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  1. Asamu

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Eh, they're pretty good for 300-400pt monsters really. They don't degrade much, they're super fast with 14" flying move, and they can cast spells, regenerate, and have a decent shooting attack. Skarbrand is fairly slow, can't regenerate wounds, and only has a 4+ save; he's pretty easy to kill with shooting or by running something faster into him and striking first. The other BTs are actually weaker than a Terrorgheist/ZD in combat, are slower, degrade harder, and don't regenerate. It's pretty fair imo.
  2. Asamu

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    They still have the blades in addition to staves; they just don't get re-rolls to hit without a corruptor nearby using the command ability, where 2 blade monks always get re-rolls to hit. The bonuses giving extra attacks apply to both weapons, so the 2+1 attacks becomes 4+3. In a unit of 40, they're also getting +1 to hit and wound, so 3+/3+ for the blade, and 3+/4+ for the staff; the other prayer gives re-rolls to wound, and the Verminlord corruptor command ability gives re-rolls to hit. Additionally, 6s to wound cause 2 damage instead of 1, so they do attacks*chance to hit*(chance to wound + chance that wound roll is a nat 6): 4*8/9*10/9+3*8/9*4/4 = ~6.617 This is probably the highest damage per point of any unit in the game, and the buffs aren't hard to get off. The warpstone tokens rule allows Grey Seers to roll 3d6 to cast a spell instead of 2d6. If they roll a 13, the spell is cast automatically and can't be dispelled, but the grey seer dies. Otherwise, you remove 1 of the dice (always the lowest) and use the remaining 2 for the casting roll.
  3. Asamu

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    So... Plague monks with woe staves with both Furnace prayers (+1 attack and re-roll wounds) and the Verminlord corruptor command ability (Re-roll hits) make 7 attacks and average ~6.6 damage apiece on the charge. Hard to beat 40 plague monks doing an average 264 wounds in one combat phase, and making a second attack for each model that dies if death frenzy went off (with the warpstone token rule and +1 from a gnawhole, it should go off ~80% of the time, and on a 10+ over 50% of the time). 20 buffed plague monks is still enough to kill basically anything they touch, and it's not hard to get a lot of models in with 25mm bases. With gnawholes, you can teleport alpha strike on the first turn, and with cogs, it's a 6+ to charge instead of an 8+. You might not get the re-rolls to hit from the verminlord, but they probably aren't needed anyway. Allegiance: SkaventideMortal Realm: Ulgu or HyshGrey Seer (120)- General- Trait: Master of Magic- Lore of Ruin: Death FrenzyPlague Priest on Plague Furnace (180)- Artefact: Liber Bubonicus Plague Priest on Plague Furnace (180)Verminlord Corruptor (260)- Artefact: Sword of Judgement or Aetherquartz Brooch40 x Plague Monks (240) - Woe-stave40 x Plague Monks (240) - Woe-stave40 x Plague Monks (240) - Woe-stave40 x Plague Monks (240) - Woe-stave10 x Plague Monks (70) - Woe-staveCongregation of Filth (160)Chronomantic Cogs (60)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 223 This list has 4 drops; all of the plague monks and the 2nd furnace are part of the battalion; though it may be worth cutting the battalion to bump the small unit of plague monks up to 40.
  4. Asamu

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    Blowpipes usually; it makes them a threat earlier, and they don't need to enter charge range to shoot vs slower units. I like clubs so they can fight if needed to get that bit of extra damage out, but most people go with shield + blowpipe.
  5. 2 battalions (Starbeast Constellation and Bloodclaw Starhost) have the same "Strategic Mastery" ability, which was made useless in 2.0 due to the addition of command points. In the latest errata/FAQ, the Starbeast Constellation was given an errata to grant an additional d3 command points from strategic mastery instead of the previous effect, which just allowed the use of command abilities, for heroes in the battalion if within 20" of the Oldblood, even if they were not the general. Should the Starbeast Constellation errata be used for the Bloodclaw Starhost as well? I would assume it was intended to given the battalion cost, as otherwise it's just a more expensive and worse Sunclaw, but would like something a bit more concrete from the community until GW gets around to giving it an errata or printing a new Seraphon Battletome.
  6. Asamu

    Casting a spell without a legal target.

    Until an FAQ/errata says otherwise, yes, as you only choose a target after the spell is successfully cast. Though some would probably rule it as a failure due to the lack of a legal target, and the selection of a target not being optional in the spell. Spell is cast successfully -> check targets -> no legal target -> spell cannot complete. Currently there's no clarification one way or the other, but the spellcast was successful and generated the point before even checking for targets, and there is nothing negating that success; the spell is just unable to take effect. A simple change adding the word "may" to target selection rules would make it always work, while adding an exception stating that if there are no legal targets within range of a spell, it is treated as a failed cast would do the opposite.
  7. Asamu

    Retributors vs Evocators ?!

    Unless there's way better battalions for Retributors, Evocators are pretty much strictly better. Their regular attacks average the same amount of damage, but evocators do an average 1 mortal wound per model in the unit on top of that, which more than compensates for the lack of starsoul maces, and the unit can cast and unbind spells (and if their spell goes off on themselves, their damage ends up higher than Retributors). Also they're 20pts cheaper.
  8. Asamu

    Archaon lists aos2

    Nurgle, Khorne, and Slaanesh are all good. With slaanesh you can get a second attack/pile in, loads of depravity points to summon things, and extra attacks. With khorne you can get extra attacks, run + charge at +1 to each, + 3" to run/charge, re-roll to wound, + to wound rolls, and/or + to saves. With Nurgle you can get extra attacks, a 5+ invul, run + charge with extra range, + to wound rolls, -1 to be hit, and healing. Khorne and Nurgle give the best chance for deleting enemy lords/heroes with slayer of kings. Khorne gives the most reliable and greatest mobility, Slaanesh gives probably the highest overall damage output, and Nurgle lets you keep him alive the longest. Slaanesh gets a lot out of running him with the depravity points summoning; him dying generates 19 depravity points, and slaanesh has a lot of good command abilities. Running him with a keeper or two, and a chaos sorc lord, with just the minimum spent on battleline so you can max your heroes, is probably going to be at least somewhat competitive, as even in the worst case, you'd get ~2 "free" keepers of secrets in a game. I can't really see Archaon as an optimal choice for Nurgle. They have so many great options already, and really don't need him, though Plaguetouched is still fantastic at 160pts and does a lot for helping to keep him alive. Khorne is similar - why bother with him when you can get everything you need without him? By contrast, Slaanesh might be at its most competitive by including him because of how their summoning works and their lack of great battalions. Having Archaon and 3 keepers running around all attacking twice in every combat phase is a pretty terrifying prospect, and that's 46 depravity points if they all die, which is just shy of enough for 2 more keepers not accounting for any damage they cause to multi-wound models. I think he's at his worst in Tzeentch lists compared to the others, as his command ability is mostly wasted and he doesn't really contribute to their summoning. Destiny dice with Slayer of Kings is neat and all, but really isn't that great, considering you can get him to only needing 2 5+ rolls on 5 attacks with re-rolls of 1 to hit and wound with Khorne or Nurgle (you could actually get it even lower with nurgle by using plague priests to increase wound rolls on the target and the cycle of decay +1 to wound).
  9. Asamu

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords - Barak ZiflinArkanaut AdmiralAether-Khemist10 x Arkanaut Company10 x Arkanaut Company 10 x Arkanaut Company 6 x Endrinriggers3 x Skywardens5 x Grundstok ThunderersArkanaut Frigate Grundstok Gunhauler Grundstok Gunhauler Grundstok Gunhauler Grundstok Escort Wing Total: 1950/ 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 108 Pretty sure Rob had this. One of the heroes had the item that gives them the ability to attempt a dispel every turn.
  10. Asamu

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    A Fangs of Sotek list, which is sunclaw + a slann and an oldblood carno + whatever, placed highly at London GT - 3rd place or so; the formation is pretty excellent, with the carnosaur bloodroar improvement and extra movement on the first turn. The list was 2x40 saurus, 10 saurus, 40 skinks, Slann (Vast intellect, Rectrices), Oldblood Carno (Blade of Realities), Sunblood (Light of Dracothian), and a skink priest.
  11. Asamu

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    It's the same. The errata just clarifies the duration of the effect (until your next charge phase), rather than not stating when it ends. You can still keep re-rolls for wounds and saves up from your first charge phase to the end of the game.
  12. In the case of the Fatesworn battalion, that's irrelevant, because it's a warscroll ability that allows multiple casts. For the others: If that were the case, then the new Evocator warscroll would be in conflict with the core rules in all forms of play. The only way for it not to be is to classify magic/spells as abilities. Command abilities, despite being under a different heading than "Abilities" are also mentioned directly under the clarification of warscroll abilities in the new core rules. As the magic subheading falls between the two, and there is an instance of a brand new warscroll that would not work otherwise, it makes the most sense to classify Magic, and all things under the subheading on warscrolls, as warscroll abilities, because saying the ability to cast magic or a particular spell is not an ability is kind of silly, and would mean they wouldn't use any of the clarifications that currently exist in the core rules.
  13. In the BoLS overview, they flip through all the pages detailing the differences between open/narrative and matched play, and there is no mention of rules of 1. Unless there is an FAQ/Errata/warscroll change to state otherwise, multiple casts of Celestial Deliverance, multiple casts of arcane bolt in a Fatesworn Warband, and multiple casts of the Evocator spell are all legal in matched play, as is any other warscroll or battalion ability exception to the core rules. It does mention that your general is picked when creating your army instead of after set up, and that don't select a new general when it dies though, so you can deny LoN summoning by killing the general in matched play.
  14. Asamu

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    The rules of one aren't listed in the GHB18, due to them being folded into the core rules. They flip through all the relevant pages detailing the differences between matched play and open/narrative play in the BoLS overview, and everything on those pages is legible in the video, and there is nothing about spells or the rules of one on those pages. Unless there is an FAQ released to state otherwise, Fatesworn arcane bolt spam is legal in matched play (Good thing arcane bolt was nerfed and fatesworn went up 60 pts).
  15. The shortest distance between the two units has to cross over the grave tide model, and all of the models in the unit being shot at need to be within 1" of it (IE: it is treated exactly the same way as an obstacle, except it provides a reduced chance to be hit by shooting rather than an increased save). In this example, either the red or blue could be either unit, as all models are within 1", and the grave tide is between them. If the red unit was the shooting unit, and was another 10" away, it would still suffer a -1 penalty to hit the blue unit, which is effectively using the grave tide as cover with a hit penalty instead of improved saves.