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  1. Thanks @Pompe, forgot the named chars rule. Crimson Crown does seem like a much better option due to Killing Frenzy. I did focus on one Thundertusk at a time but it just didn't seem to be enough to kill one outright without the Bloodthirster. The first lot of Bloodletters got into combat really quickly but with no support they only did a handful of wounds. Bloodthirster was out of range to give buffs and the other Flesh Hounds and Bloodletters were a bit too far behind. Would it have been better to go second? Deploy defensively, take the damage then charge with a better concentration of Bloodletters? I have only ever just charged in and swung... seemed to work really well against Death and Stormcast.
  2. I recently finished my 2000pts list of the following but suffered a crushing defeat and would welcome feedback. The list felt pretty good but is this a bad match up or was this down to my poor decision-making/deployment. Either way, I need to figure this out for next time. WoK Bloodthirster with Mark of Slayer and Devastating Blow (General) Murderhost: 30 Bloodletters, Gore-drenched Icon 30 Bloodletters, Gore-drenched Icon 5 Flesh Hounds Skulltaker with Armour of Scorn Gore Pilgrims: 1 Bloodsecrator with Brazen Rune 2 Slaughterpriests with Hackblade and Wrathhammer (Killing Frenzy) 30 Bloodreavers with Reaver Blades 5 Blood Warriors I was against: 2 Huskards on Thundertusks, 1 with Everwinter's Master and Pelt of Charngar 2 Thundertusk Beastriders 3 Yhetees Allies: 1 Butcher with Cauldron, 6 Ogors Deployment was, roughly: * Yhetees * 4 Thundertusks and Butcher * 6 Ogors * 5 BW WoK BT, 30 BL * ST, 5 FH, 30 BL SP BS SP *30 BR Scorched Earth scenario, decent amount of scenery but no rules that impacted the game. I got first turn, and Murderhost'd for 8. Got the first lot of 30 Bloodletters with WoK's command into combat, which took down half of his General's wounds. Bloodthirster, 30 BL and Flesh Hounds all failed charges. He healed his General back up to full health (good rolls for heal + Butcher) then came the dirty snowballs. Took out my Bloodthirster quickly and weakened my 30 BL in combat. By the time we rolled for Turn 2, I had lost my Bloodthirster and pretty much all of my first 30 BL and a few BW. The other 30 BL with 5 FH went for the nearest Thundertusk and took him out to then head for the Butcher. Slaughterpriest moved up toward Butcher slowly before being snowballed. By the end of his Turn 2, I had only taken out a Huskard on Thundertusk despite having lost over half my army. Turn 3 and some bad dirty snowball rolls led to me hanging on and contesting the objective again but the battle was lost. This was my first run with Murderhost and Gore Pilgrims. I think it would work well against previous armies I have faced (Stormcast, Arkhan Death) but this just seemed like an uphill battle. Any advice would be much appreciated. I have played a handful of games with Khorne and had been building up to this list.
  3. Kharnige

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    @Josh well I hope it goes well. Nighthaunt seem really underrated but has a great combination of survivability and damage output (especially with Spirit Hosts and Keldrek). From what I have tested, they have a comparable output to beefed up Bloodletters (in terms of MW output with the caveat of how many can usually fit in combat). When you say overkill... do you mean overkill good or overall bad re: Mourngul... Your 1000pts does look more feasible though. A Nighthaunt release would be great. I am finding that there are a few "Spirit Host borrowing" models around that are not Nighthaunt which I would really like to be centralised (Arkhan + Mortis Engine) - even Nagash has some! Is this more of a theme or just a coincidence insomuch as they are just "spirits"?
  4. Thanks Praecautus. I like the look of this Also, I wondered if I could please request some feedback on 2K Khorne List: Option A: Murderhost WoK Bloodthirster 2X 30 Bloodletters 2X 5 Flesh Hounds Gore Pilgrims Bloodsecrator 2X Slaughterpriest with Hackblade 5 Blood Warriors 30 Bloodreavers For exactly 2000pts, 2 drops Option B: WoK Bloodthirster 2X 30 Bloodletters Gore Pilgrims Bloodsecrator 2X Slaughterpriest with Hackblade 10 Blood Warriors 40 Bloodreavers 2X Bloodstoker for 1970pts, 4 drops I prefer the 2 drop Option A but I guess the dual Bloodstokers and bigger Bloodreaver horde could be good - also that Bloodstokers are also decent in combat. My main query is how effective are Flesh Hounds vs the trade off for Bloodstokers?
  5. @Praecautus new warband with flesh hound? Can you let me know details please?
  6. Kharnige

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    @Josh thanks for the list. Love the theme synergy of Arkhan and KoS, just wish they would add Nighthaunt to Arkhan. I would really appreciate to hear your findings from the tournament. I like the look of the list and have gone for a second Mourngul and just need to get more Spirit Hosts and Arkhan. I also noticed that with the reduced cost of Mourngul that in a 1K army the list could be 1 Cairn Wraith, 2 Spirit Hosts and 2 Mourngul for exactly 1000pts! Is this just a pipe dream or could this be great?
  7. Thanks Killax, that makes sense. Ah yes I forgot about the FG.
  8. Kharnige

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    @Josh, do you tend to run 2 Mourngul with Arkhan or run Arkhan and only 1 Mourngul? Curious as I have a Mourngul for my 1K pure Nighthaunt list but trying to figure out where to expand for 2K.
  9. Could someone please advise regarding the Maggotkin List. Is the useful of the Plague Monks purely attributed to the use of the Glottkin's Command Ability? Also, regarding the bands of 10 Chaos Marauders - are these screening fodder / objective support? Sorry if these are rather stupid questions, trying to branch out - I am mainly a Khorne player.
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