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  1. Carnivore

    Measuring Herdstone's Buffs

    Techniqually the Herdstone does have a warscrollm wich is a "Scenery Warscroll": https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads//ENG_AoS_BeastsOfChaos_Herdstone.pdf
  2. Carnivore

    Measuring Herdstone's Buffs

    As it seems there isn't any official statement to this. Apparently, as we do measure each distance from Base to Base, meaning the outline itself, I would suggest it is the same with the herdstone.
  3. Carnivore

    Measuring Herdstone's Buffs

    Hello noble Ladies and Gentlemen! There is a question due to the herdstone. In the warscroll it says, that the buffs effects apply to units wholy within 6" in first turn. It gains 6" for each turn though. Now the question is: Where is it measured from? Is the point of measuring the center of the stone, or is it the outline? I measured the diametre of the stone, to give it a fitting base. I can't provide the correct abse sizes in inches, but in cm: The stone itself has roughly 11cm. I'd suggest it is 12cm due to the objects at the outlining of the model. It would also fit those 6" steps for each turn. How is it measured then? From the middle, or the outline? Want to give my local playersa correct information, and I want to put the stone on a base to give it further modelling. Cheers///
  4. Carnivore

    Start Collecting battalions

    Thank you very much Again, something learned I wish you a great weekend! cheers///
  5. Carnivore

    Start Collecting battalions

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to know, whether start collecting battalions are allowed for matched play in a competetive area. I would suggest, they're not, as they don't have any point values at all. Cheers///
  6. Carnivore

    Noone can defeat this player's SCE list

    Apparently he did not. He had 80 clanrats, and brought stuff like a warpfire canon an Thanquol. My question was really like: Why Thanquol?!? For 400 points he takes like 33% of the entire point pool. In another tournament he absolutely dominated all lists, but he had his canon with him. This time, he had no canon, as he concidered it to be " just unfair ". I see what you all mean. Thank you for all your kind suggestions! Personally I will go with a list of deepstriking Beasts of Chaos. They have really ghood movement and can punch like a ton of bricks. The Primordial points ( did I spell that right? ) will give me good opportunities to put a lot of pressure on him. My army will be build with a lot of Bestigors as the fundamential units, as they really buff themselves well, if they do a charge.
  7. Carnivore

    Noone can defeat this player's SCE list

    Oh ok, but well, it is really, what it is This list is a real problem in our local meta.
  8. Carnivore

    Noone can defeat this player's SCE list

    We actually don't play with the realm ruls. The realm artifacts are used, so as the endless spells. But the realm rules itself are not a thing.
  9. Carnivore

    Noone can defeat this player's SCE list

    We had: Ironjawz Nighthaunt Skaven Nurgle Khorne Dispossessed None stood a a chance. In some cases I know why, because like Khorne is just not good at less than 2k points. I played Nighthaunt, but due to matchmaking I didn't face the two SCE players.
  10. Carnivore

    Noone can defeat this player's SCE list

    The Ballistas are pretty mucht he issue there. The Infantery just shields it so well, due to their rerollable "anything", that it is pretty hard to reach the ballistas.
  11. Hello there! In my local meta, there is one guy...well, to be accurate it is two guys with 80% the same list...that noone knows how to ever win against. The list is as follows: 1 Lord Arcanum on Gryph charger 1 Lord Relictor 1 Lord Ordinator 5 Sequitors 5 Sequitors 5 Sequitors 5 Evocators 2 Celestar Ballista The other players list is: 1 Lord Arcanum 1 Knight Incantor 5 Sequitors 5 Sequitors 5 Sequitors 5 Evocators 5 Evocators 1 Celestar Ballista Balewind Vortex Malevolent Malestrom In our local store we play 1250 point tournaments. Both players use to deep strike the Ballistas and some units. If anyone has suggestions, it would really be appreciated! Cheers///
  12. Carnivore

    Runelord vs Endless Spells ( Priests )

    Thanks, mate!
  13. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! I am having a question due to the fact, that endless spells can be dispelled in two ways: 1. Dispell it, when it is casted via a WIZARD 2. Dispell in a hero phase with a WIZARD, but that's cost one casting value Now the question: As stated in the warscroll, a runelord of the dispossed can attempt to unbind a cast, as if he was a wizard. He himself doesn't have the WIZARD keyword, but is a priest. Can he only try to initially unbind the endless spell, in the moment it is casted? Can he then not try to dispell it in his hero phase, when the endless spell is already on the battlefield? Cheers///
  14. Carnivore

    Banner bearers / icon bearers in older warscrolls

    What about the fact, that ( as it seems ) in a group of 2 or more, there could be both banner options. Sometimes, a unit can choose from a banner, or an icon for 10 models. What, when that units has 20 or more models? Can it then equip both, Banner & Icon & so what ever?
  15. Hello Ladies & Gentlemen! I am having a question due to the choice of banner / icon bearers. "Models in this unit may be Waaagh! Drummers. You can add 2 to the charge rolls of a unit that includes any Waaagh! Drummers." Models in this unit may be Standard Bearers. Standard Bearers can carry either an Orruk Banner or a Skull Icon. The question is: Is it in any way officially restricted, that only 1 of 10 can be a banner / icon bearer? And even more important, can a group of 20 or more models take both banners / icons? Thank you for your help there! Best regards!