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  1. Given the limitations of the starter set (and most likely the warband box), has anyone found a decent way to convert the odd Legionary or other model into a Drillmaster? A lot of posts I've glanced over have suggested that Drillmaster x3-4 and Legionary x3-4 are the "go to" 1,000pt competitive list, but with only one Drillmaster per set, that seems like it would be an expensive undertaking unless there's a good conversion guide out there.
  2. Hello everyone, I'll be joining the Sylvaneth wagon (not made from lumber, I swear!) soon. I think I can figure out the list building enough on my own; however, one thing that I am wary about is the model count I should have on-hand for summoning. Would anyone happen to have a brief rundown of what units are best to have extras of, and how many? For example, I know Dryads are a fan favourite to summon, but how many would be a good amount to have on the side in a realistic matched play battle of, let's say, 2000pts? All help is appreciated!
  3. Two things: One, thank you for this thread. I'm new to Age of Sigmar (although I have nearly two decades in Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000) and I'm still trying to get the swing of how everything works, so having a breakdown helps me a lot. Two, who can take the spells, exactly? I have the book in front of me, but while the Spell Lores say Wizard or Priest under the applicable tables, the actual entries for each unit never mention that they may take one spell from <x> -- it confuses me a bit, as with previous experience it's normally stated that "Among the spells here, this model may have up to <x> spells from the <y> lore." Again, thanks for the good work!
  4. Hello everyone! Some friends and I finally decided to pick up Age of Sigmar again; however, we've run into two rules we needed clarification on that came up in our game. One can apply to any match, while the second applies specifically to multiplayer matches (so three or more armies on the table). For the 3'' Pile-In, can a friendly unit that was not charged for combat, but is within 3'' of an enemy unit/model in combat, move 3'' and make its attacks as normal? It seems very similar to Heroic Intervention from Warhammer 40,000; however, being able to do that as any unit most certainly left us puzzled. In a multiplayer match, how do units activate in combat? As an example that came up today, Player A charged into Player B and Player C's units. While Player A was able to take their first combat, Player B then responded... and we didn't know if Player C would activate and have it go back to Player A, or if it would go back to Player A right after someone retaliates. We also weren't sure how it would continue if the combat went into the next player's turn - will Player A and Player B activate and fight again in Player B's turn, but Player C waits until their turn for Player A and Player C to activate? Does everyone involved in a combat, regardless of whose turn it is, activate in the combat phase? Needless to say, the confusion from #2 made us decide to, for the moment, give up on multiplayer games until we have a better idea on how to handle things. Anyway, your responses and guidance are greatly appreciated.
  5. I keep seeing mention of the Vulkite "horde" rule no longer being thing. I've looked online and I'm unsure what exactly has changed, or rather, what the "Vulkite horde rule" is actually referring to. Did they remove Berserk Fury from Vulkites?
  6. I've been looking to get back into Age of Sigmar after myself and my friends abandoned ship at the initial release. I know, not the greatest thing to admit, but the lack of points and... well, I'm sure you all understand. Anyway, I'm a lover of all things Duardin, so the Fyreslayers stuck out to me immediately. I've been slowly figuring out how they play as I look over what I plan to purchase, and one list stood out at a recent event that I had planned to build toward; however, reading through this thread, it seems like there's some mixed signals on what the lists uses. The list is as follows: It's certainly an expensive list and is downright mean to play against, but I see a lot of people leaning away from the Hearthguard Berzerkers in favour of Auric Hearthguard. Would that make a Top 8 list, such as the above, a bit invalidated in the eyes of others here, or does it seem to accomplish a job and do it fairly well when analyzed?
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