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  1. I have the Princess (Hag). And It's a great model. But for 380 points and 80 Pounds (I got as a gift I don't remember) I think you're better off waiting for the sons.
  2. The Rogue Idol cost from 400 to 410 alone makes me doubt how much real energy went into this GHB.
  3. Not sure how much competitive talk is appreciated here but I would like some feedback. I'm abandoning the endless spell spam list I had in mind. Since just 3 spells won't cut it. What is the next best thing Gitz can be build towards in the upcoming meta? I still thinking Geminids, Scuttletide and maybe Vortex/pendulum are solid spells to bring. 1. Skragrott dropped immensely in value for me. He was the linchpin in the endless spells spam list. And his own spell actually let you destroy ethereal amulets. Now that both of those things are gone I don't see what he does except provide more CP. 2. The coming meta feels like it's going to be elite heavy (with a lot of strong magic). We don't do elite well but we do hordes. Problem is that even bringing a ton of fanatics might not even cut it vs the newer elites. The whole reason for the endless spell spam was to rain down mortal wounds on those elites. And the elite armies have ways to thin down hordes fast enough that they can still play the objective game. 3. Now the Hag has 0 artifact options to bring. Maybe there will be a next malign sorcery. But it's a bummer. Gryph feather charm on her made her at least somewhat playable for her massive 380 pts. 4. I'm not sure if it's better to reduce our hero's or increase it. Since a lot of armies have ways to reach our squishy hero's. Gobbopalooza went down in points. but probably not enough to actually make them viable. Trogg hero's might be okay since they wont die in one hit and can at least heal a bit up every turn. But maybe having 6 hero's + gobbopalooza will confuse opponents enough that some key leaders might live. 5. I'm still hoping the new Sons of Behemat units will have interaction with us.
  4. Those penny point changes are not going to do anything for Troggs lol.
  5. For 380 points, in the current meta, she should be allowed to use the moon for wound regen. Even if she heals 12 wounds. She doesn't have a aftersave. She will take 12 wounds again pretty easily. Also she is THE Troggoth hero. And the thing Troggoths do is heal. It would not break anything I feel. The FAQ made sense when the book was new. But now it makes her just too expensive. I honestly think she could go as low as 280. Maybe even 250.
  6. Hey guys. I got three madcaps from a ebay haul. And I wonder if it would be dumb to place them on 32mm instead of 25mm as the official guide says. All the other hero's come on 32mm and I want to set them apart from normal moonclan grots.
  7. Ogors can ally Gargants (until GHB2020 maybe changes that). Gonna be interesting how much points the Sons are going to be.
  8. Would not be surprised if they work more like Gotrek does. Their base size would be weird if they are lower than 400 points in my opinion. Probably more between 500 and 600 points (like Gotrek). No news on the Bonegrinder? Did he go with SoB or not?
  9. I really hope that Destro get most of the goodies from the Gargant. Maybe some stuff on their warscrolls that only works on Destro stuff. Else everyone is gonna run one. Because why not.
  10. Can anyone link me a good competitive magic heavy Skragrott the looking Skagrott list? If it includes the Hag that would make me happy. But not a must. This is what I have in house atm: Troggoth Hag Skragrott Fungoid Cave shaman Two madcap shamans Loonboss Mollog 20 grots (would have bought more if GW stocks lasted) one unit sneaky snufflers 6 rockgut troggoths
  11. If they do keep the GSG keyword on some of the gargants that could be an indirect buff to GSG. We'll see. I doubt the 18th is going to do massive reveals.
  12. I'm really curious if some of the Gargants (Aleguzzler, Bonegrinder) are going to keep their Gloomspite keywords.
  13. As somehow who wants to focus on Grots and Troggoths. Which Spiderfang and Squig units are still worth including?
  14. I want to love the first list more. But the second list probably does better. I'm not 100% sure Gluttons are good in the current meta.
  15. I went with the Frostlord because he is a nice home for the mandatory artefact. And I felt that the list was lacking raw damage. If I would swap out the Frostlord I would take a Huskard with call of the blizzard and put in the gitz cauldron with the remaining points so the Hag gets access to a teleport and itchy nuisance. I could try both lists. I really think that you want that melee combat option the Frostlord has when stuff gets chaotic and you need to do monster stuff. But I'll try both lists in the coming weeks.
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