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  1. Greetings! I had a little discussion with friends yesterday and we could not find a clear answer. There are a few mortal wound reflecting effects in the game at the moment. (Nagash's Morikhane or the Mirrored Cuirass artefact) How do these interact with indirect wounds like endless spells, or exploding wyldwoods? Nagash's rules state that you can reflect to the attacker. In our case that would mean that the reflect fails. Is that correct? In the case of the Cuirass, you can reflect in a 6" radius, which would mean you have the chance to bombard those mortal wounds coming from an endless spell right back to the enemy. Is that the case? Bonus question: Although the chances are low is it possible to ping pong a mortal wound between two characters provided both are lucky enough to roll sixes? Thanks fir the help!
  2. Hey people! Just a quick question about Flayers: Is Death Scream a unit or model ability? For example, if I have a 6 strong Flayer unit do I roll 2d6 one time or six times? Thanks for the help!
  3. romhi

    Sylvaneth New Army.

    Yeah Gnarlroot and Household go hand in hand. On another note, is Treesong a conscious choice? It is a really fun spell but depending on your table and scenery it could even be impossible to use. Is it possible that you mixed it up with Verdant Blessing? That is the spell that summons additional Wyldwoods. Also keep in mind that (in case of the first list) 8 spells are a bit overkill IF you have no access to Realm Spells because some of the Sylvaneth spells are more on the "situational" side.
  4. Really solid list in my opinion especially for a 1000 points game. The only negative thing I can see is the lack of woods summon. TLC only summons one on a +4 with a pretty harsh restriction but I guess in a 1k game that won't be that big of an issue. If you plan on expanding this list make sure to add some low cost spellcasters to help. I did not see any official statements about this but in my understanding they were removed because of the new summoning rules. Everything that is summonable has become free and lost it's point cost. As the woods were free for Sylvaneth players the only reason they were in the warscroll builder is because of the Treelord Ancient's summoning ability. If you took an Ancient as an ally you could summon woods and you needed x amount of points in reserve to place them.
  5. Did anyone try or hear about magnetizing revenants? I was thinking about giving Dreadwood a try but buying 4 boxes of Spite-Revenants only to be used in one type of a list is just too pricey for me. I might invest in them if I could alternate the models between Spite and Tree-Revenants as the Tree variety sees much more play in our lists. Could it work?
  6. Isn't that 10 cast / 10 dispel +1 cast with Cogs? Used a similar list not so long ago (used more dryads instead of revenants and skipped lifeswarm). I had two big problems: I was unfortunate enough to play against a Tzeentch army. This dropped my successful casts to a laughable level. My other problem: I did not have enough useful spells to cast during the game. I feel like this list is seriously neutered in the event you have no access to realm spells or these realm spells are limited to you. In my case we had a house rule to roll two d6 to get two useable spells from the Chamon table. Curse of Rust and Glittering Robe were both quite lacklustre against a spell-heavy list. I blame my lack of experience with Gnarlroot for that loss. Also, does anyone have any experience with Emerald Lifeswarm? My gut tells me it is too much of a risk.
  7. The first thing to consider about Sylvaneth are the Wyldwoods. Without the woods you only have half of an army in my opinion. If you are up for some diy or don't mind spending extra money to bring out 100% of your army and you don't mind hauling an extra bag of scenery to every game than it is worth it. I really like the faction, the tricks and tactics of it too. I would say that after the newest GHB we are in an ok position amongst the newer forces, but there are more experienced players who could shine some light on that for you.
  8. Last weekend I attended a pretty large scale (for Hungary at least) AoS event . There were plenty of house rules, the most notable were the limitations on mortal wounds and summoning. We also had unique homebrew scenarios and battleplans. 1500 points, units that were more than 500p were banned (no Alarielle for me), no more than 8 mw against one unit per phase. My list: Treelord Ancient (300)- General- Trait: Gift of Ghyran - Deepwood Spell: RegrowthDrycha Hamadreth (280) (with Flitterfuries because of the mw rules)- Deepwood Spell: RegrowthBranchwraith (80)- Artefact: Lens of Refraction - Deepwood Spell: Verdant Blessing20 x Dryads (200)10 x Dryads (100)5 x Tree-Revenants (80)3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200)- Scythes3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200)- GreatswordsAethervoid Pendulum (40)Quicksilver Swords (20) Spells of Chamon: Transmutation and Curse of Rust 1. Raid My first match was against a mortal Khorne army. (Mighty Lord, Bloodsecrator, 2 Slaughterpriests, Bloodstoker, 2 units of Blood Warriors, 1 unit of Bloodreavers and 3 Khorgoraths, pilgrim battalion) The battle plan was quite basic, with a defender and an attacker. Defender set up one objective in their own zone (12"x24"), and two outside of it. Every objective earned you 1 vp, killing an enemy unit was also 1 vp and offing the commander was 2p. Having 8 drops really helped get the first turn in all three of my games and going first here and getting the defender's side was a great boon. In the first turn I was able to deploy wyldwoods on two objectives. This made my tactics quite straightforward: split my forces in two and ignore the third objective completely. big unit of dryads with a unit of hunters went ahead and stalled the three buffed up Khorgoraths for four turns while the rest of my army was camping in the middle of the board duking it out with the rest of the enemy forces. Drycha's Flitterfuries and the Quicksilver Swords were incredibly useful in weakening and even killing most of the Khornate heroes. The Mighty Lord died to the swords turn two and the Bloodsecrator died to a lucky revenant charge from the back. The two priests boiled Drycha at the end of the game but by then she already did her part. Game ended with a major victory for me. MVP: unkillable dryads. 2. Resources Second match against Stormcast Eternals (Lord-Arcanum on gryph, Knight-Incantor, Ordinator, Castellant with doggo, 1 unit of judicators, 2 units of Liberators, Prosecutors with javelins, 2 Celestar Ballista and an Everblaze Comet) The plan was the following: Objective in the middle, start from one of the four corners. If the objective is controlled at the end of the turn set up a new one 3d6 inches from the previous using a scatter die. Game ends with the fifth turn, five objectives maximum on board. Started the game with growing a big wyldwood right in the middle of the map. My plan was to cover as much of the available space with woods to get cover from those annoying ballistas, which I did with great success. I teleported most of my army to the middle point turn one. My biggest mistake was the comet. I failed to unbind it and it landed in the middle of my whole army, and denied a pretty big chunk of forest from being used in the upcoming turns. I left it there as I was much more afraid of it landing again than I was afraid of the are denial. A handful of dryads died and all my heroes and hunters received some damage. On the second turn my luck started to turn as the new objective appeared on my side of the forest "wall" right on the edge of a newly set up wyldwood. This happened on the third and fourth turn as well which denied my opponent from scoring any points. Game ended with a major victory again. MVP: wyldwoods, not only they denied my opponents shooting phase but also killed a surprising amount of Liberators when they decided to charge into them out of frustration. 3. Siege Last match was against a Nighthaunt list (Guardian with lantern, Executioner, Knight of Shrouds on steed, Spirit Torment, 2 unist of Chainrasp Horde, a unit of Grimghast Reapers, a unit of Glaivewraith Stalkers, a unit of Myrmourn Banshees and a Mourngul) The plan: both armies started on one of the short sides of the table in the corners. On the far side was a stationary bunker manned by neutral Kharadron dwarfs. The bunker had +3 save and +5 mortal wound save, could shoot us at the start of the turn, and could be activated using a command point to shoot a volley on our opponent. No model or scenery could be set up in a 14" circle around it so no forests for me there. The bunker had 50 wounds and every wound you scored against the structure gave you one victory point and killing enemy units also awarded points. The Plan was to put a wyldwood as close as possible to the bunker and teleport for an early boost in movement and start earning victory points with my heavy hitters while the dryads stalled for time. This was a good idea until I saw my table. In my opinion one of the worst nightmares of a sylvaneth player is a scenery heavy table. In my case the half of the table with the bunker on it was littered with rocks, buildings and walls. The closest that I could place my woods was around 24-25". My opponent, unhindered by the scenery thanks to the fly ability ran across the table for an early charge and sneaked in a hefty amount of damage. by the time I got there, I had no time nor space to overtake him. It was a really interesting and fun battleplan to play. Game ended with a major loss. MVP: were the two hunter team. they not only scored some juicy points at the bunker but also cleared up some spooky ghosts for some sweet revenge. Thanks for reading through my experiences.
  9. Nowhere, and there is not a word about it requiring any visibility either. That is my point. It is vague enough to warrant discussion, which brings me back to my very original advice: discuss it with your judge/friend/opponent and come to an understanding.
  10. My last addition and a some more food for thought would be a quote from the core book itself: "Most warscrolls include one or more abilities that can be used by the warscroll’s models during a game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Abilities take precedence over the core rules." (Core Book, pg.:238) This was the leading argument at the start of my latest tournament.
  11. This is an interesting question that comes up a lot of times. Many people say that you need los and many say you don't. Apart from being a missile attack, it is also an ability that has its own rules stated on the warscroll without any need of visibility. The safest bet would be to discuss this with your opponent/judge/organizer. If my memory serves me right in the last 1-2 years I have only seen it played as not needing los as it is an area of effect ability. This does not mean that this is the right way to play. The exact words from the battletome states: "If a SYLVANETH unit is within 3"of a Sylvaneth Wyldwood at the start of your movement phase, it can attempt to traverse the spirit paths instead of moving normally. In my reading you "exchange" your normal move for a teleport. If you can't move at all in the movement phase I feel like you can't teleport either. I could be wrong, the only similar thing that comes to mind are the new summoning abilities from other armies. Most of them can summon at the end of the movement phase thus locking you out of such options like this one.
  12. Anyone has any tips and tricks against the new sacrosanct stormcasts and the new nighthaunt armies? Did not have the chance to fight them yet, and I bet I will face some this weekend.
  13. Q: Does the Overgrown Wilderness scenery rule apply to the Citadel Woods that make up a Sylvaneth Wyldwood? A: Yes. It is in the Sylvaneth's Designer's Commentary part of the official FAQ page. (link)
  14. Understandable, sure. I know this was discussed to death but I still like to include swords next to my scythes. In the past year I did not have a single game where I could not find a sweet, low save target to decimate with swords.
  15. Wouldn't swords be better against NH? The -2 rend of the scythes are kind of wasted on them.
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