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  1. That’s why they are great… Even after retreating or running
  2. Model wise you could go crazy with old tomb king mummies… the handmaiden could be tossed for other lackeys. as stated above, the CT has a very nice buff CA, and the spell is a neat trick in a tight situation. Not really much damage, not really tough, but pretty fast…
  3. Guess that depends on your opponent… wouldn‘t mind, since the models are very easily distinguishable, but if someone tries to be complicated 🤔
  4. If you’ll ever end up in Far North Germany, I‘ll happily play against your „imba fantasy“ rules 🥃🥳👍 but to be honest „insert Khorne-Tourette here“ GW can’t write rules to save their lives and then one has to read through „YouTube’s how to win an argument“ Latin fancy and step-children Darwin rule inheriting and still under Core rule 14.5 last sentence „MWs are allocated in the same way as wounds and are treated in the same manner as wounds for rules purposes.“ I guess the move from 4 pages of rules to 44 pages, a ghbXX and a battletome with each having a faq and a design commentary didn’t make for an easy to play wargame 🙈🤣👻
  5. You might just go for 20+20 and if you’ll really want the big blender mob, just sprinkle in some shield guys… the greatweapon vs shield discussion started when Nagash invented them and us still undecided…
  6. Maybe they’ll roll very good for extra command points 🤔 poor Manny gets haunted by his family, telling him to do better 🤣👍
  7. Not for free, but pretty cheap… Lost Kingdom Miniatures they also have Atztekian Ruins, and other stuff, the Ishar Gate is printed at 25%, so will end up being huge, the towers have stairs inside. another thing, also not 4free, but cool: printable scenery
  8. While I think, that this is one of those fatal RAW vs RAI mess up, I would love for GDubs to implement „damage“ instead of the wound/mortal wound distinction. That would make things a lot easier and clearer…
  9. Or they just wouldn’t… I still got direwolves on square bases two years ago but there are a lot of infantry on 24mm bases, so a general switch to 28mm would be kinda stupid and the uproar a sight to behold. Almost as stupid as measuring in inch and defining base sizes in mm, but that’s just my metric talk 🤣
  10. Chaos duardin artillery, manned by hobgoblins…
  11. The FEC threat confirms, that 20 chaos marauders might not get into combat with 6 Flayers… (Roll 2d6-bravery= MWs scream per model 😱) QfT +1000 and one of the most fundamental problems in all games, especially cross-compared to player abilities and faction tier… played an undead horde against Kroak on vortex and starpriest… all was kinda ok, but my necromancer couldn’t get his magic buffs off, cause kroak said „nope“ and my skeleton and zombiehordes got crushed by „roll for each model, mw on 5+“ then some character sniping comet spells from orbit… you drive an hour, set up the game and after 15 seconds of glancing over his list, you’ll know you’re outmatched. I did the same in a 1k game, Azgorh vs tzeentch, small table, brought a Death shrieker launcher and the quake mortar, his heroes were dead in round two… but I fear, that there is no real solution, because back in the days of old flesh eater court, we were crying, moaning and loosing… then along came iirc Ben Souza placing 5th in a big event some lists are pretty tough to deal with on beginner - advanced level, because they are straightforward, but don’t really score on the waac-cutthroat level. Like old frosthorn lists: Run forward, throw snowballs, charge and crush things… easy win not sure if they ever won or top 5 in any big event. The armies are too divers and there are too many aspects/phases that matter to really balance the game for EVERY 2k list, against every 2k enemy. Not even considering skill levels or battleplans. I think with all the extra rules and objectives, the rules have become unwieldy for new players, even more things to consider and more details to manage, although it opens up a lot of potential maneuvers, that lets you compete against a stronger list, if you are the stronger player and/OR get a favorable battleplan.
  12. Sure this is legal? His base is 130mm, so he can’t move his big junk over a unit… nice tactics for your vargheists woth radukar, or something. support hero manages the road block, while vargheists jump into the back lines
  13. My take: coven throne, vengorian lord, belladamma, kritza 4x5 bloodknights 2x10 direwolves 1935 so some wiggle room left the whole army moves fast, the knights just double with a big hero and are as such very independent. CA of the throne helps, vangorian heals itself, is pretty tanky and the spell is nice… if bodies are needed, the wolves charge in, granny vyrkos is just too good kritza is just as afterthought and resurrects where needed… adding hero support out of nowhere. this list is just an idea, maybe wiggle the throne for Mannfred (2005 😿), throw out kritza and enter Fell bats for 1985 Of course a big unit of bloodknights is easier to buff, but I think they are pretty self sufficient and with the riders, you never want them in one place fighting it out anyway. The Aura of Manni is great and he could „nope away“ too… All those musings are just tea leaves and paper scribbles, but the ability to move freely around the board, applying pressure very fluidly dealing mortals as an afterthought is pretty strong… but will also test our positioning and targeting skills
  14. Good thing we have cavalry that just tramples through objective screens and other minor inconveniences… Sadly things are a bit messy real life (nice but hectic), so no time to conquer, But triggering Riders of Ruin every turn with 3-5 units of knights sounds like something funny
  15. Tricky question…. My GkoTg general with mount trait deletes most things on the charge. With frenzy if needed. And has cast „unholy vitality“ on himself… and has the hunger spell from the regent if you‘re fielding double gheists, you might want to buff the other one too, needing different spells. So maybe he gets the kings hunger spell, and mystic shield or HE casts flaming weapon on himself, since he doesn’t have the mount trait. To secure a decent damage output.
  16. The list looks top heavy, but should be a lot of fun. And summoning in 2x20 ghouls will put the pressure on the opponent. Since you can cast the regent hunger spell only once, you could think about only a king, freeing up 80 points for things…
  17. QfT… my wrath burns with the heat of a thousand suns !!! May your dices roll 1s except for battleshock , there I wish them 6s… 😤😡🤬😡😤 Back2Topic FEC: without battalions, without double feeding frenzy, things will be outside my comfort zone a bit, but now into the breach… how by the holy lady of the lake is the King on zombiedragon still on points with the GkoTg ??? and a tough spike too 445 is massive, almost as massive as the maw 🤣 most points are a bit back and forth , but manageable without the battalion tax. Flayers and infernal getting a bit up, horrors and haunter going a bit down. The chalice going up some points, with battleshock casualties out of the bucket, don’t know, barricade with slight increase, never saw much use, still ok stampede big up, but with the new rules it might even be worth it 🙀 the shock… The Blisterskin Court still looks solid The Gristlegore Court got a funky buff The Hollowmourne Court without smashbat… nope, cheap horrors ok, but can’t see that. Only in the most friendliest games, maybe against hedonites 🤗 The real sad thing are the reinforcement points for casual ghoul hordes. Extra attacks with 20+ models 😢 bye bye 4x30 mob madness After playing FEC and Undead since AoS 1.0, I know how it feels to be trash-tier games were still fun and I could win some friendly games. Then LoN dropped and I got brutal revenge 😈 then FEC 2 came and the first strike feeding frenzy mulched whole armies 🤣 friendly games are always possible
  18. Wardens and sentinels do… cavalry, Elite at 7, heroes around 8… maybe think about bringing a horroghast 🤡🙀☠️ That’ll level the field for gheisties and flayer screams, show them how to really cheese the mortal wounds spam
  19. 🙀 Vhat are you Talking about? Sure , 30 sentinels in overwatch are going to hurt… sure syar CA is a big pile (like the coven throne spell 😈🤣), but LRL are the cheese and like well played KO tricky to pin down and outscore. blisterskin redeploy, would let you throw a terrorgheist in their backfield, screaming d6 off the board, then try the charge or just leaving the distraction carnifex to stir things up… leaving the rest to score
  20. Yes / No / a bit 🤣 Warscroll builder is not updated, but GkoTg (general), Regent & infernal, 4 Dragons… if my brain carried the right 1, 2k on the dot! Linebraker or command entourage as Support heroes infernals are fast enough to keep up, summon a varghulf or another infernal (breath attack for overwatch) if you want TGs you‘re in trouble point wise… but with two dragons and a Tg, you could get another infernal for the second battalion and still have roughly 100 Points left, or a king or even a regent 🙀 they could keep up when running, maybe king for the specific spell
  21. Same… haven‘t had the time to watch the release YouTube thing I guess we’re out 😔 ghb20 points and friendly games .
  22. Still nice, show him how it‘s done 🥳👍 beware, when he whips out kroak 🤣 (not sure about the new one, but still)
  23. Ridiculous, foolish… preposterous this is the most uninspired thing I ever had to see. I hope you have reached your low, because I fear for all that is sacred, if that wasn’t the worst you can offer. With hero and monster actions, the big boiz are probably pretty nasty to deal with in conjunction with the distraction carnifex/-gheist. while the ghouls are camping the objectives. only thing is the summoning, only one regen hero 🤔 maybe that’s all you‘ll need, but maybe 2x varg, only 20ghouls and 3knights leaves all units a bit more durable … and for summoned in units, the ghoul block+flayers could make a nice „ unleash hell“ moment, when your opponent charges in… no, gotta be outside of 3“, but still varg/ghouls/knights is a respectable force coming in from nowhere
  24. This is the internet, please release your hate, like the roar of a thousand deathshrieker rockets fired at a puppy encampment 😈🚀🚀🚀🐶🐰😈 the sad truth is, they mention our chorfs but do nothing, so well whatever… nobody in my community will deny me a game with my legion and they don’t care about the one 3rd party unit and the other proxy dwarf one. But the real problem might arise, when GDubs reimagins Chaos-Duardin and release (naked angry dwarves 😖) and maybe weapons or model size might become an issue… and I heard about 40k necron and tyranid Players that weren‘t allowed to use their beloved kits from the 90s, just because TO was stuck up about it. Base size model height was adjusted, just pure b-hurt. I could understand people hesitant, when I field my 3“ Nagash or hide away the old school tremor cannon. so I Hope/pray for official points in ghb21 and I‘m pretty open for a reimagined „big guns never tire duardin“ faction… and as seen with my Death Legion, they still sell pretty good, even if everybody should have enough skellis, proxy and converted bloodknights
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