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  1. Oh wow, did it really take that long before KO got their Battleforce and Start Collecting boxes?
  2. Does anyone have any idea of how soon we should expect to see a Start Collection box for the Deepkin?
  3. Picked up my first AoS stuff! Got the Idoneth Deepkin Battletome, the General's Handbook, and a box of Namarti Thralls for starters. My plan is to magnetize some of my Dark and Craftworld Eldar so I can swap out their sci-fi weapons for fantasy ones, letting me use them for either game. I also plan to do the same with the AoS minis I get, for instance, the Thralls are going to pull double duty as Wracks for 40k. My 40k army is Corsair themed and I've already used a bunch of old and new(er) Black Ark Corsair minis to customize them since I don't much care for the Forgeworld Corsair kit. The Idoneth flying sea creature mounts gave me the idea to sculpt or kitbash some kind of sea serpents or something to attach to the bottoms of my Dark Eldar Raiders, but I'm not sure what rules to use for those. I have 3 Raiders and a Ravager and I'd like to use all of them to make an Aelf Corsair/Deepkin fleet. I could maybe turn a Ravager into a Leviadon, building a large creature to carry it, replacing the front gunner with a guy holding the reigns, swaping the two side guns with harpoon launchers, and giving the helmsman some drums. I was thinking I could use Raiders as Alopex's if I create smaller creatures than the one I do for the Leviadon, since the Alopex has the same number of guns as a Raider, but the Raider looks like it should carry people and the Alopex definitely can't. Maybe I could have a few Raider crew models hanging onto the sides of the ship with spears and such to represent the Alopex's melee attacks? I'm a bit hesitant to use either of those two warscrolls since: 1. I have quite a few Raiders I'd like to use; 2. I do plan on getting those actual Idoneth models because they're bad ass; and 3. from what I've heard of the Battletome reviews, people seem to be rather unimpressed by those 2 units' stats. Admittedly, my ability to understand the Mathhammer is extremely hindered by my learning disability, so I don't know how much of that may just be overly dramatic internet whining about the units being less the OP. I mean, none of these units have really been battle tested very much to see how they actually perform with all of the Idoneth special rules, and it seems to me that looking at the stats of a unit can only tell you so much when the unit also has completely unique special rules that may have a drastic effect on its performance. Do any of you have ideas for what a flying dark elf ship could be "counted-as"? Maybe the High Elf Skycutter? Are those any good in game? Maybe it could represent a flying monster, like a Black Dragon? I don't really know anything about those either. I could get really crazy and make sea monsters with legs, like a giant crab or a lobster, and use chariot rules instead of something that flies. How good are the Dark Elf Chariots? I was also thinking about some of the Kharadron ships, but they're not allies with the Deepkin, so I think that could cost me some benefits I probably wouldn't want to give up if it's just a Mixed Order army. But I am also super unfamiliar with all of that as well. Since the Idoneth are allies with the Stormcast, maybe I could use the rules for something like Tempestor Dracoths, Vanguard Paladors, or Drakesworn Templars? Unsure about the size of those models, but I suppose it comes down to how big of a monster I want to put the raider on. The Drakesworn Templars can fly, which is nice, as I think I'd prefer a flying sea dragon creature over a giant crustacean, but would I ever want to field more than one Drakesworn at a time? Or would that be way over the top? I'm very unfamiliar with the Stormcast. I like the Palladors' speed and their aetheric compass and ride the wind abilities, but those might be too small. Whatever I use, it has to be at least the size of a Dark Eldar Raider, or bigger (since I can make a creature of any size to go under it), and it should be something that goes well with the Idoneth. Preferably something that can fly and preferably something I could reasonably field more than one of (though both of those points are more flexible). Suggestions?
  4. BoLS uploaded an unboxing video of the Leviadon, which unfortunately shows that there are no alternate builds and no other weapon options, which is pretty disappointing. It can't even be equipped with the net launchers like the Alopex. I want to find whoever started the rumor that there were 4 options and smack them with a trout. Even though I took the "4" with a grain of sea salt, I was still expecting at least ONE option. The middle of the howdah reeeally looks like there should be something mounted to it, particularly the front edge with that weird angular step, right behind the pilot. I guess I'll just have to take advantage of that feature for my own customization... maybe a attach something like a small mast with Dark Eldar Raider sail to it... They also put up an unboxing of King Volturnos, which shows us all the Akhelian King options. This means that the totality of things we were not shown in the unveiling video was: Akhelian King - 3 alternate king heads, 2 weapon options (1 other sword, 1 polearm), 1 alternate deepmare face Akhelian Alopex - 1 weapon option (net launcher) Eidolon - Aspect of the Storm head and hook So... 4 heads, 4 weapons, and a fish face. Aaand that's it. On a more positive note, you can see that the Leviadon has 2 separate articulated body segments with separate shells, like a cross between a turtle and an arachnid or a crustacean. The two smaller flippers in the back are part of this smaller segment. It's pretty wild looking. Much more interesting than "just a turtle with 6 flippers".
  5. ^THIS These are magic elves who can turn water into air and air into water and they can manifest their collective memory of a dead sea god into a physical being who actually wears a tidal wave like a cape. One of them is a literal soul accountant who has a pet flying octopus bodyguard secretary that carries his underwater inkwell and parchments. SOOFCOURSETHEYCANEFFICIENTLYSWINGSWORDSANDAXESUNDERWATER. lol Also, literally everything in the AoS universe is magic. The realms in which people live aren't planets, they're infinite planes and the only thing that prevents you from being able to actually travel forever in one direction, is that the further away you get from the center, the more reality falls apart, so you turn into a frog and explode, or shatter into a cloud of flying whispers. There is no solar system and no galaxies, the universe is a collection of thematically differentiated pockets of infinite space made of coalesced intangible concepts and ideas, manifested into a very flexible kind of "reality" where mortals, immortals, gods, and animated thoughts all exist together. Post-End Times, the division between the natural and supernatural is virtually non-existent. Newtonian physics, the laws of motion and gravity, fluid mechanics, hydrodynamics... the fundamental nature of reality and the very notions of "realism" and "natural"... are all meaningless in this setting. But, by all means, give all your magical, eyeless, aquatic, soul-vampire elves spears and tridents, instead of swords and axes, if that feels more "realistic" to you. LOL
  6. I'm probably going to use a combination of Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbike helmets and Wrack masks (with the eyeholes filled in) to give them the mirrored faceless look, like the Deepkin drummer on the turtle. The Wrack masks will probably work better because the Jetbiker helmets have a swoopy thing on the back that might interfere with the Thralls' spikey collar.
  7. The old Guardians and Kabalites weren't sexualized at all, they were all in full armor. The Wyches have always been rather scantily clad, but that also included the male Wyches, plus they're gladiators, who historically didn't wear very much clothing or armor. And even though they're in all spandex, I wouldn't say the Harlequins are sexualized. That said, I do agree that it is good that we're getting even more gender equality, so I definitely agree with the sentiment. There has always been some in the Elven/Eldar ranges to reflect their androgyny and their more egalitarian view of gender, but we can always use more equality. I was actually kind of bummed that the ratio of males to females looks pretty unbalanced in the Thralls kit. Maybe there are more female torsos and heads in the kit, but I only see 3 females out of the 10 Thralls. Maybe there are more females in the Namarti Archers kit. That would make sense.
  8. Yup, and that goes all the way back to the original Eldar and Dark Eldar models in the 90's.
  9. Come on, they have the magical ability to summon an etheric sea that lets them alter reality. They can make fish and giant sea monsters able to fly and breathe on land, and coral and shipwrecks magically appear out of the ground wherever they go... I don't think it's much of a stretch to assume that the same magic they use to slow and choke their opponents by making the air thicker can also allow them to move through the water as swiftly as if it was air if they want to. The word "realistically" really shouldn't be applied to them, especially when talking about the physics of liquids and gasses. LOL
  10. I think the spikes in her arms look more like body modifications than mutations, because in all the official depictions of her, they're metal, not bone or horn. Either way, growth or implant, all of the other characters also have features unique to them, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything. She has more hair than the unhelmeted Deepkin we've seen so far, but I think it is worth noting that we have no confirmation that they are all bald, so the ones with helmets could have hair, for all we know. It's also interesting to note that the bottom half of Mistweaver's head, under the strap for her mask, is either totally bald or shaved, so while she does have long hair, it's not exactly normal, and with they way it looks, it might actually be part of her mask and not growing out of her head. I also can't help but note the similarity of her hair with and the flowy tassels on all the Deepkin armor, in both color and shape. In fact, looking at the Soulrender, we can see that she has long red hair coming off of the back of her head, but we can't tell if it coming out from under her helmet, or if it is clearly attached to it. Given the variety we've seen with the Idoneth units' clothing, I wouldn't say that her style of dress is completely different, not any more so than the other 4 Isharann are from each other. I'd say it's very similar overall, flowy and blue, with little (fish?) hooks dangling on it, and her halter top is pretty similar to the female Namarti. And the Crescent Moon makes PERFECT sense with the Deepkin. First, they were created by Teclis, who also taught them magic and gave them artifacts; the Crescent Moon is his symbol and is on his own helmet and staff. Secondly, they are all about the tides, which are created by the moon. So it makes sense where she'd have gotten it and why she'd have kept it after they fled away from Teclis and went into isolation. What's also interesting to me is that, personally, I think Mistweaver's name, description, and abilities match that of a Tidecaster far more suitably than the actual Tidecaster model we've been shown. When I first saw the Tidecaster mini, I expected her to be a healer of some kind (like the Tru'heas), since she is easily the most "noble" high-elven looking one of them. It's weird, the White Dwarf article says that, "Tidecasters excel at magic and illusion... [they] also conjure the ethersea... a phenomenon that often leaves their foes disoriented and gasping for breath as the phantasmal sea washes over them, drowning them in fear." Mistweaver is described as "...disturbingly serene in the centre of her storms of illusory horror..." . She sounds and looks like a dead ringer to me. In fact, whether or not Mistweaver actually turns out to be Deepkin, I plan to customize her model to use as a Tidecaster. LOL It is puzzling why she would not be in some of the art yet but there are also a number of reasonable explanations that don't rule out her still being ID. We know we haven't seen all the art, since the Battletome is sure to have more than the stuff they've shown us so far. We know we have yet to see the entire Deepkin range (whether it's more models, just dual-build kit variants, or just more weapon options, we don't know). We also know that some of the Idoneth are very isolated even from each other, so she may be a lone shark *winkwinknudgenudge*, which could also explain why they chose to reveal her first, apart from the rest of her faction. At this point, GW might also be trolling us, reveling in the debate it's caused both here and on Reddit. It certainly plays into the whole "mysterious" nature of the Deepkin, and it is definitely been fun speculating!
  11. I can see a second version of shark weapons on the far right, which we hadn't seen before. And waaay in the back left, there's a unit of the sword weilding thralls, but they have pole arms and standards, so that's the second version of them. I think we got a glimpse of a standard bearer in the video, but there are other weapons in there, like halberds or something. Further to the right in the very back there is a unit of the bow thralls, and I can't see what they are carrying, but it is *definitely* not bows. My guess is dual weilding small one handed melee weapons like knives. So that's the second version of them. Frustratingly, no alternative turtle build yet, though I am confident that there is at least one other config for it. Probably will be revealed when they show us decent pics of those new, blurry alts. Also, it just occurred to me that we've seen 2 different character models riding the deepmare, but neither of them look like the guy on the cover of the battletome; the helmets are *dramatically* different. So there may be 3 rider options for that.
  12. Hey, you never know, GW did just release a 40k box that had ZERO Space Marines. The times, they are a changin'...
  13. The tips may resemble fur, but the valleys in between are far too rounded, especially when you compare them to that Space Wolf. Fur is generally sculpted with parallel grooves to depict collected strands of hair and with sharp indentations towards the roots to mimic the way hairs part. In the rumor mill pic, the valleys between the spikes are very curved and smoothed out in a way that is more difficult to sculpt, both digitally and traditionally. You'd have to intentionally round them out, which wouldn't make sense if you were trying to sculpt fur or hair. Traditionally, you'd stick pointed sculpting tools into the clay/putty/whatever to create spiky hair, and digitally, defining concave or convex curved surfaces is an additional and more mathematically complicated step beyond determining more simple lines and single curved planes. I'd say that the sweeping curves leading up to the peaks more closely resemble fins or a spiked shell or carapace, but could also be water, fire or some kind of magical effect. With more unseen Idoneth on the way, I think an aquatic creature or water effect is pretty probable. With the ork rumors, it may be something like a squig, although scales and reptilian spikes often have sharper indentations between plates, so I'm leaning towards it being an aquatic creature or something non-solid like water or magic.
  14. From reading about the "tide" mechanics they have, advancing and retreating in (literal and figurative) waves, hitting fast and then running away before they can get hit seems to be their main play style. So, I wouldn't expect durability on cavalry other than the turtle, but I would expect some new devious ways of escaping damage altogether.
  15. That particular passage might not specify that T&T made the angelic elves, but I am positive that there is at least one official blurb that does. I think it was in some of the leaked bits about the Idoneth Deepkin, but I don't remember where exactly, so I can't give you a direct quote. I believe I read it in the 'New Elves' thread that was started here before the DoK came out. Also, given that we know that Morathi, Malerion, Teclis, and Tyrion are the ones reclaiming elf souls from Slaanesh and making new elves, we can deduce that at least one of the T Brothers is involved, cause it definitely isn't M&/orM.
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