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  1. Hi, I have been slowly working on a pirate themed gutbuster army. Got some stuff finished now, hope you like it Blackbeard the tyrant His butcher lieutenant My Ogor unit leaders The eavy hitters The Island mercenary Got more finished but still need fotos from those, will tease some new units soon.
  2. i say make what you will be using the most as models. If you have the normal ogor box. do watch out ogors are on 40mm round bases but maneaters and tyrant are supposed to go on 50mm bases
  3. It was a hard matchup. He had akelian king, 3 eels (dmg ones), 20 thralls, 10 thralls, tidecaster, branchwych No idea what the battleplan was, but it was 3 objectives diagonal across the board, normal units deploy 9inch away from middle, monsters 24inch so aleguzler was starting in the corner almost. We rolled for realm and i got to choose beast realm for my ravenaks jaws. He deployed first and gave me first turn. 1st turn had me shuffling slightly up, and running giant forwards. 2 units of ogors made a wall with my heroes and ironguts behind. wanted to stay out of range for turn one charges, fungoid shaman ate his schroom and cast ravenaks jaws, succeeding and it went into his unit of 20 thralls and did 3 mortals. Butcher buffed ironguts with +1 to hit. other casts where out of range. His turn one. dispelled his cast, he ran everything forward onto objectives. turn 2, i got the roll of due to a tie. After much thinking opted to go second so i could move the ravenaks jaws true his army to force him to change tactics. Jaws did 2 dmg to thralls, 1 to tidecaster and 2 to akhelian king. His casting failed again, but he then set up to charge with all his army. eels and king into my giant, 20 thralls into ogor lines and tyrant/ironguts. and other 10 thralls into ogors/butcher/shaman. He opted to go first with his big unit of thralls wich killed 3 ogors, 1 irongut and put some wounds on tyrant (dmg 2 and -1 rend hurts). I elected my giant wich trew his club into eels and everything els in king. clubs did 3 dmg to eel, headbutt and kick wiffed against the king. After he was destroyed by the king witch already did 3 mortals by charging. we roll of, i lose and he timbers on my tyrant and thralls, 3 wounds on tyrant and 3 dead thralls. Ouch I wiffed my attacks with my tyrant and ironguts on the thralls wich had the big blob remaining like 6 models. His other unit of 10 thralls murdered my other 3 man ogor unit. fungoid made all his saves against 4 wounds! Butcher killed some thralls. This was the end of the combat phase, but because it was realm of beasts, my friend told me on a roll of 6 combat phase will happen again? We let the outstander roll and he rolled a six…… Letting the 6 remaining thralls hit first again against my tyrant killing him. Butcher wiffed against other remaining thralls and he got then shopped up by them. After the entire phase i had 2 ironguts, 1 fungoid and my ravenak spell left on the field. Turn 3 i did kill his tidecaster with the ironguts but i was then wiped because it was turn 3 and he had the high tide thingy. All in all was fun, could have been alot different if i didnt wiff some crucial combats and the 2 times combat phase didnt go off. Hope this report is abit clear, didnt take any photos Kind regards Sam
  4. Trying a testgame this evening for an upcoming campaign we are starting. Will be 1000p, primarely choose my list for some funnyness and good looks on the field :) Tyrant, great gutgouger, might is right, ghyrstrike Butcher: cauldron Fungoid cave shaman 3 ogors 3ogors 3ironguts Aleguzler gargant Ravenaks gnashing jaws Will be facing idoneth with 30thralls total and wizard with -1 to hit and some more stuff. So will be hard but i will report how it went down.
  5. Hi, Does the Balewind vortex give the character on top a cover save for being on it? Thx in Advance
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