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  1. Think I read something about the troll just wanting to find somewhere to sleep... would be cool if it inspired simply by being the target of an attack (regardless of damage suffered or not), as it just goes nuts at anybody interrupting its sleep ?
  2. Sorry if I’m being thick, but can anyone point me to the actual rule saying you don’t keep your tokens if brought back from being out of action? I can’t see it saying that anywhere in the new rulebook. Thanks!
  3. Also, for those who built from the AOS1 starter set, there was a 40mm base supplied rather than 32mm... I’ll rebase mine if needed, but would be a little annoying to have to mess with it. Might just leave it as it is really, don’t think many people would be too bothered (I’m not likely to go to a rules-focused tournament anytime soon).
  4. This one is confirmed in White Dwarf - “modified for use with new edition and incorporating any FAQs”. I’m looking forward to seeing the new ones!
  5. 8 June - later release than normal, presumably because of new editions AOS etc
  6. A proper timing overview would certainly be appreciated. Other games I’ve played have had very detailed (without being obtuse) diagrams in the rulebook, which Shadespire lacks. Love the game though, and wouldn’t suggest any major changes - expanding what we’ve got and tightening things up (wordings etc) should be the way forward rather than totally changing things in any way that invalidates current releases ?
  7. They gave it brief mention in the latest Community article.... it’s on the main Warhammer Underworlds homepage - scroll right down to the bottom for the rules PDF. Don’t think there’s anything actually new in it, but it includes basic things like the revised roll-off system, the revised objective token setup wording etc. Could be printed out or just referred to via iPad or whatever. Also think it might be the first time the rulebook has been made available to all online? Could be imagining that though. https://warhammerunderworlds.com/
  8. Really pleased to see not just the new FAQ, but the updated rulebook PDF too. Makes for less cross-referencing during games which is always a good thing for me.
  9. I have come across other games that literally do have community-built web tools where this kind of metadata can be captured and then analysed. It’s really pretty cool (if you are a data geek like me!). Obviously, without being unworkably complex, they can’t account for human-driven decisions (eg strategy), or luck (dice rolls; order of cards drawn). But you can still read out some themes around card popularity, success rates etc
  10. Grand clash winning deck is up on the WHU website now. Objective based, removing reliance on dice roles where possible etc...
  11. Played a couple of games against Sepulchral Guard today. First game seemed like it was going to be a SG victory but then Fjul got upgraded to have +2 movement. He was also inspired, meaning 5 movement - stormed through the middle of the board to take out the Warden, leaving SG unable to pull off a 3rd turn combo. Came out of nowhere and totally changed the game - win for Chosen Axes. Second game, Warden was guarding against that happening again. This time, Chosen Axes used the ploy that lets you push a fighter 3 hexes as long as they end on an objective...which there just happened to be one of right next to Warden. Another out of nowhere surge across the board...but this time fluffed attacks and the Warden took him out in response. Game ended in a draw. Another game later if we get time...
  12. Just been to my local (UK based) GW store to pick up the new warbands only to find they weren’t being stocked in store - mail order only. Massive sad face. Fortunately I found a FLGS nearby that had them - weekend saved from ruin!
  13. Likewise an Activation, which isn’t necessarily the same time. One of the FAQ: Q: When a fighter makes an action as part of an activation, and the end of that action is the end of the activation (e.g. if the fighter simply makes a Move action), could the players play both a Reaction that is triggered after an action and a Reaction that is triggered after an activation? A: No. The action and the activation end simultaneously, so only one Reaction can be played. That Reaction could be triggered either by the action or the activation. but that’s not very helpful as it’s specifically referring to situations where the end of the action is also the end of the activation, which is frustratingly short of being a definitive statement that the two always end at the same time. Biggest thing they could do to help this game IMO is a proper time/order of resolution chart - the one in the rule book isn’t detailed enough to handle the different scenarios arising.
  14. That was exactly what I thought - and still do to be honest...the thing that threw me was that the section of the FAQ in question is an errata amending the wording of the ‘outcome of combat’ section of the rules. So the implication/suggestion they were raising, I think, was that it only refers to times when a fighter sustains damage equal to or greater than their wounds characteristic as a result of combat. Which would exclude a whole host of other (non-combat) situations where damage can cause a fighter to be taken out of action. Doesn’t help that the glossary also refers explicitly to fighters taking opposing fighters out of action... I’m still inclined to stick with the POV of any time taken out of action = glory point (and agree that Expendable is problematic here), but just couldn’t find anything concrete to back that feeling up.
  15. Yep that is true and very much welcomed. In fairness it’s probably a small team reviewing with a lot of questions coming in. Another thing I’m wondering is if I’ve been playing glory points wrong all along - I think you were watching the stream the other night when that came up (about it needing to be your fighters that take an opponent out of action to get the glory)? I was absolutely adamant at the time that you get glory anytime an enemy fighter gets taken out of action, even if not directly by your fighters in combat, but having re-read the rules and FAQ now I’m questioning whether that’s right...
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