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  1. A friend of mine gifted me his tin Overtyrant. And I must say it's a pretty amazing unit for mixed destruction (and you can only really run him in mixed destro anyway). The ability to just give an enemy unit -1 to hit across the board is pretty amazing. Only trouble I'm having is finding his official round base size. I'm going to put him on a Stonehorn base because when he was re-released for week as a resin model he came on that base on the GW website.
  2. I was thinking that it would. But doesn't say anywhere that it does in the ME segment. It does refer to the core book for some terrain stuff which only adds to my confusion. I'm just going to go by the core rules then.
  3. The rules need an update already. But I like the format. Summoning for sure needs a hard look.
  4. I've read the GHB part for meeting engagement a few times. Including the battleplans. But it's still a mystery to me who actually has first turn. The battleplans do have you roll off who sets up a unit first. But after that they don't refer to anything to dictate who goes first (including the core rules of the player who has set up everything before the other player has goes first). So who goes first in ME and where can I find that information?
  5. New Mercenary rules apply to ME as well. He's a merc.
  6. I tried this Meeting Engagement list and I really liked it. The Berzerker actually does a lot of work for 100 points. Also feel Ironguts start to feel good when they are in groups of 6. They did a lot of damage. And I got to finally experience their once per game ability. It was okay, not worth having a Ogor run away for in my opinion. Allegiance: Destruction Mortal Realm: Ghyran Spearhead Grimwrath Berzerker (100) - Allies Main Body Tyrant (160) - Great Gutgouger - Artefact: Ghyrstrike Butcher (140) - Pair of Stump Blades and Great Cauldron 6 x Ogors (240) - Ogor Clubs or Blades with Iron Fists Rearguard 6 x Ironguts (360) Total: 1000 / 1000 Extra Command Points: 0 Wounds: 69
  7. I used one of those small citadel pots you got with the old starter paint kit. It worked nicely!
  8. I feel double turns should not come down to a single dice roll. Would have liked it if events in the previous turn had someway to influence who eventually gets to choose the double turn.
  9. Yeah I think the top down footage is not doing it for me. So that might be a strike against it for me. I think Tabletop Tactics (40k channel) still has the best balance of gameplay, hosts, and production. But I agree with your stance. To each their own!
  10. I did not create this topic lol. I just stated the reason why most battlerep youtube channels play balanced games.
  11. There are many battlereps in which "but we took these units because we want to have it be fun" has been said. You really want to watch 4 Ballista's deepstrike and take 40% of the board without the enemy being able to do anything about it? Or watch a FEC player dictate all of the combat unless he's facing another FEC player? Also there is a difference between strong lists and competitive lists. Strong lists have units or strategies that are fun but also good. Competitive lists will sacrifice fun for value.
  12. Lets face it. The real competitive lists and games are boring to watch. So it's no surprise that you don't see them much on youtube.
  13. I'm thinking about using 4 Grimwraths as mercenaries (exactly 400 pts). Is this worth it? Also is there any reason to use Doomseekers over Grimwraths as mercs?
  14. IF they go down the Firebelly, Gutbuster, BCR route I can deal with a soup. The fire and ice theme might be cool. But I prefer BCR and Gutbuster seperate (I have both). I feel the lore is too different.
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