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  1. Yes they do. The abilities have different names, atleast that was the reason I was told.
  2. My nurgle sorcerer casting plague squall without line of sight. Only did this in one game because i had my german battletome with me and reread the spell. The german wording is missing the line of sight requirement. It was hilarious brutal. I kept him in a building the whole game and he was sniping whatever i wanted. To make it even worse the building was arcane
  3. I would play her as a Vampire Lord and you don't have to figure out the points cost. It's pretty hard to evaluate the points costs of models. You could talk with your gaming group if you want to play her warscroll without the mount and try to find a good points starting value. Test it and if it's to strong/weak use higher/lower points. But I suggest to just play her as a vampire lord
  4. You can't buy the old format warscroll cards on the gw page atm. I talked to my gw seller at my local store, he was surprised about that. I bought the nurgle cards and hate them. The font size is way to small. Lets hope for a re-release in the new format.
  5. They are not optional. When building your list you can take a home realm. Now you can use artifacts from this realm. Taking a realm for the battlefield is optional.
  6. GH18 Page 48: "Endless spells have Pitched Battle profiles and a points cost. By paying the spell’s points cost, all WIZARDS in the player’s army know that endless spell, and the player can use (and re-use) one endless spell model of the appropriate type in the battle. A player cannot take the same endless spell model more than once for their army, but can take any number of different endless spell models (for example, you could not take two Balewind Vortex models)."
  7. I'm confused about the virulent discharge of Blightkings, Lord of Afflictions and Pusgoyle Blightlords.Is the ability triggering for all units only once or is it more complex? For example: I have two units of kings. 1 at on the side of the table and 1 on the other. Both fight 1 unit of enemies. How I understand it:The first unit triggers and you roll for the enemy unit close to it, itself and for the other kings and the enemy unit close to them .Then my other unit of kings triggers and you do the same again. Or does it trigger only once ? Virulent Discharge: In your hero phase, roll a dice for each unit (friend or foe) within 3" of any friendly units with this ability. On a 6+ that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. If the unit has the NURGLE keyword, heal D3 wounds allocated to it instead. Need some clarification
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