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  1. I’ll probably stay with a mixed skaven army. (Still building an clan mors Thiemed army up). glory for quiek!!!
  2. Say do you maybe know how many points where used and how many command points Adam had at the beginning. (I’m trying to figure out what units he was using, got a point reduction)
  3. Say does anybody know what kind of units Adam from the Warhammer Community took into his skaven army yesterday? (and is this usual that somebody watching a video from Gw on twitch has to pay money?)
  4. The most hardest Modell I ever have built was the arch warlock, since the parts with which I got him, for some reason didn’t fit too well
  5. Expert Rob shares his tips for building an army of skaven in the new edition, from which characters to pick to the benefits of each clan and more. Sounds interesting, i really am hyped to know what this means for a mixed or just plain skaven vermimus army.
  6. Well almost all elves with the exeptions of Daughters of Khaine and deepkins, are still left.
  7. Anyways, does anybody know what kind of army will be having its faction focus today?
  8. Don’t forget all other faction which got even the shorter end of the stick. (still hoping for those skaven, greenhings and elvethings, from the old world (referred to Darkling coven etc.) battletomes
  9. Yes but from the faq gw gave us, it is stated, that both of them are being handled as your General as long as non of them vanish
  10. Well fingers grossed, those thin army reviews, are some kind of hidden intentions of making new Battletomes (for skaven grots, Bonesplittaz and more)
  11. Well I’m not too happy about the skaven and grots faction review. but, hey who knows, maybe the new edition will be a fun way of playing them. hope is the best thing we can hold onto right now.
  12. Are you sure? I’m Starting to get the fealing that Gw wil be bringing a review for all factions
  13. Well it’s also a little bit disappointing, just like the skaven faction focus. almost no information about any kind of point decreases or new rule updates.
  14. But if you really want something cunningly deceiving, use the deathrunner as a general with the lord of war trait, and take a big unit of jezzails into your army. now you got a unit of jezzails which will put out 2mortal wounds each at a to hit of 4 or more which now also hit on 2’s rerolling ones?. with this combo, you will easily rip out any kind of lords, even the Everchosen will struggle (and die-Die) underground, overground, skaven are we
  15. Yeah, I used the same guy with the cunning deceiver trait, against a friend of mine who was playing Beastclaw raiders. he had some very big problems hitting anything in his first round. it was so hilarious, when his stone horn, just barely killed a clanrat. and that was the only unit in his army which at least got a hit? and a kill
  16. Yes you can . and if your a guy with humor try putting your Assassin into a Assassin which is hidden in another assassin, which Is finally hidden in a warlord, or master warlock engineer.?
  17. Well I’d really liked it if they brought the famous old world Charakters like Queek Headtaker, Grimgor ironhide, skarsnik and gobbla, the Slayer King and last but not least Ungrimm iron fist back. Bringing back does characters (maybe the same way like Morathi) would give the dwarfs, skaven and green things, a great way of making a battletome for each of those factions
  18. Well it’s probably not too bad, but a chaos sorcerer lord, has a better spell now. casting it on 5 instead on a 6 and you can reroll Hit wounds and save rolls of 1. im not sure if the new mystic shield spell, will be worth something (anyways, does anybody know if Gw is chancing the rule with a spell can only be attempted ones to be cast, with per wizard, instead of per turn?)
  19. Damm, well at least I got exactly 13000points of skaven. not sure though, if the summoning will be helping me much there.
  20. Why not, wouldn’t it be somehow funny and interesting to have a anti death, death army instead of always Sigmarines being an anti army against all factions?
  21. Well i don’t really see, why aos shouldn’t have any kind of connection to the old world. afterall something like this would either mean a total renewing of the old world fluff or just whole army’s vanishing to oblivion. and from my perspective, this is probably something nobody wants to happen. aos would be a very boring game with only Ironjaws Beastclaw raiders, Everchosen, Stormcast eternals Deepkins and Sylvaneth existing.
  22. Well Gw did give as some kind of hint preferring to something happening in the future, where skaven are probably a big part of it: In short, there are good times ahead for the skaven – if you’re looking to start your army, why not grab a Verminlord? So there still is a possibility, that they where hinting on some kind of battletome coming out sooner or later. (at least this is something I’m hoping for)
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