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  1. I wanted to ask: is anyone using Mutalith Vortex Beast? On paper it looks very nice: it provides good debufs and heals itself.
  2. I know its a rumour but: I heard once that reason why such great and quite modern army (compared to many models from other ranges) as Tomb Kings disappeared was very sad mistake. Rumour has it, that moulds for Tomb Kings range has been accidentally destroyed. If it is true, I don't think they will made new moulds for "old looking" range because it is more profitable make new moulds for new models. More people will buy it. And as all we already know high quality moulds for plastic ranges are very expensive. I was going to start new TK army just when AoS came out and then TK's disappeared. I was very disappointed, so I'm looking forward to see new dethrattle army. I hope it will have nice and interesting look, and will combine somehow with NH and LoN. (...but as an archaeologist I will always miss TK's. If I could afford old second-hand models I would buy them, but today's prices are out of my range)
  3. Thanks! Great news. I've missed that one. Amazon description confirm this: " This omnibus contains two novels: Nagash: The Undying King and Neferata: Mortarch of Blood.". Can't wait
  4. Does anyone can tell me why paper version of "Nagash: The Undying King" by Josh Reynolds isn't available on GW site any more and it's copies on ebay are so ridiculously priced? Is it temporary, or it won't be printed again? I hate ebooks.
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