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  1. Can't work out how to edit. Sigmar only knows how I haven't simply blown my computer up from lack of competence. The Chaos and Death pdfs are the wrong ones, which include an extra bit referring to Gold cost. Thats simply the Unit points/Minimum Unit Size, rather than (Unit Points/Min Unit Size)/5, which is what the Skirmish Points are. The below files are the ones without the extra information. Chaos Skirmish Points.pdf Death Skirmish Points.pdf
  2. These aren't very visually exciting, but for anyone that simply wants the updated points - here we go. In the role section, L stands for Leader and U for Unique. Hopefully someone more technically skilled can sort these into something a little bit nicer! Let me know if anything seems off with these, it was mostly done on nights where I couldn't sleep. Chaos Skirmish Points.pdf Death Skirmish Points.pdf Destruction Skirmish Points.pdf Order Skirmish Points.pdf
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