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  1. And that's exactly my concern. That the game might get worse in the future, altough Battletomes are being rushed out. I am not the only one stating that. To some extend the game went already worse for some players, because terrain and the endless spells have been released. I am with them on that opinion. It just doesn't feel right to have summonable terrain, that acts like units. The Magic phase became so powerful, it causes debalance, and might cause it in the future. To just generalize, that everything went betters, because GW releases new Battletomes is too easy imo. We shall not forget, that some armies do also get more attention than others.
  2. And obviously you're the one to judge, what is worth concidering and what is based in reality. Congratulations.
  3. Where is the hostility coming from? Do you actually have to defend GW? Why can't you just aknowledge someone's concern and maybe not point the finger on that one, complaining he might just be kind of stupid?
  4. It might be right, that GW finally tries to get everything right. That's a good thing! But, imagine what happens, if you stretch a bubble gum further and further...it will just snap. That's what I would complain about. AoS just feel like it is getting so much new stuff, over and over again, and the rework of the Battletomes is behind that. Cool thing, that they'll rework them. But in order to get those done, there might be a bigger and even bigger gap to the older books and the newer books, that will have to be balanced. That's a thing I would concern about. With "Forbidden Powers" we don't even know, if anything new comes to the game. What if it is a new cathegorie of endless spells? Or new units? Or a new army? I don't know what it will be. But what is for sure, IMO, is the fact, that there will be even more to be balanced out for the older books. And maybe even the older new books might fall behid, or even all of them. It would have been better, to entirely flesh out the existing game first, than releasing new stuff over and over again. GW is a little naiv there.. And it stretches...and stretches. The gap gets bigger and bigger.
  5. I'd like to stay with the topic, Khorne will for sure be discussed, when it arrives at saturday, but I already appreciate your opinions.
  6. Not really. My concerns do go in direction of units that are clear losers of the Battletome and will scrath the edge of "why am I even using them, why did I buy them before?". Example: Wrathmongers, Skullreapers But that might only be my point of view. We will see, but I really think that Battletome is not that great.
  7. I am totally on the point with the starter of this post. To an extend it went just ridiculous. GW seems to just cash rush their game pretty much at the moment. Some armies do have the very fist Battletomes, where others ( Stormcasts ) do have their 3rd book already. Or is it even 4th? I don't know anymore. The entire system seems not really fleshed out, but rushed a lot. Armies, that don't have terrain do really struggle with that, and even more when those had their first Battletome only. To be honest, this terrain feature and endless spells mechanics are just cash grab, if you ask me. It was only designed to gain more money, imo. AOS 1 dealed good with no special terrain rules sets, and even with no endless spells. The summoning mechanic went restricted, so people could only summon, what they already paied pointwise. Was totally ok. Now it is totally different. Additional Point mechanic makes several armies add models again. Is it balanced? I really doubt it. I don't think that GW concidered, what would actually happen, when some armies can gain points to add units to the game. MW output went the new victory condition, as it seems. Wizardry was concidered to be fixed, together with shooting, but went totally bonkers. As an example: A skaven player killed my entire army within 3 turns, just because he used his endless spell ( that one with those 3 flying balls, don't know the name ). He really set up the spell, blocked my units...done. The wipe was not to prevent. Gitz wizardry did kind of the same. The fact, that actual releases are rushed, will result in a great debalance, or it did already. Guess what? Will the new Khorne Battletome bring Khorne back to the tables and make it competetive? Relying on insight and information I have right now, it will certainly not. GW lacks of consistence and a clear roadmap right now.
  8. Techniqually the Herdstone does have a warscrollm wich is a "Scenery Warscroll": https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads//ENG_AoS_BeastsOfChaos_Herdstone.pdf
  9. As it seems there isn't any official statement to this. Apparently, as we do measure each distance from Base to Base, meaning the outline itself, I would suggest it is the same with the herdstone.
  10. Hello noble Ladies and Gentlemen! There is a question due to the herdstone. In the warscroll it says, that the buffs effects apply to units wholy within 6" in first turn. It gains 6" for each turn though. Now the question is: Where is it measured from? Is the point of measuring the center of the stone, or is it the outline? I measured the diametre of the stone, to give it a fitting base. I can't provide the correct abse sizes in inches, but in cm: The stone itself has roughly 11cm. I'd suggest it is 12cm due to the objects at the outlining of the model. It would also fit those 6" steps for each turn. How is it measured then? From the middle, or the outline? Want to give my local playersa correct information, and I want to put the stone on a base to give it further modelling. Cheers///
  11. Thank you very much Again, something learned I wish you a great weekend! cheers///
  12. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to know, whether start collecting battalions are allowed for matched play in a competetive area. I would suggest, they're not, as they don't have any point values at all. Cheers///
  13. Apparently he did not. He had 80 clanrats, and brought stuff like a warpfire canon an Thanquol. My question was really like: Why Thanquol?!? For 400 points he takes like 33% of the entire point pool. In another tournament he absolutely dominated all lists, but he had his canon with him. This time, he had no canon, as he concidered it to be " just unfair ". I see what you all mean. Thank you for all your kind suggestions! Personally I will go with a list of deepstriking Beasts of Chaos. They have really ghood movement and can punch like a ton of bricks. The Primordial points ( did I spell that right? ) will give me good opportunities to put a lot of pressure on him. My army will be build with a lot of Bestigors as the fundamential units, as they really buff themselves well, if they do a charge.
  14. Oh ok, but well, it is really, what it is This list is a real problem in our local meta.
  15. We actually don't play with the realm ruls. The realm artifacts are used, so as the endless spells. But the realm rules itself are not a thing.
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