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  1. So does it worth to take Gunhaulers with their new cost now ?
  2. Faction Focus: Fyreslayers I like the relic Essence of Vulkatrix actually.
  3. Hopefully rules and points adjustment, and a new Battletome along new units to counter the new wizards units in V2. Etheric Navigators will have a lot of work.
  4. I was thinking also, they should redo the rules of ships. Melee units without shooting weapons that can destroy flying ships is just stupid.
  5. Our ships are fine I think, except a points adjustment. We need a unit that fills the function that Berzerkers Fyreslayers do currently: an unit to protect our shooters. I can see Grundstock with shields and hammers, just like Horus Heresy SM with Boarding Shields. I am sure we will get new models/new unit through Shadespire, as Stormcast got their shooty unit in this game.
  6. I read the Spear of shadows and I think it is said that KO have beards, and even had no helmets while foreigners were around .(not sure though because of my bad memory). However a captain KO is chewing a cigare so I believe it is not integrated in the helmet
  7. I didn't know it. Love the model. I think they can even dig in a new unit for Kharadrons with female dwarves Valkyries, you know like the song in Apocalypse now with the helicopters.
  8. I agree. I would like a kind of troop like breachers in Horus Heresy with boarding shields.
  9. There is a Battalion warscroll in the Start Collecting KO so you can field all the units in this box to play on their own. However the Battleforce is much more interesting in terms of game and value ( I myself have bought a Battleforce of KO to start my army). Arkanaut company is always a good choice (battleline + good unit).
  10. More diversity is welcome but I am not sure KO need more nerf.
  11. Hi Brankignole, I haven't played a game of Age of Sigmar yet but I watched several games and studied some Theoryhammer ^^ KO are very fragile and you have to stay away from enemies (even more from rushing armies) while shooting them at distance. When the foe is weakened enough, you can charge them with Endrinriggers (or Arkhanaut company in the worst case) to finish them off and seize objectives. A wall of Vulkites Berserkers Fyreslayers (or Stormcast Liberators) as allies works very well too to intercept the enemy charges, while your KO keep shooting and take objectives. Dispossessed are good also to tank. That's my view, but I'll let the veterans talk
  12. Awesome work of painting. The conversion works very well !
  13. Hi everybody, I am Sky Pirate. I started the hobby ten years ago with the Lord of the Rings. Then started two armies of Warhammer Battle (Dwarves and Greenskins). After a break of several years where I had stopped LOTR and WHB (sold all my armies), I started 40K 7th edition. I was looking at the direction AOS was heading, waiting to see if it was worth it to buy again an army of Dispossessed. The release of Kharadron Overlords was exactly the kind of new army I wanted to see: Steampunk Dwarves sky sailors ! (plus I am a fan of Myazaki's films) So here I am with a new army on the way, I hope to have fun and enjoy the forum with all of you guys.
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