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  1. I'm not sure the scribes can learn the S2D lore spells, since they can only learn spells that are possible for them to cast. Needs an FAQ, because the clarification might just be for endless spells. The clarification probably shouldn't be there, or should be worded to specify what it actually means, because if a spell is impossible to cast it wouldn't matter if the model knows it or not (what the rule means by "possible to cast" is unclear).
  2. For Iron drakes, it comes from longbeards. Handguns/Crossbows can't get it. Thought there was a spell or artefact that gave it initially, but there isn't. Hadn't looked at that stuff in a while.
  3. 30 crossbows can put out ~41.7 damage when buffed (to 2+/2+ re-rolling 1s to wound). 30 handguns can put out ~20.8 damage at rend -1 when buffed (to 2+/2+). 20 Iron Drakes can put out ~25.9 damage at rend -2 on 2+/3+ re-rolling 1s to wound. Those buffs are easy to get for any of those units, even in a hallowheart list. They can do something like this: I don't think KO can match that kind of firepower tbh. It can alpha strike reliably, and looks good at contesting far away objectives, but I find it hard to see how it could match up to CoS in terms of firepower. Curious how people are playing Aethergold atm. It says "you can pick a triumph it is eligible to use and immediately apply its effect". Does that mean you have to have an available triumph (which requires your list to be less points than the opponents)? Or can you just pick any of the 6 from the list and use it even if your list was more points?
  4. Eh, Blue/Pink horrors have much higher shooting output than they did before even without bonus rend (2/3 shots on 5+/4+ to up to 3+/4+ vs 1 shot at 4+/4+), and the blue/brimstone horrors are added immediately within melee of the enemy unit upon models being removed, rather than having to be summoned more than 9" away later, which lets them stay on objectives rather than being forced off after losing 10 wounds. And enemies suffer -1 to hit them in melee if they're wholly within 12" of a daemon hero, which makes them a lot harder to get rid of in the first place. Pinks have the highest wound-point ration in the game, at 1 wound per 4 points, which makes it relatively easy to get an absurd number of wounds on the table, and they don't have a massive footprint. The new spell being easy to cast makes generating summoning points a bit easier (but is less useful than an actual spell), and the loss of being a normal wizard is compensated for with the increased shooting output. Blue/Brimstone Horrors also got significantly better in melee with +1/+2 to wound compared to before (Brimstones at 2 attacks 5+/4+ is pretty good melee stats for such a cheap unit). It looks like a significant buff overall, IMO. A unit of 10 horrors would need to take ~30 damage in one go to reliably battleshock off, and that's not likely to happen.
  5. If you summon Horrors, they must be pinks. Yeah, it's way better than the other options, but... currently the rules don't really allow for any ambiguity here. In the gaunt summoner rule: "Choose 1 unit from the following list: • 10 Pink Horrors" It is not bolded as a keyword, and there is no mention of warscrolls in the rule, so all that matters is whether or not Pink Horrors have a model and rules - which they do, on the Horrors of Tzeentch warscroll. In a unit of Horrors of Tzeentch: "PINK HORRORS: Any number of models in this unit can be Pink Horrors" Pink Horrors are still specific models in the game, even if they do not have their own warscroll, and you are summoning a unit of them. There is no rules conflict or ambiguity, and this does not need an errata or FAQ unless they're intending to reduce the power level of the rule.
  6. Sword every time. I did the math earlier in the thread. It averages better damage against all save values both on and off the charge. Though the axe is a bit more consistent, so if you don't care about the 2" reach, and would rather do a more consistent amount of damage than a higher average amount of damage, then going with the axe could make sense.
  7. So, 2 warshrines, 2 chariots, 2 manticores, 20 knights, and 32 warriors? Personally, I'd wait a bit to see what they do in the FAQ, but... a mix of dual hand weapons and shielded warriors is probably safe. You could use lances to make 10 or so halberds; it's a super easy swap, since you can just cutoff the gauntlet/forearm and glue it in place. Currently, I'd default to running warriors in units of 15 with 2-5 halberd/shield warriors and 10 or more dual weapon warriors, but if the shield rules get an errata to work per model as I expect, I'd probably run less dual weapon models in favor of more shields (minimum of 5 shields in a unit of 15). On the Knights, I'd go ensorcelled weapons every time, but some people seem to like lances because they're a bit better on the charge. With the above point on halberds though, you get a bit more mileage out of ensorcelled weapons anyway though. 1 sorc manticore and 1 combat manticore (I'd go lance + blade or lance + shield probably), Both chariots as regular chariots with greatblades. There's merit to running 2 warshrines in a list, because the prayers are so strong, and they're just reasonable for the cost compared to a lot of monsters. I'd only sell maybe 5-10 knights, assuming you don't have anything else already, especially if you plan on picking up the new starter set. I can't see a list ever running more than ~15 of them.
  8. Yeah, but that requires a CP, which won't always be available for them, and there are better uses of a CP for output, like the chaos lord letting them fight twice. Doesn't seem appropriate to compare buffed knights to unbuffed Varanguard. You also listed the graphs as "vanilla", which implies no buffs for either unit.
  9. As written, yes, chaos warriors/marauders/knights/varanguard can all mix weapon options. This has been discussed at length in the S2D thread. Rune Shields require at least 2 to work, because of the plural, but, as written, as long as the unit has at least 2 shields, the entire unit gets the 5+ mortal wound save. "Roll a dice each time you allocate a mortal wound to a unit[any model can be suffering the wound] that carries Chaos Runeshields[plural, so there must be more than one]. On a 5+, that mortal wound is negated." If you had 19 great weapons and 1 halberd+shield, the shield would do nothing, because the wording for the shield rules requires more than one. If you had 18 great weapons and 2 halberd+shield models, the entire unit would get a 5+ mortal wound save until one of the shielded models is removed. The same applies to chaos marauders getting +1 to save rolls as long as there are multiple shields in the unit. The shield rules will likely get an errata to work on a per model basis. If they changed the rule to "...mortal wound to a model that carries a chaos runeshield...", a change of 1 word and 2 letters, it would clean up the rule nicely and make it consistent with the rules for shields on other units.
  10. Knight lances hit on a 4+. All of their numbers should be 3/4 of what you have them. That said, yeah, Varanguard aren't great outside of the Everchosen sub-faction, and are pretty awful compared with knights, which also aren't spectacular (though aren't terrible), and they get less out of buffs.
  11. Flails have a 2" reach, so there's some benefit to it, but since the unit isn't required to run full one way or the other, you probably never want a full unit of them. Chop off the flail bits and make some axe heads and shields out of plastic card or something if they aren't pre-painted.
  12. It's worse than that for lances actually. On the charge, before accounting for rend, they do the same damage on average, because they're 4+/3+ rather than 3+/3+. Off the charge, lances have no rend, less attacks, and a worse to hit value. Lance off the charge average half the damage of ensorcelled weapon, not accounting for Ensorcelled weapons having rend -1 and Lances having none. Lances are only worth taking if you're giving the unit buffs, especially bonus attacks, and getting charges consistently.
  13. Re-read the last part of that. The sentence that actually clarifies he only gets "one" is referring to the mark of chaos keywords, not the aura of chaos. That's the issue here. "If you select a unit with more than one mark of chaos keyword... you must pick which one will apply for the duration of the battle." The sentence says nothing regarding the aura of chaos. It only mentions the keywords, and is in a separate paragraph from the rule on auras, which still leaves the rule as each character getting one aura, determined by its "mark of chaos keyword" - clarified as Khorne/Nurgle/Tzeentch/Slaanesh/Undivided. Thus, only one of the 5 relevant keywords is applied to Archaon in battle, regardless of what's actually on his warscroll. You pick one of the keywords, not one of the auras. It's an important distinction in how the rule is worded. IMO, this needs an Errata, if the intent is as you are saying (in which case, it should say "If you select a unit with more than one mark of chaos keyword to be part of your army, you must pick one aura of chaos ability for it to have"), or an FAQ if it is intended as written.
  14. The counter argument is that Archaon is the only model with multiple mark of chaos keywords... That clarification on the rule can only be applied to him. There's no other reason for it to be there. "If you select a unit with more than one Mark of Chaos keyword to be part of your army, you must pick which one will apply to that unit for the duration of the battle." While this rule is in the section about the Aura of Chaos rules, the rule as written is about the keywords, not the auras, and examples are provided just prior to this to clarify that. You pick which keyword to apply for Archaon, not which aura to apply, so he'd be treated as not having the other keywords by RAW.
  15. Should also be noted that if you warshrine buff them or give them re-rolls to hit/wound from another source, Khorne stops being the best mark, and Slaanesh, a 20% damage increase on a 2+ to hit average, and Nurgle, a 12.5% damage increase average when doing 2 damage/attack on a 3+ to wound, or 25% on a 3+ to wound with 1 damage attacks overtake it, as Khorne is only a 9.375% increase when the unit has full re-rolls to hit and wound from another source. With just re-roll 1s to hit and wound from Archaon picking a unit to focus in the sub-faction, Khorne remains the best option, assuming they remain wholly within 18" of Archaon, as +1 to wound is marginally better than the extra attacks from Slaanesh in that situation, and is, at worst, equal with the bonus from Nurgle.
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