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  1. I like the new tempo. It makes tomes last longer before they become irrelevant.
  2. If the points don't change (much) then you can still squeeze in 90 Vulkites even when you have 4 Magmadroths (1 Runedaddy, 1 runeson, 2 runesmiters). And if you can, then people will. Especially if Magmadroths are worth taking now. I feel they should have rethought the entire army. Or adjusted prices, but that would not have happened anyway. Fyreslayers would have been my first army if they didn't cost double that of any army. So I'm a tad salty.
  3. If the new book doesn't fix Vulkite spam I don't see how Fyreslayers will be any more popular than before. It's still by far the most expensive GW army (barring FW stuff). I love the army and the look of it. But that price tag is stupid.
  4. Are these all the reveals or will there be more to come?
  5. I mean stuff like "wholly within" and what is still a 6+ or a unmodified 6. Stuff like that. Armies should not have to wait for their own tome to have stuff like that updated.
  6. What I dislike is the endless game of catch up that happens once a tome releases. When one army gets a new tome a few others have their tome get outdated at the same time. I'd like to see the yearly GHB add some temporary buffs to some armies to hold them over until their own tome arrives, even the armies that will be getting a tome later that year (which we won't know about). And personally I feel that with GHB2019 not a single army should still remnants of the 1.0 age. Which means every warscroll should be updated, and every 1.0 army rule & abilities should be looked at if it still fits in the 2.0 version or else it should be updated. Also I'd like battletomes in general to be more about flavor, tactics, and lore. And less about raw power increases.
  7. If mortal fists get the "unmodified roll of a 6" change like Bloodwarriors did will they become a viable loadout? I'm building my Ogors now and I'm not sure if I want to bother magnetising all of them.
  8. I wasn't criticizing you. I think I was low key hating on our battalions. Forcing a Huskhorn in there for stuff that we mostly already have (run and charge, mortal wounds) doesn't really do anything for us. I would love to give Braggoth's a go if Gore-Gruntas weren't that difficult to collect.
  9. I tried your list. It was against Nighthaunt so take all this with a grain of salt since they play fairly unique. It was Border Wars. I took first turn. used the CPs to rush the neutral objectives. failed my charges (they were all 9 or higher). So I decided to sit on the objectives. In his turn he got all his stuff in combat and teleported behind me so I could not retreat anyway. Rend didn't work against him so the damage output was very low. Also didn't even get Geminid's off but I doubt that would have made a difference. Personally I really dislike the Huskard on Stornhorn in anything other than Eurlbad. And even in Eurlbad he is only offensively as good as a Frostlord but still dies to rend pretty easily. I also have a hard time finding a decent artefact for a Huskhorn. I don't want them too deep in combat so Thermal rider is out, he has 4+ save so amulet is not fantastic. I went with Gryph Feather charm and it worked okay ish. I also really missed my Butchers. I usually play two and the tease of getting +1 to hit make them worth it IMO. They sometimes get a spell off. Which is fun. But best of all my opponents are usually more scared of the Butchers than anything else lol. I'm not sure I'm going to bring Endless spells anymore. I think Triumphs are better than Spells. Since even 7's are hard to get off with Butchers or Fungoids. And I like the back up option of casting Mystical Shield if the Everwinter fails me.
  10. Reason why I asked it is because I like to use my Mournfang as wrestlers to try and pin enemy units down so I can take objectives with my Stonehorns. If you retreat I don't know how you take back the objectives you then give away? And if you get a double turn you don't really have that oomph? I'll try your list out tomorrow at game day.
  11. What do you mean with hitting turn one retreating turn two? Don't you then give an entire turn away to your opponent?
  12. His list comes in at 1910. Did he know the Cave Shaman went up in price? I assume he was gunning for 2 extra CP.
  13. I mean we can talk about nails and coffins for Liberators all we want. This year or next year there could be a new battleline unit that even outshines Sequitors. Impossible? Well imagine a horde battleline option for Stormcast that eliminates the needs for Skinks. "Legiors" at 80 points 4+ save for the same $$$ price as Vulkites. Don't act like no one would jump on a horde unit like that for SCE. That's just not fun hobby having to rebuy an entire new army every time a tome drops. And we have near yearly tome drops. I mean we as SCE players are partly to blame. Vanguard was a alternative but not considered "good" so I'm going to assume it didn't sell as well as GW expected. Bringing out Sequitors out as they are right now for 120 points was a very reckless design choice but I can understand it. Apparantly giving us alternatives won't make us buy new stuff so we got presented with "better" units. It probably was a big sale boost for GW.. But it makes me (and I'm probably not alone in this) wary of investing into my Stormcast army even though I like the concept of the army a lot. I bought 3 boxes of Beastclaw Raiders even though they aren't great because I'm pretty confident they won't release something like "Ironhorns" when the new BCR tome drops so the stuff I have right now will still be relevant (maybe not good) by the time they get an update.
  14. Liberators at 100 points were such a good standard. I really dislike how they messed with that by bringing out Sequitors. You can't make Seqs too expensive or reduce Libs.
  15. Just the CHANCE of getting +1 to hit is priceless for a BCR army. I run two butchers and getting the +1 to hit twice on a unit of Mournfang actually makes them very scary. And even if that all doesn't work you can always get mystic shield out of them. Which is very valuable for me. I basically have three chances at getting rerolling save rolls of 1 for my Frostlord.
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