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    So with the coming of the battletome, the tournament scene have trembled of-of fear from all those different Skaventide army list.
    With some points adjustments, many units have either increased or decreased their cost in the last few months.
    Even so the battletome still feels a bit off, having so many units that have almost to literally never seen the battlefield, either because they are easily replaced by mich better options, or are just entirely overcosted.
    Since this is the case I thought of making a thread were we skaventide lovers and haters can write our wishes and hopes about certain units that could be in need for a points increase or decrease.
    My thoughts on the units are basically this:
    Clans  verminus:
    Clanrats: 100/200
    Stormvermins are probably one of the most expensive unit in the whole Skaventide roster.
    The reason for choosing them to get another massive points reduction of 50points is basically to keep them in line with the other cheaper elite units the skaven and other factions have to other.
    The clan-rats are great for their points, although it just sometimes feels wrong to have a unit like them cost 120points for literally dying in droves, which is why i choose to give them a points reduction of 20 points.
    The Clawlord is basically one of those lords that can be killed by literally anything that is cheaper then him.
    Although he isn’t great at buffing units I still thought that giving him a points decrease of 10 might keep him at the same level as the beastlord and the hag queen.
    Clans Moulder:
    Rat ogres:80p
    Rat swarms:50
    After the Ogor mawtribes have been announced, the elite brutish rat-ogors have lost that image, knowing that they are still a great unit, I thought bringing them down to 40points per model would keep them in line with the rest of the brutish ogors.
    Rat swarms on the other hand were just overcosted and never saw a fitting place in the ranks of the skaven with that amount of points.
    Decreasing it to 50 might make it a more i interesting option for capturing objectives in the late game.
    Clans Eshin:
    Night runner:60/220
    I think we all probably knew the day would come were the backstabbing hordes of clans eshin might make the list.
    Night runners are literally a bad option at 80points, they hit like a sponge and weren’t even worth as meatshields.
    With a decrease of 20 they might have a chance to see the battlefield.
    The death-master had a similar fate awaiting.
    Although being a great looking hero, he really doesn’t seem to be great at his job of assassinating, and is more useless than out beloved clawlord in buffing any units.
    A reason of why I thought that he might be a good option to consider taking at 80points, since this would also bring him up to pair with the assassin from the city of sigmar tome.
    Clans Skryre:
    Doom wheel:145
    Doom flayer:40
    Warlock engineer:90
    Warlock bombardier:100
    Now I won’t go over every unit entlisted on here but, the doom flayer really needs to go down at least 20points.
    His overheating Mechanismus is much higher than that of other weapon teams, and with his low attack profile and almost no damage and rend, this little ****** is probably the worst unit in the entire game.
    Bringing him down to 40 might make him an juicy choice over a endless spell.
    Clans pestilence:
    Plague censer bearers:50/180
    Verminlord warpseer:350
    Claw horde:100
    Fleshmeld menagerie:130
    Warpcog convocations and all of it’s engine coven not including Arkspark should all go 20points down.
    The skaventide battletome is all in all a fantastic book with a huge option of list building variety.
     Sadly when it comes down to the battalions, almost non of ours are even considered good.
    Costing more then 150points these battalions often just give you a small buff that doesn’t give you an advantage for such a huge cost.
    And example would be the clawhorde, which is probably one of the worst of it’s kind, which gives the user of the battailon, literally no buffs at all.
    The only upside to it is the extra artifact and command-point you get as well as making your army a 9drop instead of an 11.
    Considering that you are paying almost 200points for that battailon, makes it literally unusable, which is one of many reasons why I would drop it down to a 100.
    These are basically just a few thoughts I had.
    So If you agree/disagree or just have your own thoughts you would like to share I’m all ‘ears😁
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