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  1. I look at the question of immersion from the beginnings of Warhammer, or at least since the release of the Realms of Chaos books. In Fantasy, daemons and chaotic mortal champions have always had a chance of carrying what some here would consider "immersion breaking" equipment. A Khorne champion has always had a chance of carrying a chainsword or bolter pistol. It was one of the possible rewards or mutations (well not always, but for a long time). Having some 40k piece of terrain could just as easily being something spit out by some sort of rift. To me this does not break immersion, it adds mystery and wonder.
  2. Is this terrain specific, or any model? For instance, what if you had Karanak, but did not own any Flesh Hounds. Would you have this same issue with getting Flesh Hounds for free in your army in Matched Play as an ability, but now having to buy the models for the Flesh Hounds?
  3. 8 hero limit if playing at the 2500pt level, correct?
  4. Also, and this is pretty big in my book..... Previously, Gorefists required a successful save, followed by a roll of a 6 to cause a mortal wound. Now, they just require an unmodified roll of a 6 on a save roll, even if it fails due to rend.
  5. In a lot of my games, I tend to find myself with multiple re-rolls to hit to throw around, so throwing it from say the Warshrine on some blood warriors nearby happens a lot for me. The gorefists have always done well for me, but YMMV.
  6. Keep in mind though in relation to gorefists....... The re-roll ones you can get from other sources easily on the Blood Warriors. The gorefist ability can only come from choosing that load out.
  7. Exactly. Even though I was using them in a unit of 9, they were destroying any fanatics that popped out to screen in the charge phase against the Gloomspite Gits army I played last.
  8. Actually, at least according to my copy of Wrath and Rapture, the Bloodcrushers Muderous Charge ability went from doing 1,D3,or D6 mortal wounds depending on how many models are in the TARGET unit, to doing 1 or D3 mortal wounds depending on how many models in the BLOODCRUSHER unit.
  9. I do find it odd that they already felt the need to change the Bloodcrushers Murderous Charge ability from the Wrath and Rapture warscroll to what it is in this new battletome, but without seeing everything together in context, it may have been justified.
  10. It looks like Slaughterpriests no longer get +1 to the prayer roll if they killed any models in the previous turn.
  11. It looks like the biggest change to Gore Pilgrims is a flat +8" to the Portal for any number of Slaughterpriests in range instead of +6" per Slaughterpriest. **posted at same time as zombiepiratexxx it seems**
  12. Outside of Match Play games, cast it as many times as you want.
  13. I would go with leaning on the "Wounds Characteristic" part. The models it can pass across need to have a Wound characteristic, and that characteristic needs to be 3 or less. Otherwise, it could pass across any piece of terrain.
  14. Sabbat......Blood for the Blood God. Even was released in an issue of White Dwarf.
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