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  1. It's back,was reading through the thread,will have to post a picture of the almost finished ironjawz.....but mentioned that was going to start building skaven(cant believe that was over a year ago)didt do them for the tale of painters as was going to focus on using the time to finish ironjawz as with birth of my son it was hard to juggle hobby and family but now it's a new campaign and the focus for this one will be the skaven(as its now all built)
  2. Hello,I'm sure this question has been asked but I can't be bothered to sift through the thread,I know clan pestilens unit can take both banner(multiple times)but does the unit get the effects of both banners in the unit,so does that mean if they have both banners a unit can do the 6 re roll another 6=mortal wound and on a 6 -1rend?everyone on Facebook says you can but it's the wording that's confusing me as they say you have to choose between the book or the scroll but you can have multiple banners and bells/gongs and the unit gets the benefits of both banners bells and gongs.....that's insane
  3. Hello got a question about the free d6 move with the ironfist battalion in the hero phase:if you roll high enough(obviously 3 or higher to break out of combat)is it treated as a retreat as it's happening in the hero phase and not the movement phase?
  4. It's the other bit that were debating about,I say you can't use it in your opponents phase but they reckon you now can in 2.0 by burning a command point?
  5. Hello guy's I'm having a debate on Facebook about how the waaagh command ability is played,the rule says that you count up the models in the combat phase of the turn,I was always under the impression that you use command abilities in your turn so the rule only last for your turn,they seem to believe that it can be used in your turn and your opponents turn,I know that in last edition that the case was you use yourcommand ability and it last only for that turn but they are telling me that in this edition you can use a command point in your opponents turn to activate the command ability??????
  6. Megaboss(morgutz) and brutes getting some Metallics,rust and blood on them.
  7. So my first unit completed for the painters tales and really proud of myself that I actually painted the whole model rather than "ahhh that looks good how it is I'll come back to that bit later"Lol
  8. Hello new to the forum and this question has probabl been asked and answered time and time again but it' for my own peace of mind(and especially as I'm doing more tournament stuff to know were I stand because let' face it if I play the rule wrong my opponents not gonna tell me lol) I used to play the rule as ignores both mortal and normal saves but a couple of months ago on fb someone pointed out that the wording was literal so I started to just play the rule how it reads ignores wounds(doesn't say anything about mortal wounds)so I changed how I played the rule to that but that arguments
  9. Not sure how I tag just your name instead of quote Lol but I think that looks good how it is,looks like it'd make more sense having it in the middle for balancing reasons....not that'd it'll probably matter to them much though lol
  10. I can make things work for skirmishes,the waaaagh forces is large enough lol
  11. Lol I was supposed to quote this....new to how these forums work?
  12. They've been untouched and unloved for a while,I think we played a game and they performed well so I gave them a base on the skin as a treat and they were left at that,my problem with the campaign is I'm not sure how were doing battleline and stuff but if I'm able to bend some rules I'd like to put the giant and finish off the orcwarboss on wyvern on the table and go mixed destruction.
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