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  1. To someone returning to the Hobby and having severe "Armyitis" FEC are quite good for the fact you don't need to jump through hoops to get an army. Now how many start collecting boxes do I buy 😂
  2. It's like GW have been listening to my mad hobby whispers, I've wanted to get my Sylvaneth back on track & get into Gitz, RIP my wallet.
  3. You're looking at this the wrong way, the thralls and reapers can be resurrected via synergy with other parts of their respective armies, but you're not willing to give Vulkites the same synergy argument, every army needs some form of blocker/chaff/speedbumb. I actually think Vulkites are decent considering the low investment required to get them to deal a bit of damage AND the fact they get to fight back if wiped out.
  4. Yes, all the reviews I've read have convinced me that they have gone back in the right direction 👌🏻
  5. Love the models and the fluff, but this is exactly why I committed to other projects despite my love for the stunties. Hopefully this release will rekindle the fyre to get the project I planned started again.
  6. So I've picked up some Khorne cheap from a friend, mainly because I was gonna use the Reavers and Warriors for 40k... however as part of a plan to have all 4 grand alliances in my collection, I've decided to go ahead and order the battletome. 1 x Mighty Lord of Khorne 1 x Bloodsecrator 2 x Bloodstoker 2 x Khorgoroth 10 x Blood Warriors 40 x Bloodreavers My only catch is that I'd prefer the mortal Khorne, over the other stuff if possible, could anyone suggest a nice 1k list for me (or if there is a set of must haves for the BoK army) in the interim till my order arrives.
  7. Thanks for the pointers, I'll apply some rule of cool too, but I definitely like the Everblaze comet!
  8. Thanks Mark, it's looking like Anvils of the Heldenhammer for some extra shooting but with my own colours
  9. So I've been roped into (read willingly with a Soul Wars Split) a tale of 6 gamers - with 5 other friends, so obviously Soul Wars will be split, however I would really like to run a defensive sacrosanct list - I've been thinking of having 20-40 sequitors some invocators, ballista/castigors with a scattering of support. I've got the battletome but would love some input from other players, I just want to play like oldschool dwarfs from WHFB!
  10. So because I'm a sucker for models, the Order faction and a deal. I got myself a Deepsurge Raiding Party (nearly got 2) box and a SC box. Initially I'll be playing them because I like the way they look but hopefully the sharks become better value over the eels, but I can shout "Eels" over the table at my opponents like Old Gregg. Has anyone found success with short ranged Reavers at all?
  11. So I was lucky enough to win a Start Collecting Box for KO in a local raffle, so my question would be....are there any units in the battletome (which I'm currently reading) that are absolutely dreadful and should be avoided? Otherwise I need to pickup some battleline units and go from there!
  12. I'm going towards working on a Demons only project and just wanted to know if there are any tricks for what to build out of the Start Collecting DoT box? Can't help but want to paint bright coloured stuff!
  13. I'll probably pull the trigger soon!I read this thread from the very start and found your comments very useful about this so thanks for that, might not be overly competitive but I really like the Khinerai Models 😍
  14. Definitely going to pickup a Battleforce when I get paid, had a few friendly games against a friend whilst playing with his DoK and they seem really fun, I suppose I should get the magnets ready to test out some of the Khinerai kits. Thanks for the information previous posters! All handy to a new DoK player.
  15. This is the type of shenanigans I'm talking about, it'll also reduce the casualties/wounds we take from having to move up the board. Love the idea Now for my book to arrive and my coin of the realm being used to summon the lovely trolls from their caves or swamps =D
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