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  1. They can be played on their own though, because they have a warscroll just for them. Regarding the changecut box, that would be my first choice however it's no longer available. I will only get demons after 1000 pts and probably just horrors (or a lord of change if I get the money for it) so the starting box is not very interesting to me
  2. Is the shadespire warband a decent starting to point for a Disciples of Tzeentch warband? I was planning to start a 1000 pt Tzeench band with it and a box of acolytes, tzaangors, skyfires and maybe another hero.
  3. Been Playing with the following High Elf List with the Tempests Eye Allegiance. Mixed results really. I think I have been using too many mages (due the size of my collection)but haven't had a game with Malign sorcery yet so with more spells it might improve: Leaders: Archmage Archmage Loremaster High Warden DragonLord(Ally) Troops: 30xSpireGuard 10xSwordmasters 10xSwordmasters 5xReavers 5xReavers 5xReavers I was thinking of replacing an Archmage with something else Eldritch or Swifthawk. Was thinking of a Skywarden due to it's buffing aura for my reavers or Spireguard , do you think it's a good idea? Otherwise I might just pick up my old High Elf bolt thrower and use it to proxy a Celestar Ballista, which is still Tempest's Eye and would still fit the HE aesthetic.
  4. Still waiting for half of the Swifthawk agents to return so I can use my high elves -_-
  5. I love the old Empire line of faith and gunpowder normal humans, so I decided to start a Freeguild+Ironweld army with the Greywater allegiance to recreate that feeling of ranks of units supported by artillery and guns. Currently my collection is around 1100 points and consists of 1x Freeguild General 1x Battlemage 1x Gunmaster 1x Cannon 1xHellbaster 1xHellstorm 20x Freeguild guard with halberds 20x handgunners. However I am not entirely sure how to expand from here, I feel pretty satisfied with my Ironweld part so I want to expand mainly on the Freeguild side Currently I am planning something like this: 1x Freeguild General 1x Battlemage 1x Gunmaster 1x Lord Ordinator (not a fan of stormcasts but his aura really helps the Ironweld) 1x Cannon 1xHellbaster 1xHellstorm 30x Freeguild guard with halberds 20x handgunners. 20x handgunners. 10 greatswords 3 Demigryph Knights Not entirely sure about the greatswords and demis in this. Greatswords are just because I like the models, same thing with the Demis though there is the extra reason I want them because I need something mobile and though to cap objectives as the rest of my army is fairly static. Maybe I should replace them with more Freeguild guard? Also I would love to field a Steam Tank since they are so cool, but dunno how to fit one here
  6. I don't think there is any point discussing who is in the majority or in the minority, we only have our anecdotal evidence. Some people say their community was better before points, others, like me, didn't even have a community until points appeared, all metas are different. I am happy warhammer legends exists, I would wish that there were also allowed in matched play, nevertheless I like those models and old world characters and will certainly buy some to proxy in matched played, I don't see anyone objecting me using Tyrion as a Dragon noble or Kurt Helborg as a Freeguild General.
  7. Ups my bad, I was under the impression the were a faction such as Darkling Covens, never payed much atention to the old DE stuff
  8. I want to believe that but on the other hand Exiles were a thing in AoS and they were removed
  9. On a somewhat related note I really wonder what's in store for the future of older fantasy miniatures that technically still present in the setting, specially all the mini factions such as Lion Rangers. On one side I can't see factions like Freeguild and Ironweld going anywhere, they are still present in the lore, they are in the books, hell the Lord-ordinator was made pretty much to work with ironweld stuff, they are for all effects and purposed the Imperial Guard of this setting. On the other hand there is stuff like the Swifthawk Agents, that despite being present in the AoS lore and on the Firstorm stuff, the vast majority of their models are not available to sale anymore (Reavers,Spireguard,etc... Spire of Dawn is not on sale anymore) . My old WHFB army was high elves (now split between Swifthawk, Eldritch, Draconis,etc...)and I have been happily playing them in AoS with Tempests Eye Allegiance, but I am really afraid of seeing them squatted.
  10. Pretty much this, my meta is super casual, never organized any tournament, but AoS was literally dead before points release because none knew how to make a semblance of balanced games without them and there was 0 interest in making investments based on the fan made ones when other game systems existed. Even if it's completely non-competitive and rarely updated I would appreciate there was still some form of offical legacy points for older models
  11. Well, that's good to hear, I think I'll go mixed order then so I can add some other stuff I have from my collection then such as wizards
  12. I am thinking about starting a Freeguild army, however I want to make it with an old Nuln theme (very heavy on gunpowder and canons) and all the artillery are Ironweld. However if I do that I will loose the great companies bonus which is something that rather appeals to me, is it much of a loss losing the great companies bonus? Should I keep pure Freeguild?
  13. Mostly AoS starting box stuff+ Celestant Prime and the crossbow guys (which devastated my Dragon) . Can't be much of help here as I am not that familiar with the Stormcast line.
  14. Our meta is small, like 4-5 players, the most regular couple of them are very competitive though, I got wrecked by Stormcasts and Sylvaneth. Funnily enough I already tried a list like that but with bad results and was not a big fan of the dragonhost batallion. Basically the Order Draconis charged their lines and didn't deal much damage, and all of my opponent stormcast ganged up on them while my infantry was still behind. Basically divided and conquered.
  15. After a break since the end of the 8th edition I decided to give AoS a shot and quite liked it, however my collection is all over the place when it comes to Order Allegiances and from my research I lack the essential old HE units for AoS (all the phoenix related stuff) can anyone more experienced help me build an army with the units I currently have? My collection is as follows 1-Dragonlord 2-Archmages 1- Loremaster 1-High Warden 30-Spireguards that can double as regular Spearmen (Which I guess I have as to have battleline) 20-Highborne Archers (thinking of using them as Shadow Warriors) 20- White Lions 30-Swordmasters 10-Reavers 10-Dragonblades 1-Bolt Thrower
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