horsemen because I'm not overly fond of the models. I'm thinking of going Despoilers and dropping some cheaper heroes in, Any thoughts would be great! ++ **Pitched Battle** 2,000 (Chaos - Slaves to Darkness) [1,630pts] ++ + Leader + Chaos Lord on Karkadrak [250pts]: 5. Dimensional Blade, General, Khorne + Behemoth + Chaos War Mammoth [320pts]: Chaos Marauder Chieftain, CREW (Treated as a mount), Khorne + Battleline + Chaos Knights [360pts]: 2x 5 Chaos Knights, Cursed Lance, Hornblower, Khorne, Standard Bearer Chaos Marauders [300pts]: 2x 20 Chaos Marauders, Barbarian Axes and Darkwood Shields, Drummer, Khorne Chaos Warriors [200pts]: 2x 5 Chaos Warriors, Chaos Hand Weapons and Chaos Runeshields, Hornblower, Khorne, Standard Bearer Chaos Warriors [200pts]: 2x 5 Chaos Warriors, Chaos Hand Weapons and Chaos Runeshields, Hornblower, Khorne, Standard Bearer + Allegiance + Allegiance . Slaves to Darkness: Despoilers + Game Options + Game Type: 2000 Points - Battlehost + Realm of Origin + Realm of Origin: Origin: Ulgu ++ Total: [1,630pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe
  8. What's your thoughts on a block of marauders? As the pseudo "hammer" or would you rather keep your knights? Definitely having a warshrine, cant wait to get one converted up. Not been this motivated to get a table ready army despite Papa Nurgle blessing the world!
  9. This is similar to a list I'm thinking of running because I like the Warriors & Knights, plus I can convert a big block of Marauders from my leftover BoK. Minimal purchases required - apart from finding a suitable prince model.
  10. Just want to give @Double Misfire some feedback as a buyer. Prompt payment and easy negotiations A+
  11. Pile of Shame Clearout! Hi all, Because I'm a plastic crack fiend like the rest of you, I'm unloading some old projects and associated items to make room for smaller more manageable products. If items are new, then they are completely new, items marked as, as new have been opened to check contents. All items listed as used are labelled and kept in Ziplock bags due to my manufacturing assembly mindset. Prices quoted below (taken from other sources, eBay and what seems fair, happy to negotiate) include postage and items will be dispatched on the next working day. AoS Stormcast Eternals Exorcism Soulstrike - New - £80 Sealed NH Dice - New x2 - £20 Bloodbound Lot - Used - £50 Mixture of SC, Old AoS V1 starter set and other snapfit/E2B 1 x Slaughterpriest 40 x Bloodreavers - mix of command too. 13 x Bloodwarriors 3 x Bloodstokers 1 Bloodsecrator 1 Slaughterpriest 1 Khul 3 x Khorgorath 40k Sisters of Battle Army Box - As New - SOLD 2016 Imperial Space Marine - New - £20 Pictures are embedded below; If I've missed anything or if anyone needs anything further, please message me. Cheers!
  12. Cheers Colin, this is on the side project list or added as some allies to a thematic army - not too disappointed in this, not everybook is the same but I'll take it for the love of the Dawi!
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