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  1. spoon_fed05

    Arkhan first of the mortarch

    Quick question, would arkhan’s first of the mortarchs ability extend the range that you can place an endless spell model for example the geminids place normally at 18 inches would extend to 24?
  2. spoon_fed05

    Ghoul king to vampire lord conversion?

    I’ve had a look at some videos on making greenstuff moulds so I could have a go at making a breastplate. What is it out of proportion on that conversion? I ask as I think the wings I’m going to use are maybe a bit smaller.
  3. spoon_fed05

    Ghoul king to vampire lord conversion?

    Thanks... really useful!
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone had any advice on converting the ghoul king from the vlozd kit into a vampire lord on foot? My current thinking is to give him the sword from the kit and a grave guard shield (maybe). I’ve also got some Dark Eldar scourge wings to attach. I think all the spines around the arms and body need to be clipped off. I guess I’ll be going for a more crazy looking, approaching vargheist look than regal vampire in armour. Is there anything else that can be done to make him look more vampire and less ghoul? Or is it just down to the paint job in the end? Bit concerned about the animal-ish looking legs... or maybe that’ll look good? Hmmmm... btw I don’t have much / any experience of convesrting models.
  5. spoon_fed05

    Sception's Sleepy Sepulcher

    If you use loads of lahmian medium this video might be of use, not tried it myself so I can’t say if it works or not: https://youtu.be/ad7bNDfS3fI
  6. spoon_fed05

    Sception's Sleepy Sepulcher

    Hey thanks for the detailed reply, thats really useful!
  7. spoon_fed05

    Sception's Sleepy Sepulcher

    I really like the effect you have achieved on your the sepulchral guard. Can you go over how you got the darker ethereal colour (like in the cloak)?
  8. spoon_fed05

    Mortis Engine

    Hmm, now I’m torn between doing the horse section ethereal (probably nihilakh oxide drybrushed ulthuan grey) or ‘real’ as in your photo. Im going to go for a copper / brass effect for the railings up top. I’m thinking that would look good if I do the ethereal green (or is it blue? Or turquoise?).
  9. spoon_fed05

    Mortis Engine

    Thanks, I may have made an error with the fencing either side as there seems to be a gap either side of the fence. I’ve stuck some skulls to the bottom of the gate to act as a gluing point... will see if that works! Can you remember what sort of colour scheme you went with?
  10. spoon_fed05

    Mortis Engine

    Sorry if this is in the wrong area of the forums. How do you attach the damn gate at the top of the steps on the mortis engine?
  11. spoon_fed05

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Ah ok, I need to read the battletome more carefully.
  12. spoon_fed05

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    How does 1 GoS return up to 12 with spectral lure? Is the spells effect done twice if the casting roll is 10+?
  13. spoon_fed05

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I use a two tiered cup cake carrier. I’ve stuck a ferrous sheet on the base and magnetised the bases of my models. Works for anything hexwraith height and below.
  14. spoon_fed05

    Spirit torment to Chainghast?

    They look really nice, can you post them when they’re painted? So there are definitely extra heads in the crawlocke box? i need to find some chains now!
  15. spoon_fed05

    Great big stallions

    What is going on with the size of the newer models from nighthaunt? I was just sizing up a hexwraith horse for a conversion and happened to notice that it looked like a large dog compared to the knight of shrouds horse (which was massive). Presumably the dreadblade harrows are the same? Which is more in scale? Are the models generally getting bigger over time?