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    I'm going for a white sandy Hyshian desert look for my Cypher Lords
  2. Hi Realmhead, Skywardens are okay..ish I guess? Endrinriggers outclass them in melee as well due to the saws. KO are about Khemists and the saw is one of the best targets. Also, for some reason, the points on Skywardens were increased in the last GHB, making them just as expensive as Riggers even though people almost never took them when they were cheaper in the first place. KO are in this weird place where they have a very small selection of units, but with a lot of redundancy despite the very small selection. The low number of posts in this thread seems to imply people have similar feelings to me. I feel like I am playing a small army, of which half the units are basically no-go. An army that during the game doesn't partake in a big part of the game / get any of the new goodies, are mediocre at the thing they're supposed to be good at and seem to have, as far as my limited experience has shown, very little tactical flexibility. Nothing to soak a charge or hold an objective for example (and before you say 'the ships!'.. those tend to melt before any charge). All in all I have painted a whole bunch of dwarves but they're kind of boring to play. They remind me of the old Dark Eldar but at least those were very mobile and hit hard. But maybe people feel very different from me.. I hope so.
  3. @Soka Paint: Thanks for the tips, I appreciate you taking the time to type up an extensive response to my experiences. I read your post on your tournament win a couple of pages ago, I salute you! After having read your reply a couple of days ago, I am definitely considering growing the Skyhook unit to 30 men, on foot, with a Khemist nearby. This will clear up some space in the boat and will make it so that I don't really need a second boat. The Frigate is on the painting table right now, but all and all I am not liking the boats. But maybe I am spoiled, I am used to Venoms. 24" for 18 Skyhook shots sounds pretty nasty. Putting the Ironclad and the Riggers ahead of the objective was exactly what I tried. I put the Admiral on top of the objective and screened him with the Ironclad and the Riggers. I failed the hook and charge with the Riggers, which was a big deal, but I was definitely not expecting two Morghasts, 3 Spirit bases and a few Graveguard to kill the entire screen in almost one swoop. I feel that, might I have held on a bit longer, this screening tactic might have worked. I didn't get a chance to heal the Ironclad or fly it out. Maybe next time I will! I might even try a different Skyport. I painted my models in the Zilfin scheme, because I like the Zilfin colours, but I might just try different Ports during the game. @stato: Thanks for the tips, you're definitely right. With a bit more practice, I could probably get more out of this game. For the record, I did exactly what you suggested: I focused on one objective, ignoring the other. I figured that, since I had the first turn and could be on the objective turn 1, I would rack in more points than his 40 skeleton + Necro flank which would take 2 turns to get on top of the objective. I split his forces successfully and was able to ignore 40 skeletons and a Necromancer the entire game, but that didn't stop the other half of his army to table me in effectively 2 rounds of combat, with no chance for me to get a response in in between (AoS double-turn is very swingy). I might have fared better if I had spread my forces a bit more. The 3" pile-in in AoS still surprises me. And yeah, I will definitely play more effectively in the future with a bit more practice. On your other points, I think you're right on all. The knowledge wasn't lined up in my head at all! The Battletome is a lot to take in, but it's basically impossible for a newbie like me to also take into account all the FAQ's and warscroll changes. Can't keep up Your three hero points is well taken and I felt the same way. I finished the Khemist and the Navigator recently so I wanted to give them a try, but I usually play Warhammer with the smallest amount of Character models that I have to (still coming from DE, where every HQ you took was basically a mandatory waste of points). Three heroes was two-too-much in my opinion. I think I will, in the future, just settle on the Khemist and see where I go from there.. I see that posting pictures of your miniatures is a thing here. I have some pictures up of my army here: Balloons Baby (Featuring the latest units I painted, my Riggers, Khemist and Navigator) Army KO (My army just before the update above, you have to scroll down a bit). Cheers!
  4. Hi guys, Played a game last weekend versus Death. 1500 points Zilfin. I brought three units of 10 arkanauts with 3x3 weapons, 9 Riggers with 2 grapplers, Ironclad, Khemist, Admiral, Navigator. He had Arkhan, 2 Morghasts, 40 skeletons with a Necromancer, Wight King with 20 Grave Guard and three Nighthaunt Spirit Bases. We played a 2 objective mission with the objectives yielding more points every turn you controlled them. He split his army across the board, 40 skells with Necro on one side, rest on the other. I redeployed with Fleetmaster. My plan: ignore the skeletons, seize objective turn 1 kill Arkhan and the characters and win. Was my 3nd game with my now painted KO. 3rd game of AoS also. First game in 2.0. It did not go so well. I played Dark Eldar for years so I wasn't too scared of an uphill battle but... yikes! I landed on the objective turn 1, got Arkhan down to 1 wound (he had some lucky saves) and proceeded to try to grapple him with my Riggers so I could multicharge a bunch of things after buffing the saws with the Khemist I failed the grapple.. and I kind of feel like that decided the game then and there. No rerolls like in 40k either! Ouch.. In his turn he got 5 graveguard into combat with the Riggers, which did about 12 wounds (all those skeleton type have a ridiculous amount of attacks), killing them all, and the Morghasts + Spirits got the Ironclad down to 1 wound. He got the double turn, put the skellies on one objective and knocked me of the other one by almost tabling me. I had some Arkanauts left and my characters, which all died by turn 4. It was exciting for a while as I got the objective back and we were on equal points for a long while, but it didn't last. I got stomped pretty badly and never even got close to those 40 skeletons and the Necro. Points I took from the game: * AoS and KO have a lot of little rules and interactions and synergies, it's a lot more intricate and complex than it looks at first. I'm sure I forgot a lot. I'll do better simply by playing more that much was obvious to me. * Piling in and locking things into combat by getting stuff within 3" seems to be one of the most exploitable things in the game. You basically charge a unit then glue everything stuck. I learned the hard way! Kind of cool how important positioning is! * I was kind of annoyed that the Ironclad can basically do nothing from combat nor after leaving it. Not that it mattered because it died almost instantly (I used to use DE Raiders as physical road blocks to prevent units from being charged. Thought I'd try the same). * The Khemist is amazing. Not that we didn't know that but I saw him in action and he was the most effective character by being useful in a lot of different situations. * Navigator was useless. He dispelled one spell, but didn't do anything else. * I felt really outmatched by not being able to participate in the Magic phase, nor the combat phase nor being able to summon or stop summoning.. KO feel like Tau combined with old Dark Eldar, where you try to play for the objective and kind of ignore half of your opponents army because you won't kill it anyway. It was challenging on one hand but kind of boring on the other. * I'm not sure what KO actually want to do. Their guns suggest they want to get up midrange (with their 12" pistols) but they melt when something touches them. Like you're forced to commit and hope you kill enough so they can't retaliate. * It's hard to hold an objective with KO. Both of them had to be taken within the first turn because of how the VP work but both of the were within Deaths grasp on turn one as well. If the Ironclad can't hold and objective I'm bot sure which unit can. I tried to clear something with arkanauts. 10 charged the Ghosts, did 0 wounds, 4 were killed in return and the rest fled, whiping the unit. * I guess a mission that allows me to ignore the objectives for a while would allow me to use my movement shenanigans a bit more and more surgically delete units and outrun/outfly those alow Death units. * I'm not sure how to peel with KO, we seem to have no real bumper units that soak a charge decently. * Characters are vulnerable. I was almost able to kill Arkhan on turn 1, which would've been a huge deal. * I got another boat on my painting table but I'm not sure if I want one. Looking at the stats of the units my best bet seems to be to load like 12 more Riggers on the Ironclad, but it's a kind of one dimensional and boring list, and I'm a casual player who likes allround armies. I'm aware I'm saying few (no?) things you haven't heard already, but advice would be welcome Not so much as how to win but more as to how to play more effectively and have more fun with my KO. Thanks!
  5. How are you guys liking the Warscrolls? Miniaturewise, they really seem to demand people buy a lot of Khinerai. Not sure how I feel about those models, they remind me a lot of Scourges. Scourges are so fiddly they are really annoying to play with. Are the scrolls really necessary? I'm building towards a witch aelf horde and I am not sure I want to force units into my army that I am not fond of, but I also don't want to miss out on any essential synergies.
  6. Slippy

    I'm in

    Hi guys! Recently started slowly painting and collecting AoS since the release of the KO. KO got me hooked on AoS. The fact that GW's letting go of old concepts like traditional dwarves and elves, and embracing totally new high-high fantasy, is amazing to me. I was sceptical at first, having spent my whole youth playing Fantasy (I've been in the hobby for 20yrs), but it had to be done and I'm happy for it. It opens up so many amazing possibilities like the Melusai and flying Dwarves. I can't wait to see what's next. Anyway I have almost 1k pts of Zilfin painted up and I'm really enjoying them. I also had a bunch of witches and a Cauldron laying around so I started painting those too (and bought the Battletome). (I also have thousands of points of High Elves but mehh they're fine in those shoeboxes). Also got my first game of AoS in last week! Was amazing. I can't believe how terrible the aim is of the duardin behind Ironclads cannon... Anyway, it's a thrill. Only thing missing for me right now (although I'm still mentally 'letting go' of combat resolution and flank charges) is my feeling of connection with the setting. I get there's a bunch of realms with different weather but beyond that I'm kind of missing the point. I don't know what's where and why and how far it is and why I should care but hey, I'm sure I eventually will. It's just confusing, I guess. My KO battletome, if I recall correctly, doesn't even mention in which realm the KO are in (anyone know?). At least, in the last, Ulthuan, Lustria and the World Edge Mountains made sense, even if they weren't very original. Anyway it's nice to be here! I won't be posting much because I'm more of a reader but I'm happy to be part of this place as it's the only source of AoS discussion I could find on the web. Cheers! Slippy
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