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  1. I think the answer is when you need one more inch of reach in close combat. Because you are behind Arkaunault or because you have 12 riggers. I’m right? Do I win something?
  2. V1NZ

    Strike Quickly

    So this means that if my oponents have a Command point there is no way for me to stike first? Because if I chose to do it, he can also chose to do it and he will be first. So this rule is only usefull if my oponent do not have a command point?
  3. I also have the same question. Anyone smarter than me can answer this ? The only thing I see is that in melee you get 2" attack that could go through a unit of Arkaunault right in front of it. Special weapons are the same, but you loose the Skypikes too so loosing some punch too in melee if you do use it. And the basic Shooting are worst than Endrinriggers.
  4. Does a Kharadron Overlords army get to have both a Great Endrinwork and an artefact? Or the great Endrinworks count as the artefact it gets to choose?
  5. V1NZ

    Strike Quickly

    From the Realms of Battle rule for Hysh, we have the command ability Strike Quickly. Let's say, it's my oponent turn, What I understand is that I get to use a command point to make one of my unit at 3" of a Hero strike first. How does it work if when I use it and my oponent also use it? Do I hit first or he it first? He have to declare it first since it's is turn? Do he get to use it too after I used it? Thanks.
  6. V1NZ

    Bravery Debuff Army

    I was wondering, do you think a bravery debuff themed army could work? Legion of Blood Allegiance (-1 bravey) using Morghast (-1 bravery), Deathrattle banners (in 40 squellettons, another -1) and of course casting Overwhelming dread (if lucky for twice the effect) and maybe 2 Terrorgheist for attacking and screaming of course. Any other ideas? (I will not play the TK Catapult...) Someone already tried it? A lot of armies have bravery 10, is it good enough vs them? For sure that would be fun to play.
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